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Important prayer recommendation from the Spirit
of God for spiritually mature people Blessed greetings to all people with the heartfelt
connection to the universal inner spirit of love! Many people do not know what a God’s prayer
is all about, so they are still bound to human traditions. They do not think about it when
they get together in either a small or large group of believers to pray aloud. They believe
their prayer will motivate others to be closer to God within their hearts. However, because
they do not know the invisible principles and cannot imagine what kind of energy occurs
within people and their souls during prayer, they continue to cling to worldly customs. Anyone who is spiritually informed and can
well imagine some cosmic principles, will easily understand the following description
by a messenger of light from the heavenly being. God, the eternal, impersonal loving spirit
in universal events, does not look at the external customs of men. It is only the emanating
warmth of a human being or of a cosmic being in the otherworldly, semi-material or ethereal
realms that matters to Him. He feels the beams of love within him in his greatest heart of
creation in the heavenly primordial central sun and this is the occasion for him to fill
the essence with more energy, so it is a fallen spiritual being falling in space. Only a few
people who love God respect this important criterion for prayer, but here, from the point
of view of the divine Spirit, great differences can be seen among them. Many believers do
not pray from their hearts, because they have learned from childhood to put together beautiful
words which they want to offer up to God. They mistakenly believe that God will be especially
pleased by their beautiful formulations and that he will thank them with His love. Truly, that is a wrong attitude of many believers
who have not yet developed an inner sense of which prayer is the most effective and
God-ordained for spiritual people. They still prefer to learn memorized prayers, which they
mostly just recite from memory. Their vibration is so low that the inner heart of the soul
hardly rises at all. You can imagine this as follows: The essence
of your inner light being (soul) is the divine central hub, that is, it connects the being
via threads of light with the heavenly I-am-the-Godhead (zenith of total creation), if a being so
desires. Immediately, on the spiritual plane, there is a direct connection to the center
of all creation, the I-am-the-Godhead in the primordial central sun. However, the spiritual
beings who have fallen too deeply do not want this connection, so they reject God. In contrast, the beings who give glory to
God through their heart’s prayers are often close in prayer to the higher light vibration
of their previous evolutionary vibration. If they could achieve this, then they could
sense the divine powers flowing in through the seven spiritual centers of their soul.
Unfortunately, this is not possible because their way of thinking and living, which is
outside of God’s laws, does not allow for it. Therefore, they do not feel the heart’s
prayer within them. Others are very active in prayer within their
minds. Their petitions to God are mostly focused on their personal concerns, so their prayers
have no vibrational resonance in their souls. This is a very sad fact and does not bring
any spark of divine energy to these poor, ignorant people, although they so often ask
for this. There are also people who meet in small religious
or spiritual circles for prayer evenings, with the inner urge to pray from the heart.
They sing and play music and offer their prayers to God through song. The Spirit of God has
nothing against this, but they do not know the invisible energy relation, and therefore
the sung prayers have no resonance in their souls. The lyrics are predetermined and memorized
to which they dedicate their full attention in communal singing and, therefore, are unable
to have God within them, because they are constantly distracted within their minds while
concentrating on the prayer texts. The true, heartfelt inner prayers, whereby
people offer their full love to God, is accompanied by high light vibrations of the soul. In this
state, people’s connection to their highly vibrating soul takes place within, and this
results in a higher vibration of the two sentiments in the soul’s inner core. This heartfelt prayer
draws vast amounts of energy from God’s zenith and also enriches people with additional powers
that they can put to use here in the energy-lacking world. Anyone who believes that memorized prayer
has the same effect as prayer performed with utmost wholeheartedness is still a long way
from spiritual reality. Only when people recognize and acknowledge that a memorized prayer is
an obstacle to inner communion with God, can they move in the direction of divinity. No
small number of believers, who are wrapped up in their own minds, live in this world
of fallen beings, which sinks ever lower in its vibration. That’s why the believers’ prayers
of the heart are so important and necessary for survival. But inner humanity overrides
the divine call for them to change their negative traits into divine law. That is why there
is so much ignorance, confusion, and chaos among believers in the religious realm. You
can no longer distinguish a prayer of the heart from a fact-based prayer of the mind.
