Islam: What The ‘West’ Needs To Know

Posted By on September 21, 2019

along along I wish to say finally as I’ve said many times before that this is not a war with Islam it angers me as it angers the vast majority of Muslims to hear Ben Laden and his associate described as Islamic terrorists they are terrorists pure and simple Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion and the acts of these people are wholly contrary to the teachings of the Koran i also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world we respect your faith it’s practiced freely by many millions of Americans and by millions more in countries that America counts his friends his teachings are good and peaceful and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah the terrorist I want you to understand I want the world to understand that our actions today were not aimed against Islam the faith of hundreds of millions of good peace-loving people all around the world including the United States no religion condones the murder of innocent men women and children but our actions were aimed at fanatics and killers who wrapped murder in the cloak of righteousness and in so doing profaned the great religion in whose name they claim to act my name is handling home leave all involved in district I’m here is where I think this is possibly my last chance to speak to somebody to listen I need you to be compassionate and you’ve always said you were there will be I don’t want to die haut de nada que podría captain Murtaugh ha was an alcoholic Kabbalah hatanaka Attila on wiki why week ho chuki woven eek wha-wha-wha wha-wha-wha you the tendency of Western political leaders to deny the connection between Orthodox Islamic mainstream and terrorist violence is replicated in the universities and the media wherever you look both in Western Europe and in North America the members of the elite class have this tendency to proclaim Islam some mysterious authentic Islam to be peaceful and to be tolerant and those Muslims prone to violence are proclaimed to the non-representative fringe well I would really appreciate if people who make such claims could then explain the continuity of violence from the earliest day of Islam from the earliest days of the prophet and his immediate successes throughout the 13th centuries of recorded history the real burning question in the world today is does Islam and Islamic civilization actually sanction the violence that we’re seeing being perpetrated in its name around the world and to that we have to answer if we’re going to be honest about it and unqualified yes the Islamic sources the Islamic texts starting with the Quran but not limited to the Quran the Islamic text symbol including the hadith Islamic tradition Islamic theology Islamic law the traditions of the interpretation of the Quran throughout history and Islamic history itself all bear witness to the fact that it’s LOM has a developed doctrine theology in law that mandates violence against unbelievers the origins are of course in the Muslim desire to impose all over the world the only religion don’t just religion which is Islam and the suppression of all other religions in order to establish the rule of Allah over the whole earth this is a religious duty which bind the whole community and which the Muslim community is obliged to to impose because they are obliged to obey the order of Allah and this is the the desire of Allah as expressed in the the Kohana Cavill a shin I believe that those terrorists that want to do harm to others are applying the true Islam that was practiced by Muhammad and his followers in the early stage of Islam in Islamic theology the Prophet Muhammad is considered alanson algum you which is the perfect man he is the model par excellence to be imitated he is the person that the more a Muslim is like him the better off he is so the Prophet Muhammad is revered today in the Islamic world as the primary model of human behavior well when Muhammad the Prophet of Islam wiped out all the Jews from Saudi Arabia there was three tribes better latina bano para lo bueno que no car we were proudly studying this in school as Muhammad the Prophet of Islam ordered the beheading of the Jews of value corrido and the woman being taken as concubines as soon as a child had pubic hair he was beheaded so the the Jewish population was either extradited or beheaded the story of robot pnina is a well-known documented story in islam rabbi Hanina was tortured by the order of the prophet of islam himself his eyes were put out he was burned in order to confess where the Jewish tribes were hiding their their goods their gold and the silver and all those kind of things and this is right from the hadith this inspired us as Palestinians inspired us on fighting jihad against the Jews in Palestine authoritative Islamic history the life of Muhammad seurat rasool allah by muhammad bin ich auch edited by abdul malik bin he Sean translated by Professor Alfred Guillaume then the coryza tribe surrendered and the Apostle can find them in Medina then the Apostle went out to the market of Medina and dug trenches in it then he sent for them and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches there were 600 or 700 in all though somewhat the figure as high as 800 or 900 another example with maybe even more chilling of the deleterious influence that Muhammad’s example has upon the Islamic world was exemplified recently by an Egyptian leader of a radical Muslim party who wrote just recently that he couldn’t believe that the beheadings in Iraq were being protested by Muslims weren’t they aware that the Prophet Muhammad himself beheaded between 600 and 900 men personally members of the Jewish coryza tribe in Arabia after he had defeated them didn’t they realize that if the Prophet did it then this was the proper way to behave and so the Mujahideen in Iraq who were beheading people are simply obeying the example of the Prophet now we can see then that since the Prophet Muhammad himself participated in many battles and raids and did indeed perpetrate these beheadings he ordered the assassination of several of his political opponents and he behaved in general like a typical 7th century warlord the problem is that when this is transferred to 21st century behavior 21st century contexts of behavior then what you get are terrorists the Quran occupies a place that has no parallel in Western civilization the Quran is considered by Muslims and by traditional Islamic theology to be dictated word for word by God himself by allah himself through the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad as a result every word of it is the words of God himself every word of the Quran unless it is cancelled by another section of the Quran itself is valid for all time and cannot be questioned cannot be reformed cannot be changed within an Islamic context this means that moderate Muslims peaceful Muslims if they are sincere have to reject entirely chronic literalism but to do so puts them outside the sphere of anything that has been considered orthodox islam throughout history because to do so is to reject the very basic premise of islam that this is a book that is dictated by god and is a perfect copy of a perfect book the al-kitab the the mother of the book that has existed forever with a law in heaven the noble Qur’an translated with parenthetical notes by dr. muhammad taqi food in all hilali and dr. muhammad muhsin khan surah 98 verse 6 verily those who disbelieve in the religion of Islam the Quran and Prophet Muhammad from among the people of the scripture Jews and Christians and all Musha kun other disbelievers will abide in the fire of hell they are the worst of creatures so the Quran is simply a set of direct Commandments or else narratives descriptions sometimes very distorted descriptions of Judaism and Christianity because of the normative nature of those commandments the second important body for Islamic jurisprudence and for Islamic polity is the tradition of the Prophet the hadith now the hadith are absolutely necessary to make any sense of the Quran because Allah addresses Muhammad in the Quran and they talk about incidents in Muhammad’s life but they