Is Theology the Queen of the Sciences Asks the Naked Theologian of kiwiconnexion

Posted By on June 1, 2019

this week the naked theologian asks whether the subject of theology has any relevance today once upon a time theology used to be called queen of the sciences you studied other subjects first before you are allowed to study theology sounds okay in theory but the other subjects quite rightly began to get a bit uppity about the queen they didn't like the fact that theology seemed to control everything this was done through her lady-in-waiting known as the church those two were a powerful combination they ruthlessly eliminated opposition and that's just plain historical fact eventually the other subjects broke the power of the lady-in-waiting and this effect flowed through queen theology lost control over all the other branches of learning all this happened as the Western world changed from the medieval seen into the Renaissance and Reformation the European nation states were born and scientia meaning knowledge toppled queen theology those subjects now laughed outright at her truth claims and said she had no clothes on her finest robes of learning had all been borrowed from the other disciplines but the game wasn't quite over back then Queen theology was always talking about God but like an artist always talking about art and never drawing anything or a musician always talking about music and never singing or playing anything so when theology learnt to put personal faith experience at its centre guess what it got a brand new life today it control is nothing at all or shouldn't but calls upon that which we feel an hour and most being now all the branches of learning can help inform our experience not deny it the old queen is dead long live the new queen

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  1. Ah, how values have changed – I often consider how shocked the missionaries would be if they returned and saw how 'pagan' values are honoured in NZ with the haka valued as a ritual of honour, and prayers in Maori respected yet prayers in English considered an irrelevant embarrassment.


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