This sad fact has serious consequences for the inner person, because they completely
lose their spiritual orientation and then encounter swindlers or hypocrites who, by
recommending certain meditation techniques, give them false prayer advice. To them, the
mind is everything. They no longer offer a prayer of the heart, because the mind is forced
to pay attention to certain sounds in order to rediscover the inner connection with their
souls. This can never happen with a highly vibrating soul, because the brain cells cannot
connect to the soul through words that have been recited or spoken. These people are truly to be pitied because
they always do the same thing and eventually do not know anything else. Their way of praying
is so firmly programmed into them, and they can no longer dissociate from it because the
subconscious in their upper consciousness announces that they want to continue in this
familiar way of connecting with God. One day, the inner soul will be so heavily immersed
and burdened with this unprincipled and ineffective prayer connection, that it will also use these
meditation techniques in the afterlife to honor God. It becomes blind to an effective,
simple prayer of the heart, which should connect the soul with its feelings and in the imagery
of God, and which does not overlook its own situation. That is why the impulses from the
earlier memorization come into the soul’s consciousness again and again: act as you
did in human life. You cannot imagine this great tragedy of praying
and living in a wrong way, because you still believe that God will always open your eyes
to otherworldly souls. However, this is not the case because the human being and the soul
always have to recognize for themselves which way of life is more pleasant to them, in order
to feel comfortable with it. If a soul still feels good in previously used meditation techniques
and prayers of the mind that are stored in it, then the Spirit of God leaves it unchanged,
because He always respects the freedom of beings. Only when the soul begins to ponder about
where it is and intends to ask the Spirit of God for information about its condition,
does the soul then receive it at once. The soul can decide then whether it wants to continue
to live unchanged or to choose a different way of life, whereby the soul’s prayer also
changes according to the heavenly, heartfelt connection with God. There is much that the Spirit of God could
tell you about prayer, but the herald’s time for inspiration is very limited. The Spirit
of God gives you, however, bit by bit and piece by piece, detailed spiritual explanations
for the prayer of the heart and what it is that occurs invisibly in a prayer of the heart. One more piece of advice that He wants to
give you: If you are in a group with similar religious
attitudes, please do not pray out loud, because that might disturb someone in the group that
has developed a higher emotional level of consciousness.. The person may have become
so sensitive that he or she will be immediately disrupted by any sound that does not come
from the heart. Matured souls immediately give out impulses on the sensory and emotional
level that this has been beyond the divine law. They want to avoid such sounds as much
as possible, so everything within them balks when a believer prays from the mind and, therefore,
they prefer to leave the room. Although someone in the group may voice an
eloquent prayer, the prayer tends to interrupt. The sounds from the mind arrive at the mature
souls and other listeners only with a unipolar force as transmission impulses. People not
yet radiated by the Spirit of God feel no defense within themselves; on the contrary,
they take pleasure in the well-formulated prayer of the mind. Therefore, they believe
they have someone beside them who must love God very much, because he or she praises and
worships Him with such beautiful words. The fact is, however, that they are very wrong
in their assumption, because their consciousness loves the well-formulated words that a person
produces from the bottom of the soul on the sensory and emotional level even more than
the heartfelt ones. They have actually been fooled for a long
time by the beautiful prayers of religious leaders, and this false programming keeps
drawing them in the direction of highly-gifted intellectuals who provoke joy within them.
This is an unmistakable sign that their souls have already been so programmed in earlier
lives and that people cannot be any different because of a lack of spiritual knowledge and
self-knowledge. The Spirit of God asks those of you inner
people, who come together in a small group to pray, to take into consideration other
people who would rather remain quiet with God within themselves. They do not want to
be disturbed by loud prayers nor perceive any annoying sounds that might distract them
from their own heart’s prayers. If you are sensitive, you will be able to hold it back
and find sympathy for your neighbors, if they want to remain quiet. You can only wish for
the Spirit of God to further refine your human and spiritual consciousness by fulfilling
your knowledge of the laws, so that you become even more sensitive to single-pole and two-pole
sounds. Then, from inside, you will also feel with great joy how the divine stream of love
flows in you, and you will thank God from the bottom of your heart because you are always
aware of the closeness to God. These are beautiful moments that nobody can take from the outside.
This also gives you a foothold to spiritually and corporeally survive life in this cold-hearted,
gloomy world. Such a person is truly a great support for
other people who have not made progress on the spiritual path to the light of God. This
is a good prospect for those of you who are genuinely prepared to walk a path of honesty
that will make every soul rejoice from within as it comes closer and closer to the goal
of longing to return to its Home of Light. Therefore, be strong in your consciousness
for the upcoming, dark time on Earth. Do not worry, because nothing bad comes to those
who are close to God, unless they turn away from God and go back to their idiosyncratic
ways, which did not connect them to God. Always remember what you want to do, even
in prayer. But those of you who want to stay close to the divine streams of love and feel
safe and secure in that, you do not need to think long and hard about which behavior you
prefer. Those who want to live successfully in the
divine will, decide also on the most effective prayer: It is the heartfelt prayer from the
soul. Only this brings them closer to God and at the same time gives them extra vitality.
Those who follow this divine call will never regret it and will feel great joy as well
as gratefulness to the one who has now addressed you through the message from a heavenly messenger
of light and a modest herald. God wishes you this joy and gratitude and
the celestial beings of light as well as the speedy return to the kingdom of heaven. God’s Blessings.

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  1. Ich bete immer Telephatisch zu ihm. Und auch keine auswendig gelernt Gebete. Ich spreche Telepathisch wie mit meinem besten Freund. Ich bete auch für alle die in Verbindung mit ihm in der Urzentralsonne stehen. Und es kommt immer von Herzen. Ich habe auch noch nie laut Gebetet. Gott zum Gruß 💖💛💙Viel Liebe und Licht schicke ich Euch.


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