don’t fill in the narrative details so you have to go to the hadith the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad in order to understand what’s being said in the Quran and why the hadith are many many volumes of traditions of the Prophet various Muslim scholars beginning in the eighth century which is some considerable time after the life of the Prophet Muhammad who died in 632 they started to collect these traditions and to try through various means to winnow out the authentic ones from the inauthentic from an Islamic standpoint if something that Mohamed said or did is recorded in one of those books then it has authority second only to the Quran and in those books there is a great deal that illuminates what the Quran says and how it is applicable to Muslims in the present authoritative traditions of the Prophet Muhammad the hadith of sahih al-bukhari translated with parenthetical notes by dr. Muhammad muhsin con vol 4 book 52 hadith number 53 the Prophet said nobody who dies and finds good from a law in the hereafter would wish to come back to this world old even if he were given the whole world and whatever is in it except the martyr who on seeing the superiority of martyrdom would like to come back to the world and get killed again in a loss cause the Prophet said a single endeavor of fighting in a loss cause in the afternoon or in the forenoon is better than all the world and whatever is in it since there is no sense of natural morality in Islam you have to go into either the Quran or the hadith to find out what is allowed and what is not allowed and in those books we have very clear instructions from the Prophet Muhammad that it is the responsibility of Muslims to meet the unbelievers on the battlefield to invite them either to accept Islam or to accept second class Demi status Demi status in the Islamic state and if they refuse both of those than to wage war against them fight against those who believe not in the law nor in the last day nor forbid that which has been forbidden by law and His Messenger and fight against those who acknowledge not the religion of truth Islam among the people of the scripture Jews and Christians until they pay the jizya the poll tax with willing submission and feel themselves subdued the Quran is broken down into two sections one is called mekia which means what was inspired to Muhammad the Prophet of Islam in Mecca and one is called madinia what was inspired to the Prophet Islam in Medina oreo therapy in matka you find much of the peaceful vs Muhammad used to live with the Jewish community and the Christian community in peace and harmony so there was many verses in the Quran that even the Muslims used to worship in the direction of prayer towards Jerusalem they saw many elements of a unity between the Jewish and the Christian and the Muslim there are indeed some verses in the Quran that could be called peaceful and tolerant notably the injunction against the compulsion in religion those verses almost invariably date back to the beginnings of Muhammad’s prophetic career in his native city of Mecca where he was powerless where he was only beginning to attract followers only few relatives and friends accepted the religion at that time and he had many foes saw the the revelations of of that time were very peaceful well it all changes with the establishment of Muhammad’s theocratic state late in the city of Medina he becomes a warlord he becomes the head on a totalitarian state he becomes very rich very powerful and very intolerant and then many of these early versus in fact get abrogated in Sura 2 verse 1 of 6 of the Quran it says or Allah says I should say that if we abrogate we being a la abrogate a verse then we’ll give you one that’s better whatever a verse revelation do we abrogate or cause to be forgotten we bring a better one or similar to it no you not that a law is able to do all things this is the basis the foundation of the Quranic doctrine of NASA which is abrogation and it is the idea that when there are verses that are contradictory or appear to be contradictory in the Quran the one that is revealed later chronologically is better as Allah has promised and cancels the earlier one now the violence started now you had to weigh between peaceful versus and none peaceful vs so the edict was that these were made null and void it is indeed a very curious concept for a non-muslim to accept the notion that God may change his mind a topic and may issue one injunction in AD 614 and then a very different one in AD 627 but this is indeed what has happened in Islam it’s very important to understand that the Quran is not arranged chronologically it’s arranged on simply on the basis of the longest chapter to the shortest and so you will find in the book itself some of these more tolerant versus at the later point in the book then the very intolerant one’s advocating violence and subjugation of infidels but that doesn’t mean they came into being later on cry the country if there is ever a contradiction between two injunctions the ones that came later on in Medina are the ones that retain their validity and the early ones from Mecca have been abrogated the peaceful versus became men suka means made null and void with verses like the verses of the sword traditional Islamic theology has it that the 9th chapter of the Quran Sura 9 is the last revealed in the career of the prophet and it is the only one that doesn’t begin with bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim in the name of Allah the compassionate the merciful some have said that that’s because there’s no compassion or mercy in this particular chapter and that it is the qur’an’s last word on jihad and in particular on how Muslims should behave toward unbelievers in it is the celebrated verse of the sword and what is the verse of the source say it’s very clear that when the forbidden months are over kill the people of the book wherever you find them lay siege for them lay wait for them they ambush for them kill them wherever you find them in fact I converted to Christianity Mohammed clearly stated that in the ends of days there will be many who defect from the faith kill them when you see them whatever you find them so this is the question that the West needs to understand what part of kill don’t they understand he said the President reiterated the message of tolerance and the importance that this is not a campaign against Islam or Arab nations general is it been communicated the administration from those nations come that far the world that you’ve been talking to recently that is a highly critical thing for the president do not just once but over and over and over again so why we are a country that judges people not by their religious beliefs or by their color but by the fact that we’re all Americans so that was the first part of the message the second part of the message is that we have a lot of friends around the world who are Muslim we have countries that are long friends of the United States who are of the Islamic faith and the president wanted wanted to be very clear that this is not a war of quote civilizations that this is not a war against Islam this is a war against people who in many ways pervert what Islam stands for Islam stands for peace and stands for non-violence and he wanted to make that very very clear yeah sure Islam and Islamic civilization are unique in their stance toward non-believers and that Islam is the only religion in the world that has a developed doctrine theology in law that mandates violence against unbelievers that there are peaceful Muslims there are Muslims around the world who are moderate who live in harmony with their non Muslim neighbors and have no intention of ever waging war against them in any way but the fact is that they have a very slim justification for their own peacefulness within the Islamic sources themselves and they are only at peace with their neighbors insofar as they are either ignorant of what islam teaches about how Muslims should behave toward unbelievers or they have explicitly rejected consciously rejected those elements of Islam there are in short peaceful and moderate Muslims but no peaceful and moderate Islam