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Posted By on June 12, 2019

salam wada equina it's a lie but i had to miss your brothers robbed our mom from your pain Institute and is behind the scenes of my latest article entitled in pursuit of conviction faith and certainty this article is the kickoff of an article series that's going to be exploring the six pillars of Eman this is pillars of faith in child belief in allah belief in the angels belief in revelation belief in the messengers belief in the last day and belief in destiny and in this particular article that serves as almost an introduction to the series we explore the ideas of faith and certainty what exactly do they mean when we talk about Muslims having a crisis of faith and doubting and wanting and yearning for certainty we often don't understand what does it really mean to be certain or have conviction about something we often think of the quote/unquote philosophical certainty which is this unattainable level of evidence that's required for anything to the point that everything is doubted from a philosophical standpoint including the existence of the outside world but conviction from the Islamic framework is a spiritual pursuit and it's a spiritual state and in fact recent research into neuroscience has shown that the conviction motion is actually from the limbic system associated with the limbic system the feeling of certainty and that's why it's a feeling it's an emotion it's not just you know the property of an argument it's an emotion that we feel and it's also linked to the spiritual aspects of the human brain as well and so understanding what exactly certainty is what exactly doubt is as well will help us get a clearer understanding of what we're searching after in life that often times we're looking for certainty in the wrong places because we didn't know what certainty really was so this article did NATO allies is a good introduction article to explain the concept of faith and certainty so you talk about certainty but also faith as well what does it mean to have faith in something does it mean belief in the absence of evidence not at all faith is a beautiful concept in the stomach in the Islamic theological tradition concept of Iman much has been written about it and it's something that it transcends mere knowledge it's not that there are certain things that you know we know about facts and information and there's aspects that we just have to have faith just have to have faith it's not like that at all faith is reserved for the most special matters of our life in the most deep aspects of our existence and the most profound issues regarding our relationship with others around us and of course a relation with allah subhanaw taala the foundation of all that is faith so do give it a read insha'Allah and love to know what you guys think send any questions comments etc etc my way chuckling oh hi Ron said I'm on a clock like that too you

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  1. Interesting…, learned about it as something so deeply rooted with us but would love to explore more on this subject …… so looking forward to it.

  2. Salam alaykum brothers and sisters

    Say istighfar alot daily

    Say surah ikhlas 3x

    Say ayah alkursi after each fard salah


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