John Calvin and the Five Points of Calvinism

Posted By on November 23, 2019

I think one of the things that’s a little
sad is that a lot of people when they hear Calvin and they think theology, if they’re
at all well informed, they think five points of Calvinism. Calvin never talked about five points. That’s a later phenomenon. I think Calvin believed the five points of
Calvinism but that was not any way in which Calvin thought about what he was doing, what
he was believing, what he was teaching. Now it’s hard to find a kind of center to
Calvin’s theology because I really think Calvin labored and was remarkably successful at simply
being biblical in his theology. You can’t just lift one doctrine out of
the Bible and make it the center of everything if the Bible doesn’t do that. And that’s what Calvin tried to avoid doing. He tried to develop a theology that was faithful
to the Bible and balanced the way biblical theology is balanced.

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  1. You mean John Calvin and the five points of stupidity..
    Stop talking about Calvin and his beliefs and get talking about Jesus and His teachings..
    You know when you are face to face with your maker He is going to want to know why you pursued Calvin and not Jesus..what will you say?
    Ignorance will not suffice, you have available a King James Bible read it..follow what it says.. Forget man's ideas and theorys..they lead to Hell…
    It was never meant to be complicated you've done that, Jesus lived a simple life and the Gospel is simple.. "DO NOT ADD NOR TAKE AWAY FROM HIS WORD"

  2. I read Calvin's institutes years ago and by far it was was that which most codified my understanding of God. And listening and reading RC Sproul for 30 years has given me a sure foundation. thanks Ligonier ministries

  3. Calvinists are intellectual fools, puffed up, and extremely prideful. The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. Get out of your theological cemeteries and actually get people saved with the true gospel, the one you guys mock as "easy believism."


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