Islam recommends & encourages women to drive. Proven from hadith

Posted By on October 13, 2019

Just like this, Prophet (PBUH)
said another thing, and there is much widom, sophistication
& knowledge in this saying. Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates, and this hadith
is in Sahih Muslim, book of qualities.*Recitation of the original Arabic text of the hadith.*The Prophet (PBUH) said that the women of the
Quraish tribe are the best among all women. Why? He said they have two qualities. First; they ride / know how to ride camels. And second; they are very
kind to the children in their childhood and bring them up
with much care and affection. So one thing that the Prophet
(PBUH) mentioned which makes Quraishi women the
best among all women is that the love and affection with which
they bring up their children is examplary. They love them very much,
are very kind and take great pains so that their
upbringing is a good one. So this is one quality for
which the Prophet (PBUH) declared them to be the
best among all women. And the second thing, which is very
interesting for today’s society. He said; “They ride camels expertly.” This is the second reason why they
are the best among all women. Which means that when they can ride camels,
they are independent and self-sufficient. They are not disabled. They don’t have to
rely on their husbands, fathers, brothers or anyone to take them places. They
don’t burden their men for everything. They can ride on their own. Obviously
there were no cars in that time period. Only horses, camels etc. were used for traveling.
So knowing how to ride camels equates to being able to drive
automobiles in today’s world. This is the wisdom and implication for us
today in this saying of the Prophet (PBUH). And when women can drive, they can do 100s
of things without being a burden to anyone. Picking & droping kids from school, going
out for routine tasks, grocery shopping, taking someone to hospital etc. etc. These
are all the basic needs of today’s world. Prophet (PBUH) said that the Quraishi
women’s knowledgle of how to ride camels is one reason why they
are the best among all women. So we come to know from this that Islam not
only gives women the permission to drive, but even recommends & encourages them to do so. The
Prophet (PBUH) liked it & counted it among good qualities. Today we muslims are confused even on this issue.
There are countless people today who think that, God forbid, women are not allowed
driving in Islam. That it’s against Islam. By which principle & protocol have we insinuated
such nonsense beliefs & laws in Islam? The Prophet’s (PBUH) way, his teachings and
his sayings are in complete contrast of this. This hadith which I qouted about
womens driving, I’m repeating again that its an authentic hadith of Sahih
Muslim from the book of qualities.

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