Is it biblical to say God “loves you” to believers and nonbelievers alike?

Posted By on January 7, 2020

Historically and theologically, we distinguish
among three types of divine love. There is the love of benevolence, where God
has a kind spirit to the whole world—His benevolent love falls on everybody. But there is also the sense in which the love
of God is defined in terms of God’s beneficence, that is, not just simply what His attitude
is toward the world, but how He displays that goodness universally. The rain falls upon the just as well as on
the unjust, and so that universal dimension of the love of God is manifest. But usually when we’re talking about the
love of God in popular language, what we’re talking about is what we call God’s love
of complacency. And that term, the love of complacency, is
not used in the way in which we use the term complacency in our age, in our culture. Our use of complacency means smugness, self-satisfaction,
that sort of thing. But rather, when the Scriptures indicate the
love of complacency, it is that special love that God has for His Son and all of those
who are in His Son and who are adopted into His family. And if we talk about the love of God and His
terms of the love of complacency and we talk about it universally, that’s blasphemy,
because God does not love the whole world with the love of complacency. The Scriptures tell us that there are many
ways in which God is at enmity with the world. He hates the world. He hates those who are swift to shed blood,
and we have to take that into account. When I hear preachers stand up and say that
God loves everybody unconditionally, I want to scream and say, “Wait a minute, then
why does He call us to repent? Why does He call us to come to the cross? Why does He call us to come to Christ?” If God loves everybody unconditionally, then
you can do whatever you want and believe whatever you think, but that’s just not true. He’s placed an absolute condition to enjoy
the love of complacency. He doesn’t just invite people to come to
His Son; He commands all men everywhere to repent of their sins and to come to Christ,
and if you want to enjoy the love of complacency, you have to be in Christ.

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  1. Calvinists seem to forever throw john 3:16 out of the Bible. I don't know what his bible says, but mine says that For God So Loved The World….

  2. Calvinists are also experts at creating false barriers – God's will is divided into revealed will and secret will. God's knowledge is divided into foreknowledge and intimate relational knowledge. God's love is sliced into all their fake dichotomies or trichotomies or whatever satisfies them.

    I'm not at all saying that the Greek does not have different words for the word Love. Nor am I saying that the same word cannot be used with differing nuances. What I am saying is that Calvinism has specialized in cutting up God's Word to make it say what satisfies Calvinists

  3. I don't know but I know this man is a great teacher and I'm just a normal moron. The way I have to see it in my Limited experience is like a child. If I have a child that is not doing what I want, that child could be on death row but I still love them.

  4. R.C. Sproul. is just making things up. Jesus died for everyone, and everyone can be saved and be eternally secure if only they'd believe in Jesus.


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