the idea that Islam is a religion of peace however is paradoxically enough held even by the most violent and radical of Muslims saeed cutup the Egyptian Muslim theorist whose writings are revered by radical Muslims today by terrorists today he wrote and insisted that Islam is a religion of peace when you study his writings it becomes clear that he meant that Islam is dedicated to establishing the hegemony of Islamic law over the world when that hegemony is established peace will reign in the world therefore Islam is a religion of peace but the problem is the peaceful Muslims don’t understand the edicts that comes out of the jurisprudence of Islam if you look at the interpretation of these verses in al-azhar university in the islamic sharia schools in jerusalem and jordan and syria and damascus all throughout the Middle East the jurisprudence of Islam clearly state emphatically that the verse of the sword made null avoid all the peaceful verses and what is the verse of the source a then when the sacred months have passed then kill the mushrikun unbelievers wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and prepare for them each and every ambush but if they repent and perform us a lot the Islamic prayers and give zakat alms then leave their way free verily Allah is oft-forgiving most merciful kill them when you see them whatever you find them this is not an allegory kill it’s a literal kill it’s the killing of Zarqawi right in front of the camera it’s the lynching that you see in Ramallah it’s the killing of over million Sudanese in Sudan cutting the hands in the feets from opposite sides and here’s a dilemma the peaceful verse even the peaceful verse that is quoted even by bush the verse goes as follows whoever kills a life without just cause or for doing mischief in the land then as his as he killed the entire Earth you’ll find the same verse in the Judea biblical tradition but most Westerners never skip after that verse which makes very clear but as those who do mischief in the land then cut their hands and their feet from opposite sides and crucify them literally and that’s what you see what happened in a vahana Stan that’s what you see what happened in Sudan a month a huge amount of crucifixions and killings and beheadings and amputations and public assassinations they really want to revive Islam as it used to be this is why the call of Islamic fundamentalism the recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands in their feet be cut off on the opposite sides or be exiled from the land that is their disgrace in this world and a great torment is theirs in the hereafter the Prophet cut off the hands and feet of the men belonging to the tribe of arena and did not cauterize their bleeding limbs till they died there is no assurance of what is known in consent as salvation and insurance of being saved and guaranteeing going to heaven however there are certain things that can help so if if a Muslim for instance died while he was practicing jihad he is supposed to go to paradise in Islam is thinking the assurance of your salvation is dying as a martyr in accordance to the version the Quran wallet i see ben de la vina ktulu feasible allahi amatin bella heey on and on of b’ham your zagoon do not think that the ones who died in the cause of Allah in Jihad are dead but are living so this shoes salvation this is the calculus behind modern suicide bombing many people will say modern Muslim advocates will say that Islam forbids suicide and this is plainly dishonest because all the advocates all the defenders of suicide bombing in the Islamic world start out by saying this is not suicide this is the intention of the person is not to kill himself the intention of the person is to kill others and that is sanctioned because it is Islamic Jihad and if in the process they are killed themselves that’s an unavoidable consequence of their actions and they will be rewarded with the reward of martyrs in paradise Quran is quite clear about the heavenly reward for a jihadist who falls fighting in the path of Allah he will be granted instant access to paradise and a Muslim paradise is an extremely sensual one it is full of who is black eyed beauties that will await the martyr and the gratification that follows is eminently unsuitable for family audience the Quran contains no guarantee of paradise except for those who slay and are slain in the cause of Allah verily Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties for the price that there shall be the paradise they fight in a laws cause so they kill others and are killed then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded that is the supreme success in other words the guarantee of paradise is for people who are killed while they are killing to establish the head avala or Islamic law in the world she had in Islam can be spiritual or physical the spiritual jihad is try striving to be a better muslim but also there is a physical part of she had that he cannot take it away from Islam jihad in Islam means struggle that’s what the literal meaning of the word struggle but what the West doesn’t understand is that they had eath the compilation of the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad of Islam there’s almost about 100 hadith regarding jihad and if you look at every single one of them every single one of them has the sword war or a military effort and in the end of the expedition jihad expedition he said now I resort to the jihad within the jihad that is within the self struggle and as a matter of fact I had this dialogue with an Islamist one time he says Walid come on tell the West that jihad means struggle I said yes it does mean self struggle you’re right jihad does mean self struggle but so does mine Kumpf mine Kumpf means my struggle in the same fashion the Islamist look at you had it is a very dangerous element of the Islamic teaching because this instant gratification from martyrdom is an attractive concept and by the way when the so-called martyr operation is carried out by Hamas what is announced from the minarets of mosques is not the death of sermon so who carried out the attack but the wedding of so-and-so to the hoodies in other words they immediately make the implication that far from having to cry over his disappearance over the end of his physical life his parents should be happy and celebrate and throw a party because their son is now being not only transported into heaven but greeted there with these voluptuous beauties Shaheed the word Shaheed means witness to witness to testify to testify there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger and you die as a Shahid for that cause you know witness you considered a witness and martyr and a martyr becomes glorified your family will glorify you after you die to a Muslim fundamentalist living in the Middle East I had to be initiated I had to basically either kill my first Jew or destroy my first zionist infrastructure I had to prove beyond shadow of a doubt that I was worthy and there are ample amount of students teenagers men who are willing to die a suicide martyrs willing to put explosives the martyr application is filled there are many applicants there’s not enough bombs to fulfill the applicants and to get a lot of those missions indeed you must have been chosen you must have been really good you must have been violent enough you must have been going out on every demonstration in the streets of Jerusalem or Bethlehem or our village you must show have shown yourself worthy of a greater operation so when I explain what I’ve done and people have seen me in the community and I was worthy in ended up in prison I was of course recruited and I remember mr. Mahmoud a new hobby he was a proud he was proud to have planted 15 bombs killed many Israelis and he was being bailed out by a Jewish Israeli lawyer it was back right in the street so you find your bomb-maker and you apply you say look I want to join I want to do my first modern operation panning a bomb or whatever and you need connection so I found my connection I ran the food with this guy in Jerusalem and shud i babbled wet and he built this explosive charge with a timer and a loaf of bread