Joe Vitale - The Missing Secret Clearing Limiting Beliefs

hi I'm dr. Joe Vitale and the author of the attractor factor and many other books but I'm also in the movie The Secret maybe you've seen it maybe you haven't you probably heard about it and a lot of people watch the movie The Secret they've heard about the law of attraction maybe they've read a few other books about it and maybe they've discovered that it works sometimes but it doesn't seem to work all the time well why is that the case I've created a program called the missing secret and the missing secret explains the law of attraction in a very crystal clear way so you understand that what you're getting in your life is coming from your unconscious beliefs that's where the law of attraction is actually activated it's not from your conscious intent it's from your unconscious intent so in order to straighten that out in order to clean it up so that you get what you actually would like to have you have to clear the negative beliefs and the missing secret contains these clearing methods and clearing secrets these clearing techniques in order to help you dissolve the negativity so you could have do or be whatever it is that you're virtually going for for example if you're trying to create the perfect relationship you're trying to find the perfect man you're trying to find the perfect woman and you've already watched the secret you've already learned about the law of attraction but you haven't attracted that person to you just yet why not it's because you have unconscious countr intentions to your desired result this is a little bit like on New Year's Day you stated some intentions you had New Year's resolutions and you said you got to work out you're not gonna overeat you're gonna quit smoking whatever it happens to be but on the next day you forgot where the gym was and you're already smoking again and you're overeating again well what happened you consciously stated your intentions that's a very powerful first step and it engages the law of attraction but your counter intentions the counter intentions which prevented you from materializing the man or woman you wanted in your relationship where what's actually being activated so you have to clear the counter intentions the negative beliefs in order to have do or be whatever you want when you clean those counter intentions you attract that man or woman into your life and you do it very rapidly and you do it very easily and it even seems astonishingly to be very magical let's look at the other side of this maybe you're not trying to attract a man or woman maybe you're actually recovering from a man or woman may you've just gone through a divorce of some sort what do you do about it well the missing secret still applies because there's a rule of thumb if you have a lack of forgiveness in your life in any one particular area it's gonna block a lot of the abundance coming to you it'll block the new relationship it may block some health it may block some wealth the point is in order to recover from the past in any way shape or form that it's already occurred you have to use one of these clearing methods in order to dissolve the counter intentions you have to release the pain you have to forgive totally the missing secret explains all of this so you can finally once and for all be free and when you're free you can then attract the man or woman into your life that you prefer what about finances say you're trying to attract more money into your life you have this intention that you want a better job or you want more income or you want your business to increase you want more of the green stuff you want more cash but you've stated your intention you've watched the movie the secret you're installing the law of attraction to the best of your ability but it doesn't seem to be happening that's because this missing secret is the missing piece of the puzzle in your life you need to get clear of the counter intentions within you and for example it could be you don't deserve money you feel that you don't deserve money it could be something like you don't want to do better than your parents it could be something like you don't feel like you are talented enough for it so in other words you may have some limiting limiting beliefs within yourself that are preventing the money from coming because the truth is we live in an abundant universe that's spilling over all over the place in order for you to get your fair share you have to dissolve the limitations within you that are preventing them so if you'd like to have more finances in your life or virtually anything else you need to know the missing secret once you implement it then you are open to receive it and that's when the magic and miracles occur if you are feeling doubt right now if you are feeling skeptical right now that's totally fine it's actually a symbol it's a sign of a counterintuitive feeling within you it's actually a belief that needs to be addressed now I'm not saying giving up your doubt I'm actually a healthy skeptic myself so I say wait until you get all of the information for example if you're curious about this program the secret but you're doubtful about whether it will work for you I would say go ahead and try it and then use the program on your doubt for example if you receive the program and you go okay here's this Joe Vitale and he's telling me he's gonna show me how to co-create my life and here's the missing secret he's got all these clearing methods in them are they really going to work for me use the methods on that very doubt and then see where you're at because what I'm saying is that doubt is another limiting belief doubt is actually a limitation that is keeping you from welcoming into your world all the things that you actually would like to have remove the doubt remove the limitations in any way shape or form and then you can have do or be virtually anything you can imagine all of this is explained in the missing secret you