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  1. In patthar bajo ko gadi she raund dena chahiye jab ye itna patthar fekte hi battmiji ka jwab battamiji she dena chahiye in ko gadi she dauda dauda kar marina chahiye

  2. Muhammad was a rapist,not a prophet he abused a 9 year old girl Aisha. (Bukhari5133,3895).
    Muhammad 666 died as a loser,Allah punished him because he lied,he cut off his artery.
    A loser,who burns in hell.

  3. These words are not from God: Sura 8, vs 12-13

    12Your Lord inspired the angels: “I
    am with you, so support those who
    believe. I will cast terror into the
    hearts of those who disbelieve. So strike above the necks, and strike off
    every fingertip of theirs.
    13 That is because they opposed
    Allah and His Messenger. Whoever
    opposes Allah and His Messenger—
    Allah is severe in retribution.

    Sura9 vs 5
    5 When the Sacred Months have
    passed, kill the polytheists wherever
    you find them. And capture them,
    and besiege them, and lie in wait for
    them at every ambush.

    Sura 9 vs 30-31
    30 The Jews said, “Ezra is the son of
    Allah,” and the Christians said, “The
    Messiah is the son of Allah.” These
    are their statements, out of their
    mouths. They emulate the
    statements of those who
    blasphemed before. May Allah assail
    them! How deceived they are!

    31 They have taken their rabbis and
    their priests as lords instead of Allah,
    as well as the Messiah son of Mary.
    Although they were commanded to
    worship none but The One God.
    There is no god except He. Glory be
    to Him; High above what they
    associate with Him.

    Sura 23 vs 15
    23 It is We who give life and cause
    death, and We are the Inheritors.

    Sura 17 vs 75

    75 Then We would have made you
    taste double in life, and double at
    death; then you would have found
    for yourself no helper against Us.

    Sura 50 vs 43
    43 It is We who control life and death,
    and to Us is the destination.

    Sura 56 vs 60
    We have decreed death among
    you, and We will not be outstripped

    Sura 4 vs 47

    47 O you who were given the Book!
    Believe in what We sent down,
    confirming what you have, before
    We obliterate faces and turn them inside out, or curse them as We
    cursed the Sabbath-breakers. The
    command of Allah is always done.

    Sura 19 vs 74
    74 How many a generation have We
    destroyed before them, who
    surpassed them in riches and

    Sura 19 vs 98
    98 How many a generation have We
    destroyed before them? Can you
    feel a single one of them, or hear
    from them the slightest whisper?

    Sura 47 vs 4
    4 When you encounter those who
    disbelieve, strike at their necks.

    Sura 4 vs 76
    76 Those who believe fight in the
    cause of Allah, while those who
    disbelieve fight in the cause of Evil.
    So fight the allies of the Devil. Surely
    the strategy of the Devil is weak.

  4. other facts about Islam: 1. Islam was spread to a large extend by violence and forced conversions – convert or die. 2. majority of terrorists (not all) are, have been and will be radical Muslims. 3. treatment of women in Islam is questionable at best. There is no religion which has shed as much blood as Islam. The converted, educated, rational muslims should come to terms with this reality and speak up against the fundamentalists. Islam needs reform or mass rejection.

  5. Yeshua healed the sick, made the lame to walk and the blind to see. Yeshua raised people from the dead and then raised himself.
    The only thing that Muhammad raised was his sword and apparently the bulge in his pants.

  6. Y’all are mistaken. Jesus is not a god, he is he son. He is not god, but has the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. Keep it together!!

  7. Majority Islamic countries ( Indonesia,Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Mali, Afghanistan, Yemen, Senegal, Palestine, Niger, Libya, Mali, Jordan, Algeria, Bangladesh, ) represent some of the most backward, primitive hellholes in the world

  8. I'm going to say this simply fact, JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER!! We cant work our way to God! Only thru what Jesus has done! Have Faith in Jesus! Only Believe!

  9. Islam is a Theocracy. Islam can not coexist with anything else. Islam is a Theocracy. It may fake coexistence while it grows in strength, but once it can take over, it will not coexist. Islam is a Theocracy. It will expel or destroy anything that is not Islamic. Islam is a Theocracy.

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  11. أنا اشكر ربي على انه هداني الى الاسلام وإنني ولدت مسلمه الحمدلله

    I thank my Lord for being my guide to Islam and I was born a Muslim Praise be to Allah😍❤️

  12. What a load of BS. Mohammad was a Paedophile. Islam is a Satanic Cult. The only Good Muslim is a Dead Muslim. PERIOD

  13. Islam is a universal Religion . Varun Soni , thank you for trying to explain our Religion . However , I know you still need to study about Islam.

  14. I am proudly Roman Catholic ✝️ I live my life happily everyday, knowing that God is always there, protecting me from any danger and guiding me throughout my life! From God I learn what is right and wrong, because of these values and the faith I have in God I life happily. Thanks be to God ✝️

  15. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Mohammad is dead in his grave, Jesus saved Mohammad and he will bow down to Jesus in his return

  16. Don't trust Muslims they say it's peaceful but their books allows them to lie they are granted permission to lie to Christians and Jews

  17. Mere hisab se jo Maine dekha uar suna,Islam EK Barbaric Religion ha
    Islam k hmare Indian Subcontinent mein itna problem. Islam is Pisslam, jisse Chinese trah kuchal k khatam kr dna chiye mass conversation aur firr conversion k through. Islam ha Extremism, woman ka equal rights ni hota.Islam is a Cancer for the entire Subcontinent, India,Bangladesh aur Terrorist Pakistan.


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