and I had to smuggle it from the Temple Mount under the auspices of unlock Department alewife police is the Islamic police appointed by the government to watch over the holy sites them knowingly that I had explosive charges smuggle me so I can escape from the checkpoints there i canna explosive charge from Jerusalem to bank loan me thread in Bethlehem I was supposed to put the explosive charge at 6pm exactly I was supposed to have this explosive charge in my hands at 6pm exactly 526 I saw some Arab children running around and I didn’t want to kill any Arabs so I decided to place the explosive charge in the roof I passed it in the roof at 6pm it went off and there was this big explosion I looked behind me I see this thick black smoke coming out of the building and I started running that’s the moment I first got a glimpse of the reality of killing I thought people have died and I remember I didn’t sleep for three days constantly worried that have killed somebody even terrorists have a reality check that you kill or you’re about to die you can sense it this is why in Israel the way the nature of finding out a terrorist suicide bomber is to look at their eyes they’ll have these glossy eyes they’re sweating profusely they’re not paying attention because in their mind they’re about to go and it’s your way the reality of what now you’re gonna die and many times have been in the situation where I had thought that was going to get killed shooting back and forth as we stone that Israelis and they shoot back at us and things like that I was face to face with death mean you think in your mind you’re going to die you struggle between the requirements of your Islamic upbringing and between the reality that you value your life and at some point one has to outweigh the other and for a Muslim fundamentalist we always chose death we always chose the suicide my cousin died and is greater than your hooter street and he got killed he died I had people relatives died and fighting with raleys and as I look at it now I think what a waste what a waste of life you okay and then we said with viral shake hands okay are you ready John Frank I’m running too so so in other words you want to change in other words who gives you the right to change or properly goal you know shouldn’t we ask that puts together the new government it should be the people of Afghanistan inside Afghanistan than those that have had to flee from Afghanistan and I think that’s the right way to do it now can I say I enjoyed very much doing this interview with you and I think that whatever differences there are between us it’s important we carry on with this dialogue maybe one of the problems that arises out of all this is there’s been insufficient Tyler coming the Arab world in the West between Islam and between people of other faiths and I hope that we can establish a proper dialogue and maybe that would be some good that could emerge out of the terrible events they like this attempt some press our questioners suppler over and I know you have so many meetings and people are waiting outside I’ve lived are thinking the fans that from Yuri above this man what do you know well I do not in any shape or form pretend to be an expert but I do read what it is what’s interesting I read the message of the Quran in so far as it can be translated and I read about Islam I enjoy doing that and I think there’s you know I’ve learned things about the Quran that I never knew before and I think a lot of Christians would be interested that’s one of the reasons I say to you it would be good if we out of this we had some more dialogue in some more faith and the reason I have to leave you now is because I’m going to meet some religious leaders both Muslim and Christian and Jewish upstairs and in order to discuss with them how we can bring the face closer together so shot from lambda 0 anybody submit what did you say hello shotgun love Jazeera to go into the women’s Islam understands its earthly mission to be to extend the law of Allah over the world by force now this is distinct from extending the religion by force Muslims often indignantly deny that Islam was spread by the sword as the old expression goes and that anybody is ever forced to convert to Islam now of course forced conversions are a constant hallmark of Islamic history but they are technically forbidden by Islamic law now the idea in Islam is that Muslims must wage war to establish the hegemony of Islamic law not everybody will be forced to become Muslim but the non-muslims will be relegated to second-class status they will not be able to live in the society as equals to the Muslims and it is the responsibility of Muslims around the world to fight to institute that kind of society while we were in the mosque the Prophet came out and said let us go to the Jews we went out till we reached bite Oh Madras he said to them if you embrace Islam you’ll be safe you should know that the earth belongs to a law and is apostle and I want to expel you from this land so if anyone amongst you own some property he is permitted to sell it otherwise you should know that the earth belongs to allah and his apostle the Muslims see the extent extension of jihad as a war and berating the infinite from the infidelity and a privilege for them to enter in the religion of Islam and to abandon their the gonk leaf so jihad sing as a favour which is given to the infidel population um in order to change their ways and convert to the to halogen Islam it is not for a profit that he should have prisoners of war and free them with ransom until he had made a great slaughter among his enemies in the land you desire the good of this world the money of ransom for freeing the captives but a lot of desires for you they hereafter and Allah is all-mighty all-wise in the Muslim thinking in the Muslim Sharia the way the world is depicted is in two houses it’s called battle Islam or bottom harp the house of Islam over the house of war so the whole world is under these two houses if you’re not a Muslim you’re under the house of war yet in the West the apologist Islamic apologists would say no that’s not accurate it is the house of peace and the house of Islam and in fact that’s not accurate if you look at the hadith and if you look at what comes from the highest jurisprudence in the Middle East that’s what is being taught and I Leviathan by mnl and Alicia head I him machete Anna agua now Apple Allahu Allah has no gel pad raha hoon Erika Jayne iwasa pml I know at once a methodical by Bashar who is le Anna family family of a greatness C al le en el abrazo Del Olivia bertini crrt Nibiru the autofilter been allowed to look cool attitude while had a hot dog bajada Fernandez what huckleberry covalently can haz felon person yet occurred on names economic reform evolved with Manhattan I and each other sahi Holly have a purple and Amaya cell in a boa know me Walker karma killa home our home our family especially knowing Jerry boosters are young master Shinsei head na kena in our chase now we’re at 7-eleven of zero visibility on martin de león and abundant food now she said cannula learn magic itself is your oven avoir be aware when an animist again in Cardenal Allah now fulfill your every affair Annalise love tamanna and a cornish a defensible in love one after the other than via yahoo duel like a flower latina circleville a while a su Li what about Dean and Dean and my ride let me assure well a mere 40 when I’m you comfortable anything no no we are one only it’s national chana masala affable oh cool a nice korean nice allah allah allah azzawajal aku jadi shall be sevilla now the infidel population are seeing this war as a genocidal war since as it is described in the Muslim historians of jihad as well as extremely numerous Christian sources this war has conducted was conducted as in great ferocity whole cities were given up to massacres population and tile populations were deported in slavery or massacred the companion of the prophet and the second caliph Umar sent the Muslims to the great countries to fight the pagans when we reached the land of the enemy the representative of cultural Persia came out with 40,000 warriors and an interpreter got up saying but