Jehovah's Witnesses and the belief that children are "worse than ever"

hey everybody welcome back to the channel today I wanted to talk about kids these days because Jovi's witnesses always paint the next generation as being worse than the one that came before it and that's not true and I'm gonna talk about why that's not true I had this idea this hit me today when I went to the grocery store and I got in lined two for the cashier and the cashier was very young 16 year old girl I'm assuming 16 she looked really young and it was clear that she was new to this and I'm pretty sure this was her first job based on her behavior she's very friendly very professional very polite very excited to be working and I thought that was great and every time I see that with very young people it always reminds me of how Watchtower speaks so ill of young people oh they're so immoral oh they're so dishonest oh they're so bad oh the wickedness Satan Satan Satan you know if it controls them all and yet every day I see examples of that simply not being true so today it was the cashier at the grocery store yesterday I went to lunch with Beth and met the restaurant have to go to the bathroom so go to the bathroom and as I'm going in there's a little boy coming out gotta be like six years old little guy little surprises parents hadn't walked over there with him but that's not the point so he opens the door for me and insists on holding the door and it's a little awkward because the door opens in and so I have to kind of like scooch around him but the point is he was being polite his parents weren't there watching him to make sure he did the right thing he just was polite because that's what he had been taught to be you know and think about that now Watchtower says that anytime you're not under constant surveillance right you're gonna do the wrong thing if you don't believe me just look up look up their chaperone rules for dating it's just ridiculous it's like they think the second you're alone with one else the clothes are coming off in your jumping into a bed it's just nonsense right this little boy with no parents around nobody watching no surveillance it's this one holding the door for me and hey you know when I say thank you he says you're welcome and he goes off to where he's going and there's a Starbucks nearby here is another example which I go to occasionally I'm sorry Starbucks man's and not really a Starbucks man I only go through when I'm in a hurry and you do drive-through I go to a local indie coffee shop here it's way better and a lot cheaper too and less have to go through the drive-through and the kids that work at this Starbucks they're all polite they're all friendly and I have yet to bump into one who's not and just kids in interactions when I go to the places that I bring my kids to play at the park or the indoor playgrounds where they go to play with their other friends who are homeschool and stuff like that or at the churches that we attend sometimes the kids are friendly the kids are nice it just belies the claims that watchtower maids that oh all these kids are terrible in every generation is worse than the next that simply isn't true the data does not prove that to be true if you look at the levels of violence today it's lower if you look at the crime rate today it's lower I mean look at the crime rate in the United States for the early 1990s if you want to see some really high crime rates go back to the 1970s there was a big spike then to how is it possible that things are getting better if the world is only getting worse because it's just careening off into its destruction in the last days it doesn't make any sense now does that mean that kids today are better and superior in every way than the kids of the past well no of course not and some things that we might define is better or worse or only define that way because they're different to me for example let's say I'm in a group from private prior generation and I grew up with a certain mindset a certain belief system when it comes to morality or something like that and then I see kids behaving in a way that I was taught bad or wrong or not acceptable or whatever I'm going to make a moral judgment about them not because what they're doing is actually harmful not because what those kids are doing is causing anybody any trouble but just because it's different from what I was raised to think was right it was wrong but can you actually say in an objective way did their behaviors bad right now maybe in some ways in some cases you can but in most cases now it's really just a matter of opinion and that's I know that's true because I read this great Mental Floss article earlier today it was like 15 historical quotes that show that parents always think the younger generation is ruining everything and it goes back through history 19th century early 20th century quotes 19th century clothes 18th century 17th century it goes all the way back to the Roman poet Horace of the 1st century BC saying in effect kids these days are worse than ever and I listen to a podcast it's a favorite of mine called stuff you should know highly recommended I believe it was last year they had one of their episodes I wish I remember what it was where one of the hosts was laughing about an Egyptian document he had read about from a friend it was a letter from a friend to another friend talking about kids these days it's terrible they aren't like 5,000 years old that belief that the generation that follows is worse than us because they're different from us has been going on since human beings had worked or in history so yeah that just makes sense think about it that's tribal human thinking my group is right your group is wrong and it doesn't matter what defines those groups it can be what your favorite music is it can be your socioeconomic status your education level what country you come from how old you are your moral sensibilities you were raised with compared to what they were raised with it doesn't matter what it is you're gonna think that the group that isn't your group is not right and that you are right because that's human nature but for jehovah's witnesses it's insidious because they use this difference to try and show how bad the world is and think about that not just when it comes to age differences oh this next generation so terrible look at these headlines they use that just in general like well Jehovah's Witnesses do have a belief system that's very different for most other people and so they pointed everyone