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Posted By on December 3, 2019

It’s said that Huckleberry Finn prayed to
the Good Lord for a fishing pole and hooks. When he got the pole but not the hooks he
gave up prayer as useless. I am sure that most folk think prayer is asking
something of God. That’s what a lot of churches teach.
I remember a bible-in-schools teacher in the Manawatu region. She told her class � this
is 30 years or so ago, 40 years ago! – that God would do absolutely anything for them
if only they believed. On young lad, who took all his teachers very
seriously, went home and, that evening his parents observed him carefully place a brick,
at the foot of his bed. They were curious. They asked why.
He intended, he said, along with a group of friends, to pray to turn the brick into an
ingot of gold. Had this group of friends half the success
of Master Finn they would have been very wealthy young men.
They had now indelibly got the idea prayer was thus: I want � you give. Amen.
Jesus advice about prayer was, of course, quite different. He taught, In your prayers
don’t babble as the pagans do. For they think by using many words they will be heard. Don’t
be like them. Good advice. Though if any hears that those
young men have had some degree of success in their prayer experiments, let me know.
I’d be very interested. David Bell for and the practical
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