one of you talked to me all mogera replied our prophet the messenger of our Lord has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah alone or give jizya tribute and our prophet has informed us that our Lord says whoever amongst us is killed martyred should go to paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen and whoever amongst us remains alive shall become your master there have been in fact two big waves of jihad the Arab waves which started in the in the seventh century and in in the course of one century only has Islamist a huge territory mainly christian territory from portugal till armenia but also islamist Persia which was not Christian many Zoroastrian except for a hug which was mainly christian in the north and jewish and christian in the south the second wave of Islamization started in the 11th century with the dirty shirt tribes so although this region of eastern europe greece Anatolia which is now Turkey but was the seat of the Christian Byzantine Empire and Serbia Bulgaria Romania were integrated into the Darwin Islam which is the land of Islam so all the countries around the Mediterranean which ones have been Christian became the Islamic empire this Turkish wave lasted from the 11th century till the 17th century where the Turkish army well stopped at the gate of Vienna in 1683 the Crusades are not understood in Muslim world today very differently to the way they understood in the Western academia and in the discourse of the Western elite class both talk of the Crusades as an aggressive war of conquest by Christian Europe against the peaceful innocent Muslims one may ask however what were those Muslims doing in the holy land in the first place well what happened is that Muhammad and his successes waged the series of wars of conquest and in one such onslaught in the fourth decade of the seventh century the Holy Land Palestine Israel was conquered by Muslims and so when Seljuk Turks started interfering with the ability of Christian pilgrims to go to the Holy Land to go to Jerusalem and when their physical safety was no longer guaranteed the Western Christians acted not only as three conquerors of a land that had been once there’s they also acted as quite rightly one might say protectors of their holy places now a defensive war in the case of the Muslims is even a war of conquest because they’re obligated to spread Islam but a language which had once been Muslim in particular must be recon curd and the jihad is the rightful name of that war of V conquer so they could never accept the the Crusader States in antioquia and an Jerusalem because they were dar al-harb reinstated into that role Islam and this is a contemporary aspect of the israeli-palestinian conflict which many Westerners are not fully aware exactly the same psychology that prompted Saladin and others to fight the Crusaders is now motivating Hamas in both cases it is not only a matter of the nationalistic desire of Arabs to expel European or Jewish settlers it is also the chronic obligation of all good Muslims to make sure that the land was ruled by Muslims will be reverted to their room from the British historian hilaire belloc the great heresies 1938 it has always seemed to me possible and even probable that there would be a resurrection of Islam and that our sons or our grandsons would see the renewal of that tremendous struggle between the Christian culture and what has been for more than a thousand years its greatest opponent the suggestion that Islam a realized sounds fantastic but this is only because men are always powerfully affected by the immediate past one might say that they are blinded by it but not so very long ago less than a hundred years before the Declaration of Independence Vienna was almost taken and only saved by the Christian army under the command of the king of Poland on a date that ought to be among the most famous in history sep tember 11th 1683 on sep tember 11 1683 the siege of Vienna was broken that was the high point of Islamic Jihad expansion into Europe after that Islam went into decline and the Islamic world was colonized and in a drastically weakened state it seems very likely almost certain as far as I’m concerned that Osama bin Laden chose September 11th in 2001 to signal that the decline of the Islamic world was over and that the jihadists were back and we’re going to pick up where they left off in Vienna in 1683 if we look at the tectonic plates between Islamic world and non Islamic world today we noticed something very interesting that even very diverse is Muslim societies which cannot be easily branded under one civilization label have something in common and it is the tendency to be in conflict with their neighbors if we look at the extreme southeastern outreach of Islam we see East Timor where Indonesian Muslims slaughtered a third of the population of this former Portuguese colony who are by the way Roman Catholics in southern Philippines we see an extremely violent Islamic rebellion which has been simmering and becoming more or less violent for years in Indonesia itself we had religious conflict in the spice islands where the beleaguered Christian minority is in danger of extinction we have very active Islamic movements both in Thailand and in China nsync young in the Indian subcontinent the history is tragic indeed that’s where the Holocaust the Hindu Holocaust took place in medieval times a little-known episode in the history of Islam in the Western world but the one that left a deep dramatic mark on on the people of the region and where the conflict is still latently present in the province of Kashmir in Africa there is the constant war in Sudan which finally has gained some prominence in the Western decision-making circles but which has been going on for 20 years and it’s impossible to estimate the number of lives if his claims but it certainly goes into many hundreds of thousands there is the constant instability in Nigeria between the resurgent central and northern states which are increasingly pressurizing the government in Vegas into accepting Sharia law as the law of the land in those provinces and of course there is Mauritania where Muslims constantly battle non-muslim southerners then it is of course the Caucasus Chechnya and in Europe itself we have the conflict in the former Yugoslavia between the Bosnian Muslims and Serbs and Croats respectively and the conflict between the Albanians and the Serbs Albanians and macedonia’s and quite possibly before too long Albanians and Greeks so if we eliminate these conflicts if we eliminate from the equation Chechnya the Balkans Sudan the world is pretty peaceful place if we eliminate from the terrorists equation terrorist acts carried out by the Muslims over the past five years we would come to realize that the war on terror is unnecessary because terror is not a very big problem Madam President senator from Nevada I’ve been on the floor before speaking about Islam and what a great religion it is I’ve said before and I repeat that my wife’s primary physicians are two members of the Islamic faith her internist and the person that has performed surgery on her I know them well then in their homes socialized with them talked about very serious things with them we’ve helped each other with family problems I’ve been to the new mosque with them in Las Vegas they’re wonderful people with great families and I’ve come to realize that Islam is a good religion it’s a good way of life people have a good health code as their religion dictates and they have great spiritual values as a religion dictates and it’s too bad that there are some people misdirected people around the world trying to take away from this very fine religion I believe that they cannot give this religion a bad damn i think that the power of this religion and the power of the people in this religion will overcome these evil people who are using displaying religion to do bad things denison people Islam is a religion and a political system that dictates that one must carry out warfare against unbelievers until they either convert or submit and this is the justification that the terrorists around the world are using for what they’re doing and that