Jesus Is Polyamorous: One Year Later

Posted By on November 14, 2019

– A year ago today we released a video called “Jesus is Polyamorous”. Jesus is polyamorous. Yeah, you heard me right. Jesus is polyamorous. We know this already though, even if we don’t think about
it or put it in those terms. In Ephesians 5, Paul specifically
uses the word marriage to describe Christ’s relationship with us. Repeatedly, Paul reminds us that Jesus gave himself for us. Us. The Church, which Paul describes as the whole body of believers. And the results were kind of bananas. It quickly got over a
hundred thousand views, but more importantly to me was all of the people behind those views. Hearing from you in comments
or in shares on Facebook or Twitter or in direct messages or emails about your own
journey with polyamory or your own experiences
with open relationships or your own efforts to
support your friends who are open or polyamorous. It’s just, like, really, really cool. But it was also a really intense few weeks because there was some pretty
substantial negative backlash. I got dozens of death threats over the course of those few weeks, and hundreds more abusive comments and nasty video responses. People telling me that
I should be executed, that they should bring
back the Inquisitions, sending GIFs of electroshock therapy, machine guns and even more stuff that is too trigger inducing
that I won’t share here. And so as I look back on the past year, it’s like I have a lot
of feelings about it. I think that video was
really important to me and to so many people. I know that when Shay and
I started six years ago or a little
over six years ago, there was no one talk about
Christianity and polyamory in any sort of public way. And over the years I started to share a little bit more about my own experiences in an open relationship
and being polyamorous on the podcast and in webinars. And every time I mentioned something, folks would pop up and say, me too, or this is so exciting to hear
someone talking about this. I knew that there was just this need for this conversation to happen, and it just wasn’t happening. Like it’s remarkable to think about everything that has
changed in the past year. And so Shay and I decided we were gonna do something about that, so we decided to put
together this online course and grew a program around
Christianity and polyamory, both for polyamorous folks
and also for single folks that wanted to learn more. Shay used to be celibate and is now in a monogamous relationship, but has shared on the website about how polyamory and his polyamorous friends have enriched his own faith
and his own relationships, and so we knew that this was gonna be a blessing for everyone. And so as part of that,
I made this now infamous “Jesus is Polyamorous” video. And I just can’t wrap my mind around everything that has
happened since, you know? Like Kevin Garcia’s come out
as non-monogamous curious. I was asked to present on polyamory at the Q Christian
Fellowship conference for the first time ever. I consulted on a book for them. I was was featured on
the Multiamory podcast talking about Christianity and polyamory. But like all these big things aside, just the way in which
folks are talking about polyamory and open
relationships on Twitter, in blogs, in articles, in
podcasts, in the national media. Like there has been this
huge shift in the discourse, and that’s been super
exciting to be a part of. And while I certainly lost a lot of sleep and had a lot of stress for those weeks when all of the death
threats and abusive comments were rolling in, if I had to go back in time, I would do it all over again because there’s just been so much goodness that has come out of that. We launched this “Christianity
and Polyamory” course and I’ve gone to work
with over 50 of y’all in a more hands on way, digging into the Hebrew bible, digging into the Christian scriptures, digging into Christian traditions and the practices of the Church. Exploring concepts like Agape
and God and the Trinity. Looking at polyamorous
and open relationships best practices. We’ve celebrated births
and new relationships and mourned some break-ups, and it’s just been an awesome community coming together inside
of Sanctuary Collective and sort of as its own separate Christianity and Polyamory thing. And so we’re definitely
gonna keep on doing that because I think that there’s
something really rich here at the intersections of
Christianity and polyamory. That will be, like how
queerness is a blessing to the whole wide world, I think that this intersection
of faith and polyamory and spirituality and open relationships has something to teach everyone, not just poly folks or
not just Christian folks. And so more is coming. If you want to stay in the loop or be a part of that
continuing conversation, I’ve got two ways for you to do that. So number one, comment
below on this video, even if it’s just to say, hey. This work is so scary and
being on the front lines and one of the first people
doing this is super scary, and so I would love to just
meet more and more of you. So say hello and share a little snippet of your open/polyamorous
relationship journey. Even if that’s just like, hey,
I’m poly and Christian, too, or hey, I’m trying my best to learn more to support my poly friends. I’d love to hear from you. And then if you want to stay in the loop as we continue to produce more resources like free stuff and webinars and articles and workbooks and also paid things like the “Christianity and
Polyamory” course and book, you can either go to I will put a link to that down below. Or you can DM us on here
and I will DM you back and we can stay in the loop that way. So I guess happy one year anniversary of “Jesus is Polyamorous”. Jesus is still polyamorous. If you haven’t seen the video, I will put a link to that down below. And that’s all for now. See you later. Bye.

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  1. Wow this is amazing!!! I'm pseudo-poly and pseudo-Christian. I'm currently single and have never been in an actual poly relationship, but I'm pretty sure I'm poly. I used to be a Josh Harris "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" Christian. Had my first kiss with my wife at the altar. That went great until fifteen years later when I could no longer run from being trans. Now I have a deep love/hate relationship with the tradition. I've been formed by it, and have found so much good in it. And yet it's hard for me to pick up a Bible anymore without seeing only the yucky parts. I'm so grateful for your ministry in helping me sort through my own faith. This is awesome and I am totally on board with you!


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