Improve Amazon Conversion Rate With Targeted Keywords | Amazon PPC Tip Week – Tip 6

Posted By on May 14, 2019

hey guys how y'all doing I'm back again with another PPC tip in case you haven't checked out our previous tips the link is in the description below to make sure that you go through all of the tips so let's get started with PPC tip 46 today we're going to address the common notion that if you bid on high level high search volume keywords you get more sales although this does make logical sense the different aspects that come into play that make these keywords heavily undesirable let's look at plastic foot wraps if you are selling plastic food wrap bathing on food wraps at the keyword makes perfect sense but there are 20,000 products indexed for this keyword so you can safely assume that there are 20,000 products bidding on this keyword also if you do bid on this keyword and if your bid wins you appear at the top of the page and if the buyer sees your product it's not guaranteed that he's going to buy your product because he could be looking for another product like these max food wrap or this other food wrap which is also plastics which is priced at $2 with 600 reviews so the competition makes the whole keyword highly undesirable also do remember that hospital it for such generic keywords tend to be really high which might result in a high a cost unless your orders or the listing price suffice for the clicks that you're getting for the keyword for a more targeted keyword like let's say plastic food wrap or plastic food wrap with slight cutter has more buying intent and lower competition which might result in higher conversions so the bottom line is don't go chasing high search volume highly generic keywords but look at the conversions pick the keywords that converting more for you so that's it for today's PPC tip if you like the video do like share and subscribe to our Channel hit on the bell button so that you get notified every time we put up a video like this see you again tomorrow with PPC tip number 7 you

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