justification is based on core elements of Islamic tradition that being the case it’s very difficult for moderate Muslims peaceful Muslims to stand up within the Islamic community and to say this is not part of Islam they only do so out of conscious deception intending to mislead Westerners in the in accord with the Islamic doctrine of tequila or religious deception or they do so on the basis of simply being unaware of what Islam actually teaches the Prophet said war is deceit lying generally speaking is not allowed in Islam but unlike our religions there are certain situations where the Muslim can lied and that would be acceptable even encouraged this concept called el takia el de cría means prevention so a Muslim is allowed to to lie to prevent harm that may come to him or to to his LOM when one is under pressure one may lie in order to protect the religion this is taught in the Quran chapter 3 verse 28 after 16 verse 106 there are certain provisions for length so a Muslim can can lie for the cause of SLAM can lie to keep peace and his family so he can lie to his wife a Muslim can lie to his fellow Muslim to keep peace in the society Muhammad himself other people to lie when people that he ordered to go and kill somebody they told him we cannot kill him and listen we lied to that person he said okay fine lie the Apostle said will rid me of ignore a seraph mohammed bin miss llama brother of the bunny abdullah shah said I will deal with him for you Oh apostle of God I will kill him the Apostle said do so if you can he said Oh apostle of God we shall have to tell lies the Apostle answered say what you like for your free in the matter America is a land of diversity and service I’m an african-american my forefathers overcame the trials of slavery I am native american I’m a journalist wife and mother I’m of European heritage one of my ancestors was a member of the Continental Congress I’m Hispanic American I’ve been a girl scout since I was six years old and now I’m a trip leader I served in our nation’s armed forces as have many of my relatives my father served two tours of duty in Vietnam another fought for freedom and getting for two of my uncles fought for our country in the Korean War and I am an American Muslim and I am an American Muslim and I am an American Muslim I am an American Aslam Muslims are part of the fabric of this great country and are working to build a better America the spokesman for Islam in the Western world know how to play the game they know how to present their cause in the way that is not only regarded as acceptable by the societal mainstream but also reasonable and even one might say just they will appeal to democratic institutions and their human rights in the full knowledge that given the power to do so they would abolish those institutions and deny those rights to others the Prophet said by Allah and Allah willing if I take an oath and later find something else that is better than that then I do what is better and expiate my oath when I used to be working as a translator at the loop called in Chicago the fundraising for jihad movements for the PA the PLO at that I we would do the translation for the announcements or the Flyers that we hand out or we put on the walls of the of the of the college and I remember the Arabic would be basically the facts bring your friends we were intending to raise funds to support our jihad brothers in Lebanon or whether the fighting in southern Lebanon against Israel or whatever and then comes the english part in the english part it be the standard we will be conducting a Middle Eastern cultural party you’re welcome we will be serving lamb and baklava so the West doesn’t understand as when we get together as a group our conversations are different as soon as a Western would come into the scene then the whole conversation changes it becomes paddle to Western mind when I used to go to work let’s say during the Gulf for is to go to work at an American company and everybody would be hovering around the TV set as soon as there’s a scud missile hitting Riyadh or something like that and everybody will be distraught unhappy for scotland’s in the American camp and I will be standing right amongst the American employees oh it’s too bad you know oh that’s too bad I’m sorry that you know we had lots of life and out of frustration from having to keep the truth of what I really felt I would roll down the window on the freeway going home and scream as loud as I can Allahu Akbar Allah is great Allah ho Akbar because this is the chant ation you do when the enemy is killed when you win so if it was a victorious day for the Rockies when they land a scud missile it will be Allah Akbar on the freeway I know nobody could hear me now and when I went to my apartment home the rest of the apartment complex were also Arabs from Middle East we’d get together in my apartment watch the Gulf War and we’d be praising Allah every time there was some incident where Americans got killed but it wasn’t the same face that we put on when we were in an American environment an American environment you played different scenario you acted as you are on their side so there’s this whole facade that is hidden from the Muslim from them from the west of how Muslim fundamentalist who want to propagate jihad in America can act publicly is what we are witnessing today a clash of civilizations we ask that of noted Palestinians scholar and professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University dr. Edward Saeed no I I don’t think so it I think the whole thesis is a bit of a false one because in the first place civilizations are not you know little packages that’s that are kind of completely detached from each other they’re all they’re all connected in one way or another and you know what so-called Western civilization has many elements of Islamic confucian and latin american and russia and all the things the basis of and profit of this new version of Islam as evolution of peace and tolerance was a bad site who established in all universities and in academia this Islamic vision of peace on this basis the whole history of demitri jihad disappeared Edward Saeed who in his book orientalism posited that criticism of the Islamic world on the part of Westerners was racist and imperialist it is spread in order to make political points to a custom Westerners to the idea that Muslims are here to stay in the United States and that they must not be questioned in terms of their loyalty to the secular framework of Western society of the united states and of europe as well that they must not be questioned in this despite Islam’s historical political character because Islam is a religion of peace and this fiction has become so entrenched in American public discourse as to be practically beyond question such that anybody who does question it is immediately branded as a racist a hate monger a bigot and this is a very effective tool in a country where racism is the cardinal sin above all to silence any effective debate about the continuing attachment of Muslim immigrants to Sharia law and their intentions toward the secular systems in which they now reside is that this is not a clash against Islam or Arabs this is about freedom not culture it’s about working with Islamic governments who want to move forward into the modern world working with Islamic governments who see their face of the face of peace and working against the violence and the terror and the people who would seek to hold back the world and would seek to disrupt peace and freedom for others and so that is what it’s about for us the true faith of Islam we believe is a religion of peace and we intend to work with them in that regard the true faith of Islam we believe is a religion of peace Islam has to be known as more than a delusion the idea that Islam is spiritual religion like for instance Christianity is completely incorrect it would be incorrect to describe Islam as primarily let alone solely a religion since it’s early beginning in Muhammad’s life time it has also been a geopolitical project and a system of government a political ideology if you will Islam from its beginnings was both a religion and a system of