Insane Keyword Discovery – Video 2

Posted By on May 9, 2019

back for video too before I can show you my insane discovery I feel it is only fair to explain the concept I'm about to share with you everyone who uses Google is looking to satisfy a need and how they navigate the web using Google and this brings us to you on how you will understand a searches need and their intense the goal if you're watching this video is to understand your market and be in front of a person who is looking for what you have to offer so let's begin what stage of the searches journey are you focusing on when they use Google and how are you aligned with the goals when someone is using Google you do this by understanding search intent the search intent definition is the consumers intent or real meaning behind Google searches the why are the keywords it's also known as commercial or buyers intent over time Google's algorithms have identified four main types of search queries search intent what is it used for we have informational queries to find new information for instance how to write a better contact navigational to get to a specific online property another example man goals blog transactional fine and byproducts by chrome laptop commercial to research future purchases best laptop for students let's take a look at the no query where the user wants information about something here's some examples what is commercial intent how many planets are in the universe why is John snow so moody the do query where the user wants to take action on something examples buy a new iPhone best emergency plumber near Maine Christmas presents for people I hate website query where the user wants to go to a specific website or web page examples YouTube Gmail Wells Fargo login visit in person query where the user wants to find and visit the physical address of a location pretty much local search example closest trader Joe they didn't Bath beyond me near me liquor store within walking distance hey we all have those days so what we are looking for is fire keyword I've compiled several lists and one of the easiest list puts together there our buyer keyword yes that's for prize price comparisons top 10 etc let me give you a couple examples best price for a tenth price comparisons shampoo and it goes on industry profession keywords local search term cheapest reasonably price how fees work etc sample cheapest plumber reasonably priced electrician in Las Vegas etc but the hardest keywords to collect and make sense are the how-to keywords when I realized originally these are question based keywords keywords that answer questions for information these types of keywords have eluded me for a few years till now the difficulty is gathering enough questions around a topic that would fit every niche and this is where it falls apart there is no one shoe fits all but there exists a free online tool that helps you in this quest and this is not the discovery by the way most of you or a lot of you have used this tool it's a free online tool call answer the public you enter in a keyword like CBD oils and it returns a visual graph like this and it has all the questions related to sube CBD oils or whatever you type in to get these queries answer the public is a great tool and it gives you more than just questions about keywords checked it out if you haven't done so before now this takes us to the next video what I'm about to share with you is something I am not aware of anyone doing i've only showed this to a very small elite group within my emailing list and they think I'm insane for sharing this information this has to be the next big discovery for collecting keywords and understanding the intent for every niche using question but before moving on to the next video don't forget if you're not subscribed to this channel do so comment below and give me a thumbs up in the next video I will reveal the discovery that we are all waiting for i will also be giving a bribe to everyone who comments and shares these videos i'm dedicated in creating a next generation software tool that will serve as more than a keyword tool anytime you start or adjust your webpages the software is that i will be crea you will know if it is worth the time and energy at a glance before you build or spend money in any niche using our software's so looking forward to see you in the next video

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