Islamic Kids Cartoon | Rabi ul Awwal Special | Milad e Mustafa | Ghulam Rasool | 3D Animation

Posted By on January 4, 2020

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. this is the mind washing of the children……..the are telling just fictional and fabricated things……..there is not even a single authentic evidence k HZOOR SAW k milad ki khushi me sahaba kram ny khin jhandy lgay hn …ya us trha k koi aur kaam kiya ho jo aaj hm krty hn…..blky Hzoor saw apna milad is trha minaty thy k roza rakhty thy…… plz stop sprading such things…that are not related to islam

  2. Yeh naat nahi padni chahiye is Mein huzur saws ko aap se mukhatib nahi Kiya gaya hain alfaz e gustakhi istemal kiya hai
    Ehtiyat karen


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