government for example the Islamic calendar doesn’t base year one from the time that muhammad was born or the time that Muhammad received his first revelation from God which I think are both what Westerners might expect but from the time that the Muhammad became the leader of an army and the head of state in Medina this is the beginning of the Islamic calendar because in the Islamic understanding Islam is a political and social them as well as an individual faith in islam the separation between temporal secular and religious power is not only impossible it is heretical only in the complete blending of all aspects of human activity and all aspects of political and legal functions of the state can we have the caliphate the properly organized state that is displeasing to Allah when Westerners think of religion whether it’s Islam Christianity Judaism Hinduism and all the isms in the world Westerners think that it’s a personal issue a Buddhist will go to the temple and peacefully worship whatever he does meditates contemplates a Jew goes to synagogue and does his mitts fat his good deeds a Muslim goes to the mosque pays zakat alms or go to the pilgrim el hajj in Mecca or a Christian goes to church on Sunday they think it’s a personal issue really that the religion is a personal issue so on they look at Islam they compare Islam with the way they understand religions and that’s the first mistake Islam is not a religion for personal use Islam is sherry allah islam is a form of government to the world first then to a personal application it is not just how you pray or your liver you pray towards Mecca it’s how you dress a dress an Arab culture you speak Arabic you can’t go to heaven unless you pray in Arabic you can’t read the Quran in English and expect to get good deeds to go to heaven you read the Quran in Arabic it becomes an imperialistic system that everybody now must speak Arabic think arabic practice the religion in arabic it’s a form of law not just in how you eat but how you get married how you deal with your government how you deal with your military how you deal with the youth how you deal with women every aspect of your life becomes Islam everything is Islam the Jews brought to the Prophet am and in the woman from amongst them who had committed adultery the Prophet ordered both of them to be stoned to death near the place of offering the funeral prayers beside the mosque the Prophet wrote the marriage contract with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years till his death in no way is Islamic sharia islamic government compatible with Western understandings of human rights and freedom of conscience traditional Islam forbids conversion from Islam forbids anyone to leave Islam there’s no way out and it forbids Muslims and non-muslims to live as equals in society it mandates the second-class status of non-muslims forbidding them to hold authority over Muslims forbidding them to hold certain jobs as a result it even mandated in history that houses of worship of Jews and Christians were neither to be built or repaired making communities relegated to a perpetual state of decline o you who believe take not the Jews and the Christians as alia friends protectors helpers they are but alia to one another and if any amongst you takes them as alia then surely he is one of them it is not possible for a non-muslim living in a Muslim society to invoke his civil rights and human rights that would be independent or separate from the Sharia concept he is expected to submit to Sharia willingly if he accepts his dhimmitude the position of a demi he will be a protected person a protected person is salmon who is in fact a willing subordinate to the Muslim overlords we saluted the Prophet as he stood praying and he came out to us and we told him that we had killed God’s enemy he spat upon our comrades wounds and both he and we returned to our families our attack upon God’s enemy cast terror among the Jews and there was no Jew in Medina who did not fear for his life the hadith very clearly says the hadith which is what Muhammad said I have been ordered to fight until everyone says that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah so this is how Islam spread to North Africa this is how Islam spread all the way to Indonesia this is how salaams put in the Middle East city was not a Muslim country Lebanon was not Muslim Saudi Arabia even was a mixed multitude all throughout the Middle East that’s how Islam spread was by the sword this is why you don’t see any synagogue on in Saudi Arabia you didn’t see any churches in Saudi Arabia Christianity virtually is non-existent even in my village in Bethlehem Muslims are taking over there’s only twenty percent left of the Christian population in Lebanon Christian Lebanese are moving by the droves Hezbollah there is very active LeBron used to be a Christian nation now all of a sudden it’s being Islamist so Islam is moving yeah follow my lead Muslims who come to the United States and come to Western Europe with an idea that Sharia is the law of Allah they look upon our freedom of religion and they look upon the fact that non-muslims are in power in the United States and in Western Europe making laws and making laws not on the basis of the law of Allah but on the basis of consensus and free elections they look upon all that as a manifestation of jahi Leah or unbelief the pre-islamic period of ignorance as the times in any nation’s history before it became Muslim is referred to so that you have Pakistan and Iran and so on they refer to the period of their history before they became Muslim as the period of jahiliyyah they also will consider the United States and Western Europe to be in periods of jahiliyyah today than many Muslims coming into the United States in Western Europe will work to establish Islamic states here on the basis of the idea that the secular state in the state based on elections has no legitimacy and you don’t have elections about the law of Allah you simply obey what God says No nah No the world no more no ma Oh it’ll time for the whole waste to realize its learn the truth as a matter of time is not to be implemented and the giant of Islam and the giant of the Islamic state or to rise up again and it’s going to be a slow fucking reality loop the Muslims in Egypt you go for Islamic state look in the other Alamein you have for the shit they start mr. clown looking a rock who can I understand in Osaka Stan in Pakistan even in Europe be recording uh is a method of foundation I would be implemented and the Muslim of United the most important thing that the West needs to know about Islam today is that it has a political character and that it is not simply a religion but it is a religion or a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose of establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western society Americans need to know this Western Europeans need to know this because Muslims are coming into Western countries while holding these beliefs and intending to act upon them they are the motivations behind modern terrorist activity and they are the goals of the of millions of Muslims in the United States and around the world we need to know this so that we can protect ourselves but unfortunately because of political correctness and because of media and general government unwillingness to face the sources of Islamic terrorism these things remain largely unknown is Lama quindi mentalism is a sleeper cell in America a good point a good case in point is the story of Saladin Saladin is a great hero in Islam Sullivan was the one who defeated the Crusades there was a treaty that’s supposed to be happening between the Crusades and Sullivan and the story goes as follows the Arab mediator came to Saladin and said the Quran says that if they concede to peace then concede to it which means that if the enemy wants peace let’s have peace which is a versa can find directly in the Quran and solid and responded with a great answer when he stated to the guy you are an Arab and I’m occurred you should know the Quran better than I don’t forget the Quran also says why should we concede for peace when we have the upper hand so you find both