Is The Church The Pillar Of Truth? – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (18 Sep 2019)

Posted By on September 19, 2019

Many people today, even Catholics and Christians
alike, wonder whether the Church is truly a divine institution. The Church is no longer
seen as holy. The Church is no longer seen truly as the divine presence of God. And that
is the reason why people no longer take direction, instructions from the Church because they
reduce the Church to a merely human institution like the rest. So if I can agree with what
the Church is teaching, I will accept. If I don’t agree, then the Church is wrong. But
this is where the danger also lies. That when our faith is no longer based on objective
truth but it depends on subjective, personal preference, then where is the objective truth
of religion, of what we believe? A person’s faith that is purely subjective would have
created God out of his own image. So the God that you have, the God that the world today
believe subjectively, is a God created by Man. There is no reality in what people believe
in. What we believe in will also determine the way we live our life. How we understand
God will also determine the way we relate, not just with Him, but with our brothers and
sisters. Faith is not just based on reason alone. If faith is just based on reason, we
don’t need revelation. But Christian faith is basically a revealed religion. There is
no way for us to believe in the Blessed Trinity, if we don’t believe in the Incarnation. If
you don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, you cannot believe also in the Holy Spirit
that He sends. And it’s the same for the Word of God. If we say the Bible is the Word of
God, it is also based on faith. The Church advocates true love but the world advocates
false love. The world advocates licentiousness. We speak of true freedom. All these values
are being challenged by the world, simply because the world relies on itself. So people
will find excuses not to accept the teachings of the Church because they cannot understand
it, perhaps one reason. Or perhaps the teachings of the Church are not agreeable because they
threaten their licentious way of life. The world today, they just want to do things their
way. They want absolute freedom at the expense of the common good of society. It’s about
themselves, about their needs. This period of time for the Church is a time of grace.
That all these things we are going through, they are moments of grace for the Church to
come to terms with the reality. And hopefully, bishops and priests also come to see the importance
of renewing their own spiritual life and most of all, be more accountable to the people
of God.

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