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Assalamu Alaikum! Waalaikim Assalam Inshallalh, today I will tell you what
happened to Yaqub (as) after he married Rahel! Thank you so much ! I was wondering what happened to them all day! You are so excited!
Now listen very carefully! In the last episode you saw
how Prophet Yaqub (as) reached the land of Haran, and married the daughters
of his uncle Laban. His first wife, Leah gave birth to
seven sons and a daughter as well! But Rahel, his second wife,
and whom the Prophet was very fond of,
was sad as she didn’t have a son.
She prayed to Allah, who heard her call and
responded to her prayer! She then gave birth to a very
beautiful son, and they called him Yusuf! Yaqub (as) stayed in
Haran, and continued working for Laban
for Twenty years! One day, the prophet met
his uncle and asked him to let him go and
visit his family. “I have been blessed because of you” Said Laban. “Ask for whatever you need”. “Give me each speckled,
spotted and black lambs that will be born this year”
said Yaqub (as) Laban agreed, and the prophet
walked away happily. But Laban was not willing to part
with the sheeps he owned, even though it was Yaqub (as)
who took care of them He asked his sons to take away
all the speckled, spotted and black sheeps
from the flock. When Yaqub (as) had gone
out for work, the sons of Laban came and
they took all the speckled, spotted and
the black sheeps away! When Yaqub (as) returned
that evening, he realized that he had been
tricked by his uncle. But inspite of Laban’s tricks,
when the sheep bred, many of them were born black!!
This was a miracle!! When Laban saw this,
he was both surprised and angry at the prophet, as he had
promised all the black lambs to Yaqub (as) One day, Allah (swt) asked
the prophet to return to his country. The Prophet told his wives and children,
and prepared to leave Haran. He took everything that
belonged to him, including the spotted and
black lambs. The prophet did not tell Laban
about his plans, and left without bidding
him farewell. The next morning, Laban
realized that Yaqub (as) had taken all his belongings
and left the land. He was very angry!
He took all his people and started following Yaqub (as). They travelled for many days
and nights following Yaqub (as) And finally, they caught up
with the prophet. “Why did you leave without
my knowledge?” asked Laban. “If you had
told me that you were leaving, we could have celebrated this
occasion with a feast. And I could have bid farewell
to my daughters as well” The prophet talked to Laban, and it
was decided that they will part ways. They sat on a hill called Galeed and
they made a covenant there. It was decided that neither
of them would enter the land of the other from that day! All of them then ate the food together.
Then each bade the other farewell, as they departed,
each returning to his own country. The prophet and his family walked then
started travelling towards his country One day, at the break of the dawn,
Prophet was sitting outside his tent, when an angel appeared before
him in the shape of a man! Then the angel started to wrestle
with the Prophet!! They fought neck to neck until
the angel injured the prophets thigh, and the Prophet became lame! The sun had started rising up by now, and
the angel asked him “What is your name?” “Yaqub” replied the prophet. “From this day, you shall be called
Israel” said the angel, and vanished into thin air!! The Prophet could not believe his eyes,
and he realized that the man was actually an angel!! They then continued travelling
for many days. When the Prophet reached the land of Seir,
he sent a messenger ahead to Esau, asking forgiveness. The next day, the messenger returned with
the news that Esau was riding toward him, with some 400 men!!! The prophet was afraid, so he prayed
to Allah (swt) seeking his help. The prophet then prepared a great present
for his brother! He asked his servants to take two hundred
goats, two hundred ewes, thirty camels and many other animals along with them.
He asked them to go ahead before him “When you meet my brother” he said
“he will ask you who you are. And you should say they belong to
your servant Yaqub, and the animals are the present for his master Esau!” The slaves did as they were asked to
and went ahead of the prophet. After two days, the prophet then travelled
toward his country. Esau was riding with his men when he
met the slaves of Yaqub (as). He was very impressed when the slaves told
him that the animals were a gift from his brother! When the prophet saw his brother coming, he
prostrated to him as a sign of salutation! Esau was quite moved when he saw this.
So he ran towards him, and embraced him! Esau even wept when he saw his brother! “Who are these people with you? Asked
Esau when he saw the women and children. “They were given to me by our God” said
the prophet humbly. Leah, Rahel, the children and all his slaves came and
prostrated before Esau,
as a sign of respect. Esau refused to accept the gifts at first.
But the prophet insisted and
he had to accept them at last. All of them started travelling back to
their country and they were led
by none other than Esau! On their way back, the prophet camped near
Jerusalem. It was here that the prophet
had poured the oil on a rock years ago!! He then built a mosque as he had promised! The Prophet then travelled to Hebron and
met his father Prophet Ishaq (as). The Old Prophet was really happy when he
met his son after a long time! Prophet Ishaq (as) died after sometime, at
the age of one hundred and eighty years old And they buried him next to their
grandfather Ibrahim (as). Prophet Yaqub (as) had twelve sons in
total, and Yusuf was one among them.
He grew up into a handsome and devoted man. They migrated to Egypt, and they lived
there for seventeen years! And after living and preaching about God
for a long time, the prophet died at
the age of one hundred and forty seven! Mashallah! It was such a great story!
I’m glad you liked it my son! Now shall I ask you a few questions from
the story? I’m ready!! Ha haa..
Very good! Now here is the first question. Who was the uncle of Prophet Yaqub (as),
who lived in Haran? Haa! I know the answer! It was Laban Mashallah! That’s correct! Who did the prophet fell in love with?
The prophet fell in love with Rahel!
That’s correct again. Now tell me what did the prophet ask
his uncle before returning home? The prophet asked for all the speckled,
spotted and black sheep from
the from the herd. That’s right again!
What was the name that Angel gave
the prophet, after wrestling with him? It was Israel! That’s correct
Who was the prophet’s favourite son? Hmm.. It was Yusuf (as) That’s right again!
And now for the last question.
How old was the prophet when he died? The prophet was One hundred and
forty seven years old when he died. Mashallah! You gave me all the right
answers my son!
You are such a brilliant boy. Thank you Baba That’s all for today,Inshallah I will tell
you the story of Prophet Shuaib (as) tomorrow.
Good night my son! Good night Baba..

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