verses in the Quran peace you concede to peace when you are the weaker party this is why you hear the term hood nuh hood nuh is a peace treaty cease fire in Iraq a southern as for hood nuh because he knew he can’t defeat Americans you have hood mess all over when the enemy is stronger than you are but assumes you gain strength then you don’t concede for peace this is why the face of Islamic fundamentalism in the West has a facade that Islam is a peaceful religion because they are waiting to have more immigrants they’re waiting to increase in number willing to increase in political power and once they do then look out you’ll see the real face of Islamic fundamentalism here in America ya rotten Mujahideen with a minute in a media y 0 0 share you go AHA de leche Farsi wha Hawaii homo with a freaking happy that incivility yada yada SRO via palma nova tough real hard esa hora Hector Avila tell em Ricky when of Samba la arena y una hundred cover wallet allahu allah nor is Nora Dalek an OD maddeningly and the demon Muslim at La my Hakuna donna oh wow talk about Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar hola hola excellent it’s unfortunate but there’s no negotiating with the jihadists there is no striking a deal with them Islamic law is very clear on that and here once again is an example we need to take Islam seriously Islamic law does not allow for treaties it does not allow for negotiated settlements between Muslim states and non-muslim states all it allows for is a temporary period of up to 10 years of hood nuh or what is commonly translated as truce to allow the Islamic forces to gather their strength but that’s not the same as peace as we know it that’s not the same as the absence of a state of war that’s only a temporary law in a war that the jihadists consider has gone on for 14 centuries and are willing to fight for 14 more so when you meet in fight jihad in a loss cause those who disbelieve smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them then bind a bond firmly on them take them as captives thus you are ordered by a law to continue in carrying out jihad against the disbelievers till they embrace Islam are saved from the punishment and the Hellfire or at least come under your protection but if it had been a laws will he himself could certainly have punished them without you but he lets you fight in order to test you some with others but those who are killed in the way of Allah he will never let their deeds be lost in Islamic thinking the world is divided into the house of Islam where Islamic polity has been established where Allah rules supreme and the house of war which is the rest of the world this dichotomy is reminiscent of other totally arian ideologies and most explicitly communism both communism and Islam seek a the end of history in this world the end of history will come when either the whole of our planet becomes darussalam or else when the proletarian revolution brings the avant-garde of the working class 2 to power all over the world which will be the end of state the end of money in the end of class oppression in both cases it is possible to have a period of truce it is possible to have what would be called in modern parlance peaceful coexistence but that peaceful coexistence is a tactical ploy and not a permanent solution our laws apostle said I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say none has the right to be worshipped but Allah if we consider that if only we changed our policies toward Israel and only we changed our policies toward Iraq or changed our policies towards something else if only we hadn’t taken out the Mossad egg regime in Iran in 1953 and other things people have said to me these ideas are ridiculous they’re based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the motives and goals of the jihadists this is not a conflict that was created with the creation of the State of Israel or a conflict that was created when American armies went into Iraq the global jihad has gone on without interruption without significant interruption since the 7th century and it only declined in force and activity at periods when the Islamic world was too weak to prosecute it the question now that we have to ask ourselves is do we want to preserve our judeo-christian values and our own civilization how do we want do we choose to go towards a dhimmitude an enlarged dhimmitude in Europe which will engulf the whole of Europe maybe not America but America will be isolated because it will had to deal in geopolitics with the Islamist Demi you hope and these are problems that had have to be taken into consideration by European themself in their chosen in choosing their identity and their future freedom och dhimmitude and by American also in order to defend itself against the onslaught of global jihad which is coming in the century ahead I have no doubt of that the West would need to redefine itself and to say what exactly is the geographic and cultural space to be defended and in the name of what defending it in the name of a tepid lukewarm ideology of multiculturalism is impossible multiculturalism and post modern liberalism are not worthy dying for they are not something that can inspire people to do what their ancestors have done at part here and the walls of Vienna in 1683 what global jihad has on its side is simple-minded commitment of millions of people to not only spread the faith but also better themselves at the expense of the infidel in the first instance through immigration and later on if necessary by other means what the West needs to understand about Islam is that Islam has the potential of replacing the dangers that we just kind of did away with Nazism and communism like nazism and like communism Islamism the end justifies the means there is no respect for national borders and the whole ideology is too promote their way of thinking and promote their way of life throughout the entire world that’s what’s being taught in the Middle East that’s what’s being coming out from all the jurisprudence in Ella’s heart and Saudi Arabia and all throughout the Muslim world is that Islam will conquer and will continue to conquer until it triumphs until everybody in the world says is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet I’m talking melodia America what are very funny why are mandar la hope you have to come adavi below alaikum and yahoo yeah I’ll tell added you a Canadian yeah man last who visit until out in now and we do do todavia holla ma otha goon are a lil bits and a father holla holla boom well not when you’re on a boom when our King neta nationally down the Dean and they develop ah well as an a la donna will vaccinate the buffalo chicken will a not what did your father say naughty who habib allah the peculiarity of Islam has to be faced and it has to be faced frankly and openly unlike others and I am again saying this in the full knowledge that it will offend some Western ears unlike the Hindus are like the confusions unlike the Animists of sub-saharan Africa the Muslims have inherent tendency to expand and to convert the rest of the world not only to their religion but to their outlook and to their legal and moral system they will not state this openly while they’re in a minority in the countries to which they immigrate but we have seen this time and over again throughout history once they reach the numbers necessary to impose their will they will do so what’s happenin well I hit out at the coolest mahoba haddenham but an empty can what I used to Hong won’t be returning in women word album was solid able to amass nokian allah akbar allahu allah yar muhammad say a fool Adam yeah Muslim haha who do you kill be tied up Alison when I una ha ha ha haha Oh a nickel under-14 nominee on the Philippine phenomena bachmann wonderful miracles do happen I do not know if it is another maybe even deadlier terrorist attack that will act as a catalyst or whether it will be a geopolitical confrontation in the Middle East itself with Israel perhaps it and trust that a jolt will bring back into the minds and hearts or Westerners the awareness of the need to stand up and be counted you

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