Jeezy – Church In These Streets (Explicit)

Posted By on May 25, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  2. "No, more like the spiritual sibliminal message,
    the bird is the Dove,
    your shooter is the
    ancient Wisdom Scriptures,
    and the anointment goal of
    the loving oriented natures
    of purposed rebirthed essences
    of disciples made out of day to day human beings that of all
    classes, and living statuses,
    as the goal remains developed
    humanitarian loyalties, and the
    strengthening of the unity amidst
    the community(ies), despite the
    common to all shared imperfections, and mechanisms that are for the remedy or numbing of pains, and vulnerabilities, on to
    the eventual healings of the hearts".
    Church up in these streets, global,
    are within and being of respects and acknowledgements of all walks of Life and all religions, culturals, etcetera, and it's reasons are to enhance each's more truer foundation(s), that being :
    'the ancient paleo hebraic, which is deriving from the oldest language known to mankind, and does respect the arabic's more sound interpretational aspects purpose to the eras after the pre eras after the fall of previous corrupt Roman empire, and safe gaurds the truer version beauty of each a nation's legacy, and that of the original meant United States of America's".
    A spoken truth(s);
    Nourish the modern lands of Israel, that stand as a representation of the Almighty's
    merciful faithfulness, that is also
    for the benefit of all these streets."

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