JavaScript tutorial 26 – keywords in javascript

Posted By on May 6, 2019

hello friends welcome to JavaScript video tutorial series in this video tutorial I would like to discuss JavaScript keywords key works keywords are reserved words their meaning and purpose is already defined within the Java step that means work keyword is used to create variables constable is used to create constants if-else switch case for while do in break continue are used to control the flow of execution of the code try catch throw finally are used to handle exceptions new delete this instance of are used while working with the objects so their meaning and purpose is already defined within the JavaScript keywords must be written in lowercase letters because they are defined in lowercase letters keywords should not be used as identifiers or user defined names that is for naming variables naming constants naming arrays naming functions naming objects do not use keywords anything is considered as a user-defined name user-defined means programmer defined names should not be keywords there are more than twenty five-plus keywords are there in JavaScript we are going to discuss each of these keywords in detail step-by-step in upcoming video tutorials hope you guys have understood what are keywords remember that keywords are reserved words their meaning is already defined should not be used as identifier names they must and should be written in lowercase letters for this tutorial this much is enough friends in the next video tutorial we get more information on JavaScript for more benefits and be up to date please subscribe to my youtube channel and don't forget to like comment and share these videos with others so that everyone will get benefited keep learning keep coding keep sharing thank you guys thank you very much see you in the next tutorial

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