Is God justified in punishing us for Adam’s sin? – R.C. Sproul

Posted By on December 7, 2019

It’s just that they’re born with a sin nature
because they sinned in Adam. That’s the whole concept there that Adam was
the perfect representative, not just for himself but for the whole human race. And being in Adam, how we understand that
through federalism, realism, or the different theories, nevertheless it’s because of my
unity with Adam and corporate solidarity with Adam, that Adam was punished and his progeny
for a corrupt nature. The corrupt nature is the punishment, what
we call “original sin” is not the first sin, but original sin is the result of the first
sin and that’s passed to the whole human race, and God was never more just than when He made
that judgment upon the whole human race.

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  1. I absolutely agree, however, God is completely sovereign. Being sovereign means He was also the One who created us the way we are. We certainly didn't ask to be created with rebellion in our hearts before we were created. God knew who He was creating to be saved and who He was creating to be damned. I've never heard anyone, even R.C., get around the fact that God created most people to go to hell.

  2. Our God Created The whole creation in a way that it will bring Him Glory, The preparation of the Heart of man and the answer of the tongue, is of the Lord. Its Just not possible to understand All of God's plans living on this Earth, so we Waite in faith , and as we waite we grown.


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