Jacqueline Novak’s Off-Broadway Comedy Get on Your Knees Is Not About Prayer

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-Hi. Welcome back. -It’s great to be back.
I’m over on the couch. -I know. Last time you were
here, you did stand-up. -I did which, you know,
is an indignity, in some senses. -Like, what do you —
-Well, you know to come out and go, “Eh, laugh.”
You know, that sort of thing. It’s scary, Jimmy, you know. -Yeah, but it’s fun.
You were great. -Oh, no, I mean, I was —
Yes, I was absolutely fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] I love doing stand-up here.
And I love — -Did you always know
that you wanted to do stand-up? -Oh. Um…
-Because I think that this little girl…
-Acting — yeah. -…wanted to be an actress,
I feel like. Look at this.
That’s a little head shot there. Now, what was —
-Oh, my God. I just want to say that, what
happened to me last time here was kind of interesting.
-Oh, what? -Because I came out, and we practiced the set
all around town. It was four minutes.
They were, like, “4 1/2 minutes tops,” you know,
and I, like, tried it out,
the whole thing. And then I got here,
and I came out, and I couldn’t tell if the crowd
was, like, feeling me. So I was like — I kinda
needed to work with them. And so it ended up being
like 6 1/2 minutes. -Why was it 6 1/2 minutes?
-Because I added a few spins. [ Light laughter ] -I do remember you added
a couple spins. -Yeah, just like… [ Cheers and applause ] I mean —
You know what I mean? -That’s your move. -Yeah, and I felt like it made
everyone more comfortable. I don’t know, ’cause it’s, —
You know, it’s scary, ’cause, like, even though
they can’t see — the audience, you know, they know they’re on film
even though they’re not. They feel —
They’re performing. [ Laughter ] -The audience is performing?
-Yeah, like, that was… -Them performing.
-Absolutely. And, like,
I thought it was beautiful. [ Laughter ]
-I think they did a great job. Yeah, I mean, should we all
get up and do one twirl? [ Cheers and applause ]
Let’s do it. Do you want me
to get the lights up? Let’s all do it.
It’s gonna feel good. On the count of three, ready?
[ Cheers and applause ] One, two, three! ♪♪ Oh, my gosh.
Fantastic. Happy New Year, everybody!
Happy 2020! Happy New Year.
Happy 2020. Pal —
-Yes, I, um… -You are the best.
-The commercial — The commercial was not
where I got my artistic sort of satisfaction. It was more at, you know,
the elementary school, the talent shows, et cetera. -What were you into?
-“Les Mis,” primarily. That was —
[ Cheers ] Yes.
It was huge. It was huge for the nation,
but it was huge for me. My greatest moment still…
was probably my performance of little Gavroche
in the second grade. A couple of my friends said,
“Hey, we’re all doing ‘Annie.’ We’re all doing
a ‘Hard Knock Life,’ you know.” -That’s good.
-“Let’s all play the orphans.” And I just — it was awkward,
but I had to say, “No, no, no. I’m gonna enlist my dad
to play the piano, and I’m doing a
little Gavroche solo.” [ Light laughter ] -You broke out solo?
-People always — No, they want to make you
part of the chorus when… -And you were ready
to be a star. -Yeah, I knew I was. -You know what’s funny?
-Yeah. -We actually got footage
of you performing. -Well, that’s very sneaky.
[ Laughter ] Okay?
-Because we talked to your dad. We really do.
I want to show everyone. Here’s Jacqueline
in her second grade talent show. This is real.
Take a look at this. ♪♪ -♪ How do you do?
My name’s Gavroche ♪ ♪ These are my people,
here’s my patch ♪ ♪ Not much to look at,
nothing posh ♪ ♪ Nothing that you’d call
up to scratch ♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-“How do you do?” ♪ How do you do ♪ It’s an entrance.
I’m so proud of it. -And now —
-And, obviously, now look at us. -Look at you now.
But now you’re off-Broadway. -Yes.
-I mean, man, the reviews for your show is unbelievable.
-Really? -Let me tell you
a little something about “Get On Your Knees.” “New York Times” Critics Pick on
their Best of Theater 2019. “Time Out New York” —
“Novak’s winning show does what
the best comedy can do. It changes the conversation.”
-[ Screams ] -“New York Magazine” —
“Clearly her master work.” -[ Screams ]
-“Vanity Fair” — “‘Get On Your Knees’
solidifies her place as a comedic powerhouse. The rest of the world
just needs to catch up.” -Oh, my —
-Bang! [ Cheers and applause ]
Can you explain what the show — -In theory,
it’s about blowjobs. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -In theory, okay.
-And they gasp as though, you know,
it’s a certain kind of show. But truly it’s very highbrow,
it’s very literary. You know, it’s spiritual.
Some people say, you know, because they see
the title and they go, “Oh. Oh, I know
what it’s about.” And I go, “Prayer.”
You know what I mean? Just because I don’t think
that they should assume — To me, the blowjob, and I’m only
gonna say it one more time, I think, that phrase…
-Sure. -…because I think we get
two to three, and then we’re out, right?
-Sure, yeah, I think — [ Laughter ]
Yeah. -But, to me, it’s more about
the blowjob as a sort of — Well, I think it can be
a rigorous spiritual practice if you consider it…
[ Laughter ] …as an opportunity to exercise
the virtue of humility. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, that’s a great sell —
That’s a great selling point. Sure, absolutely. Has your dad seen the show?
-Oh, yeah. Mom and Dad have seen it.
Uncles have seen it. I actually
brought inside my shapewear. My dad —
[ Laughter ] My dad —
-Inside your shapewear. -Yeah, well, you know.
-Yeah. -Some call it lingerie.
Why hide? [ Laughter ] My dad sent an e-mail
to my uncle, who was coming to the show.
They were bringing — The whole family
was coming to the show. And I didn’t know that
he sent this until after, but I feel like it’s a good
selling point for the show. -Sure.
-So I’m just gonna read it. -Yep.
-This is to my Uncle Mark. He said — my dad said,
“Hi, Mark. So great to see you guys got
tickets to Jacqueline’s show, ‘Get On Your Knees.’
I wanted to quote, ‘warn you.'” There’s a quote.
[ Light laughter ] “I wanted to warn you,
as you can tell by the title, that her show contains
strong sexual themes, is graphic,
and highly personal. As Jacqueline has said herself, ‘It is like going to a strip
show but even more intimate.'” [ Laughter ] “This is material
they would never allow on ‘The Tonight Show.'”
[ Laughter ] “It will not
be everyone’s cup of tea. Balancing this off, however,
is that her show is also witty, highbrow, and intellectual,
as is all of her material.” Do you see the support?
Isn’t that beautiful? And then he just said,
“That’s all. On a separate subject,
are you seeing the Stones?” [ Laughter ]
-That’s good. -I think
they were seeing the Stones? -Were they seeing the Stones?
-Yeah. -They’re a great band.
-Yeah. -I got to say, congrats.
Everyone that I’ve run into that’s seen this
says it’s brilliant. And how long is it running?
It’s ending soon? -No, we just extended it.
-You did? -Yeah.
-Yes! -Thank you.
-That’s big news! That’s a twirl!
I’m twirling. -Thank you.
-Jacqueline Novak. For more info on her show… [ Cheers and applause ]
…go to getonyourkneesshow.com.

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  1. Did anyone else, when they read her name in the thumbnail, sounded it out in their head as “Jay Quellin” from that ay ay Ron video😂


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