I am an atheist rapper – Religion is a lie – [Free Flow Fridays]: #17

Posted By on June 19, 2019

dear fam religion is a lie worshipping your God is really wasting all your life I don't mean to make you feel stupid or undermine but religion was created to manipulate your mind think about all of the wars comes from religion they help committing killings and you focus teaching children they brainwash you why they taking a percentage and using all your money just to renovate the business bigger chapels better altars for when the visible force heck Skywalker I know you probably think I misunderstood while how come he don't use his powers like he did in the book he just decided to quit what kind of father was this or maybe this is just a proof to show you he don't exist I'm just an atheist creating this crap filled with the teller chance if you believe please show me any other dance I wait I guess I'll be waiting my whole life huh yeah free flow Fridays yeah yeah kid check your bag it's time to go I don't wanna go oh my god a night of roads always on the run I hate this military cardio ain't no chopper adios always time for momma check your friends and then you watching for my heart assignment

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  1. Real shit. Subd. I'm gonna be listening to this a lot. There aren't many atheist rappers out there and this song may be the hardest atheist rap I've heard. The world needs someone logical and this goes hard right along with it. Great energy!

  2. If religion was created to manipulate us, why isn't it promoted in the media? Religion causing "all the wars" is a myth. Religion (whether directly being a cause or being used as an excuse for war) caused only about 7% of all documented wars and about 4% were caused by Islam. Non-religious wars caused by naturalistic philosophies actually caused the majority of wars of casualties. Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pot, Zedong, Kai-shek, and Tojo have caused the murder of over a 100 million people. This is because sin is the cause of all wars. You claim religion takes money just to renovate the business, while you ignore all the many ways it is used to help around the world. You can pick at false teachers who fleece the sheep, but that doesn't negate all the other churches that help fund missions around the world. You complain that God doesn't act anymore as He does in the book, but there are various people who can testify to miracles in their lives. Even if He did act, would you truly accept a miracle or would you only try explaining it away in your naturalistic worldview? You see, it's a matter of the heart and not a matter of evidence. You live with a tunnel vision perspective and I pray God opens your eyes.

  3. Love that you’re an advocate for truth but I think You’re slightly misguided. Your lyrics seem to have just zero’d in on all the bad things done in the name of religion and disregarded the good things. But in response to your rationale, I ask, who is at fault for all the bad things, the religion or the man ?.
    And which religions are you even referring to ? They can’t all be thrown into the same bucket of rebuke if they aren’t all the same.

    In response to the Santa clause thing,the reason we see believe in Santa Claus as absurd is because we don’t have any rational reasons to believe, and Santa Claus has also been established as fiction, this is not the case at all for religious/spiritual belief. Though you may not agree/share people’s reasons for belief in many cases they are still rational reasons to believe. And your belief that religion is all fiction is just speculation, not fact. Surely the absence of evidnace is not your evidence?. if not on what evidence do you base your claim that religion is a lie ?, or is the absence of evidence to support religions claims evidence of the alledged fact that their claims are not true ? . I hope you see the logical flaw in this, because how can the lack of evidence be evidence for the opposing?. For the opposing to be validated must it not also need factual claims. I’ve yet to hear any factual atheistic claims to negate belief in deism. They all seem to say something along the lines of ‘well you can’t prove it therefore it ain’t’ but the fact that I cannot prove it does not mean it is not. It just means that I cannot prove it objectively. and this is only because mans knowledge is limited. But
    Fact is, historical research is more on the side that various figures referenced in religious texts did exist. (Jesus, apostles peter and Paul)
    How do you respond to this ?

    I also feel that your rhetoric disregards all the substance found in religion aswell. All the teachings about love, goodness, truth and wisdom. All this and more can be found in various holy books, things said to be of God, things I imagine even you who don’t claim to be religious probably value. How do you respond to this ?

    In response to “how come he don’t use his power in the book” perhaps he chooses not to ?. For the sake of truth please consider all the other possible alternatives. It is illogical to say that he doesn’t exist because He does not behave the same.

