I am an atheist rapper - Religion is a lie - [Free Flow Fridays]: #17

dear fam religion is a lie worshipping your God is really wasting all your life I don't mean to make you feel stupid or undermine but religion was created to manipulate your mind think about all of the wars comes from religion they help committing killings and you focus teaching children they brainwash you why they taking a percentage and using all your money just to renovate the business bigger chapels better altars for when the visible force heck Skywalker I know you probably think I misunderstood while how come he don't use his powers like he did in the book he just decided to quit what kind of father was this or maybe this is just a proof to show you he don't exist I'm just an atheist creating this crap filled with the teller chance if you believe please show me any other dance I wait I guess I'll be waiting my whole life huh yeah free flow Fridays yeah yeah kid check your bag it's time to go I don't wanna go oh my god a night of roads always on the run I hate this military cardio ain't no chopper adios always time for momma check your friends and then you watching for my heart assignment