Islamic History by Cartoon | Story of Zamzam

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dear friends there is no doubt that our
creator created all the things according to their way of living he made the camel
to be suitable for the hard life in the desert now I will tell you a story that
happened in these hot deserts the most sacred place in the world is a Kaaba ibrahim alayhis salam took Hodja and
their son ismail to Mecca and left them there
ibrahim alayhis salam left some dates and a pot of water in those times the
place in Mecca was very empty no one lived there
there was no water Haj it agreed with the command of Allah she prayed to Allah
SWA Noth Allah she said Allah will care for us after
some time the dates and the water ran out little is mo started to get very
hungry and thirsty Hodja filled a bigger pain for her son she went to the Safa
mountain and hope to find a person or water and food from there she went to the model
mountain when she couldn’t see her son she became afraid that someone might
hurt him she ran to a place where she could see him she kept going and running
between both mountains seven times the last time she went to the model mountain
and she heard a voice hodges said all the one who speaks listen to our voices
if you can help us help us then near the little is smile the angel Gabriel was
seen he scratched the land next to Ismail with his wings and the waters
enzyme came from the earth it was coming and flowing Hajin with one hand was
taking water and filling the pot with their other hand she was collecting
pieces of earth to keep the water from flowing away Haj it gave some water to
his mom and she drink also Gabriel a sallam told her don’t be afraid that it
will stop this is a holy place this place will do things for this child it
is obvious that Lost Planet Allah did this

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  1. One way of studying a story is to look at what the community did in those days. The practice of burying female baby infants alive in the sand was common in those days, as was the custom of leaving an unwanted woman and kids in the desert to die. According to certain scholars, Abraham simply used the custom of the day, under pressure from his first wife to be rid of his mistress Hajar and her son, : since Sarah had given birth to a son, Hajar's position became uncertain. Left in the desert, Sarah probably was lucky to find an oasis or a water hole and thus survived the ordeal. In study of history there is a logical explanation to many miraculous events.


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