Inside the Westboro Baptist Church

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Libby Phelps Alvarez is here appreciate you being here welcome to the program thank you um first of all what was it like to grow up with this I mean did it seem normal to you yes it was very normal we I started going to the church like the first Sunday after I was born and we started picketing when I was 8 years old and we started at a local park and it was normal we started we started out just once a week and then we went to daily and we started picking churches why do you pick it service members who have nothing to do with gay people they hold signs about gay people at these funerals what what were you told about that they picket soldiers funerals because the soldiers are fighting for a country that supports homosexuality uh-huh and so they don't think that they should do that and that's why they go and pick it there and they're also picketing there to warn the family members and friends of the fallen soldier that if they don't repent they're gonna go to hell just like that fallen soldier that's what they believe and I was I was taught that's what I was taught to believe in and I believed it when I was there and then I got to an age where I started questioning some things and then I just got to a point where I ended up leaving so it's really your grandfather is if fred phelps is that right fred phelps senior is my grandpa and fred phelps junior is my dad okay so now that you've left i mean have they shunned you do you date they talk to you um no we're and i knew this going into it because there were a couple people that left before me i knew that would never be able to talk to my family again which is sad because our family we those are the only people that we grew up with those are the only people we were allowed to associate with and become friends with and make memories with and so I was pretty much believing everything so when you were at these protests did you did you ever feel bad what in the moment I I thought I was doing the right thing I thought I really thought you were I did I did I honestly that I thought I was loving my neighbor I thought the only way to love your neighbor was to tell them that their sins were taken into hell I honestly thought I was doing the right thing but because it's weird because in these pictures you know you're smiling and you're caring these signs which are so deeply offensive to so many people I I didn't think I didn't think it was offensive when I was there I understand now looking back on it that I hurt people's feelings I hurt people and I'm sorry for that but you knew it was offensive to the families of servicemember you knew it was offensive to gay people but but you didn't really care about that I I thought I was I thought I was doing good I honestly did I thought I thought the way to love my neighbor was to tell them that their sins are taken into hell meeting Libby was it was kind of eye-opening just to see what it was like to grow grow up inside the church Shari and Randy and Wyatt whose son's funeral was protested by it's really a so-called Church I didn't want to really call it a church they wanted to come here and try to get answers from Libby was it was really a powerful moment I thought take a look when you heard that they wanted to protest as a mom and what what was that like well first of all Libby I do commend you oh we've had conversations Randy my husband and Chandler and I have spent the last few days Chandler's your son Chandler's our son 15 year old son yes and we want to commend you for being brave enough to leave that congregation thank you to get to your to your point my first thing was in my heart was how could they because my son died our son and died to ensure freedom of assembly to ensure freedom of speech to ensure freedoms for those that are white black gay straight rich poor so to answer your question I think just absolute dread oh no that was my first reaction would be when you you hear that what do you feel I just feel sad I'm sorry you were out of the church this group by then obviously but but there were plenty of other families just like this who's whose funerals you did mm-hmm I I just I thought I was doing the right thing but I look back now and I said I was hurting people did they actually pick it or did they just threaten to no they were they were there shortly after we found out for sure that they had that they were coming read Hickam who's one of the Patriot Guard riders he came to our house and the Patriot Guard is there and is still there and will always be there to support us and he said to us don't worry about him you will not see them you will not hear them we are here for you and we'll always be here for you you

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  1. If your entire family tells you something is bad and you should do xyz from a young age then you’re going to do it she grew up in that environment she didn’t choose to live in it and she grew up thinking she was right but to leave when she realized she was wrong is truly courageous and shows how strong she is.

  2. So the sign says soldiers die God laughs? If I were God I wouldn't laugh at that at all! 😛 The Bible says that God is love! 😀 1 John 4:8 says provides the truth to all that happens to that video! 😀

  3. He kept asking the same question over again but worded differently like he was trying to get her to say that she was being hateful and a bad person and she didn’t care, but she was brainwashed and thought she was doing the right thing, along with everyone else in that church

  4. Of all these relatives who left the Westboro Baptist Church, why don't they get together and still see each other since they all left the WBC? They're not alone! They still have family, Nate Phelps, Mark Phelps, Libby, Lauren and others who left the WBC.
    I pray to Allah swt more relatives leave the WBC and be guided to follow the Straight Path. Ameen!

  5. These people have ruined south park for me! Oh my God! They probably really did kill Kenny! Holy Shit, that stinks.

  6. She WAS a bad person, but Anderson chill out with the sore spot questions and bringing his fucking PARENTS ON BOARD. Your making her cry on NATIONAL TV WHEN SHE ALREADY FEELS BAD ENOUGH. QUIT TRYING TO GUILT TRIP HER EVEN MORE!

  7. Dear Libby,
    Its ok. I forgive you. I know you were brainwashed. I know you regret it. Its ok. I'm sorry you had to lose your family. Thank you.
    A lesbian

  8. Could I just remind you that Libby Phelps was caught on tape when she was still at Westboro saying that she and her cousin weren't sure that God taught hate, but that even if He didn't, she would carry on with the picketing, the general nastiness, etc because she enjoyed it.
    4.09 – not a tear


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