outside the group and say look how different they are from us and we have the truth we're right so this world must be careening off into destruction we must be in the last days because they're not living up to our ancient archaic and often erroneous moral concepts and principles and ideals right because they're different they must be bad hmm when did that ever work out for Society in a good way never and that's not limited to choice where this is all fundamentalist evangelical Christian groups do that and all fundamentalist religions period who speak that way about anyone who doesn't have their truth had that same negative impact in effect not only on themselves but on the people around them so it's very dangerous thinking and Jehovah's Witnesses apply that thinking to the younger generation and demonize them just because their ideals and principles they were raised with are different from that was witnesses hold T Jehovah's Witnesses are very much stuck in the early to mid 20th century their view of women is very much women are to be subservient to their husbands children are to be seen and not heard you know that power structure the family is like a power structure with the father on top the head of the household and the wife the little submissive wife and then the kids who do everything that they're told that's how Watchtower thinks they're stuck in that old mentality and that's not healthy for anyone in the family doesn't mean that witnesses can't be loving parents who care about their children it just shows it just means that that thinking can have a negative impact on the members of that household and collectively on the organization of Jewish witnesses as a whole it's not healthy thinking and you know it's not healthy because you see all the headlines that involve family members what happens children what happens to wives when they don't obey and things like that you you get a lot of that kind of destructive behavior in the families and organization that shows witnesses they deny a lot of that but it's in the headlines who goes to court can't deny that well they can but we wouldn't deny the factual nature of those things we know that these things happen I know that these things happen I knew people who behave like this and we read about it all the time on social media we see people post their experiences on YouTube and things like that that all filters down to the youngest generation to the children who are coming up in that social environment so to me it's ironic that Watchtower says Oh kids these days are worse than ever when I'm thinking well yeah maybe your kids are but only because you're making them that way that your doctrine ation is worse than ever so yeah they're gonna be worse than ever but fortunately most kids don't stick with the belief system of Jehovah's Witnesses at least not ones that are born into it in the United States the Pew survey did a Pew Research group did a survey that shows that 66 percent of children born into the religion of Jewish witnesses in the United States they leave when they're adults they take off they're done 2/3 what does that tell you about their religion but that aside just everything in my own experience all the statistical data I've seen demonstrates clearly that Watchtower is very much mistaken and their view of kids these days in the next generation and when I think back to when I was a teenager okay we were different in some ways that we didn't have cell phones so we weren't always on social media there wasn't always a device in our face and you could say that that was a positive for kids when I was a teenager but when I was a teenager we didn't think about things in the same way as teenagers today I was teenager teenagers today care more about the environment more about social justice you know they're less likely to view people who aren't like them in a negative light when compared to my generation and that way they're better than my generation and the farther back you go so even better the youngest generation are if you go back to the early 20th century and think about how women were treated well this generation is far better not perfect but much better than the generations of the past and women had no rights at all or basically property and if you're talking about what morally people today are worse well my brother tries to make that claim but his thinking when he says moral what he means actually more okay by your rigid archaic very strict conservative standards yeah you could argue that people are less moral but then people a couple hundred years ago also thought it was okay to own other people as property in the United States so in that way people today hear far more moral than they were in the past and if you go way back to the time of the Greeks and the Romans they were certainly less sexually immoral when compared to that very conservative Christian standards then people are today so doesn't that mean that people's morals have gotten better if you use that standard so how can we be living in the last days again see the reality is that like I said groups interpret the behavior of other groups that is different from their own is bad just because it's different Joby's witnesses are no different they see younger people who behave differently who no longer accept the archaic rigid rules that is what this is what have everybody applies to themselves and they say well they must be bad because they don't agree with us well that doesn't define bad the definition of bad in my opinion is are you hurting other people are you causing harm to other people I would argue that by that definition Jehovah's Witnesses and their rules and policies are far more destructive than the general moral climate that you find in the United States today or at least an or in any other country that I've looked into researched or visited so no kids these days aren't worse they're not worse anymore than they were actually worse in the first century BC when Horace the Roman poet was griping about them they're not worse they're just different but Joe as witnesses have to believe they're worse because that's the only way they can prove that we're deep in the last days me and must be coming because look how bad those people are because they're not like and that kind of thinking has never done anybody well I hope you liked this video if you did be sure to click like do not forget to subscribe and hit that little notification icon so you get notified when I release new videos and as always thanks for watching