    To bring clarity to your lyrics, I think your issue is more with the institution of religion controlled by Fallible men rather then their supposed Diety. I say this because all the things you mentioned in your song can be accredited to the mistakes of humans, not God.

    If you read all this, thank you for taking the time to do so. I hope we can engage in rational exchange or debate that is respectful of each other’s views,in doing so hopefully we can arrive at a mutual understanding and atleast glimpse what the truth actually is or may be.

    Love always.

  4. Create more stuff!

    Please say that!!!

    The Abrahamic god, is a person, postulated by persons within a Universe almost void of persons!

    Why god is supposedly behavourally anthropomorphic???

    And a person has components of thought – even if immaterial – memories, emotional reactions the Bible mentions all that about god!

    If god has components, he cannot be consubstantial!

    That is extremely important.

    Study the consubstantiality of god. As mentioned in the Bible.

    Most Atheists don't care about that, but its extremely deep!
    If god has components of memory (because he doesn't have one memory and the Bible itself mentions it the Qur'an also) also if he has an emotional mechanism of reaction to events, even if these thinking mechanisms were immaterial, still they are constituents / components!

    Thus the consubstantiality of god, which is mentioned in the Bible, is false, and that is crucial, because the Bible itself reveals the human-like nature of god and the components of his thought!

    Christians claim that the consubstantiality is only about the pseudo-fact that god is a three-headed beast Father-Son-Dove (the holy shit) .

    Christians are wrong because they don't analyse the Bible!

    The Bible supports the total and overall consubstantiality of god!!!

    The Bible doesn't – I repeat does NOT support the god's consubstantiality ends with the trinity monster: three-headed beast Father-Son-Dove.

    So if god has memoremotional (memory and emotional) components being a person (due to his anthropic/human-like behavour), the consubstantiality is a lie, and that's revealed by the Bible itself! Without the consubstantiality, there is no trinity, thus no god and the whole Christian myth collapses!

    Most Atheists, being already ungodly, don't give a damn about such a detail;
    but for a Christian, that analysis destroys the definition of god!

    It's like emptying a full gun inside someone's brain. Case over!!!

    Why god has to act as a person?

    Read about the homogeneity in the Universe.

    We have proof of that in the large orders of magnitude.

    Why the energetically homogeneous Universe is supposed to have a person central controller?

    The cosmomechanics – the mechanics of the Universe ain't anthropic, are not based on the human behaviour.

    God loves, kills, teaches, punishes etc. That is human behaviour. It is mentioned in the Bible.

    Why science has proof that physics works everywhere without human behaviour????

    Also if god existed, that would have caused more noise to physics labs for example Fermilab and CERN.

    We never has measured weird magical data. Everything is statistically explainable!

    Maths is order. God is a lie, and lies are disorder!!!

    Mention all these! Destroy the anthropomorphous behaviour of god!

    What I say is deeper philosophically.

    They average atheist isn't a philosopher and wants simpler explainations,

    but someone has to speak deep!!!

    Kill the behaviourally anthropomorphic person-god!

    We have almost only you! Very few speak clearly.

    Also some Slavic people have done extreme damage to Atheism.

    Nobody speaks their language so their message isn't global.

    They play rock and they use the name Atheist Rap and they speak a rare Slavic language which has impact on way less people!

    Basically we have only you! Some other good atheist songs are biased against on Google.

    Never stop!

    Some people need what you offer to the atheistic community!

    Never stop!!! Think about the atheistic community!!!

  5. Hahahahaha
    Another mediocre "rapper" (not musician like all of them) barking stuff way out of his league…


  6. Keep spitting those heathen bars bro. Spitting truth and 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Keep putting songs like this out and I'll definantly check them out and share.

  7. Found this on Reddit while lookin up Greydon. Have you heard anything back from him? Would be awesome to hear him on this. Subscribed!

  8. Hey my man , I see where you are coming from and am not judging it at all. Personally I wouldn’t be here right now without God. I know there are a lot of ugly things within the church but that’s because of our falling short, but the God I serve never give up on us. I would ask for you to just explore the Bible some more with an open mind. I know you won’t regret it. Peace and love🤙🏾


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