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Posted By on May 26, 2019

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  1. If you want to learn about Judaism you go to the Jews. That means their ordained rabbis from accredited seminaries. I am not sure how this did not dawn on me in 20 years as a messianic Jew.

  2. There is always an amazing sense of humility and authentic genuineness in every presentation by Rabbi Skobac. He is never angry, resentful or mean toward Christianity. He is a gentle and corrective wise teacher.

    Skobac permits the Tenak and other parallel sacred writings to speak for themselves; and with no malice nor retribution toward missionaries or traditional Christian doctrine. This becomes a holy tool for honest apologetics; and for the clear presentation of the light and inherent power of Judaism.

    Truly the gift of ruach and emet is with this amazing teacher in our midst.

    May peace, blessings, good health and joy be upon rabbi Skobac!

    Each teaching brings the Moshiac nearer and our final redemption all the more closer at hand.

    Peace be upon the Israel of HaShem and upon all those who uphold the Hebrew Bible with integrity and truth.

  3. Thank you Rabbi Skobac I can't begin to tell you what these lectures mean to me. I love both you and Rabbi Singer for shedding light on the nagging questions I've had for way too long. These revelations make sense.

  4. I want to thank you Rabbi Skobac becaus your way of explaining and teaching has reach both mind, heart and soul in a way that has opened my eyes and my heart for the one true G-d! Hashem has been calling me and now i will do, search and understand.
    Blessings to you Rabbi Skobac!

  5. Skobac you are a blessed teacher and you are a light unto the nations
    I'm always looking forward for a new YouTube video from you and it is a great learning to listen to your lectures
    May HaShem bless you in everything you do,,


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