How To Use SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool Tutorial

Posted By on May 17, 2019

if you are trying to grow your blog or website using shortcuts and magic tricks and just trying to cheat the system let me just tell you something right now you are wasting your time even if that brings you income now it most likely isn't gonna be long-term or residual income right you're procrastinating you might not see my group procrastinating but you are you're dodging you're trying to do everything for free you're not getting the things that's actually gonna actually work for you back in October of 2017 when I was using Amazon Associates I was doing that too I was either buying the wrong tools buying the wrong things I was always trying to cheat the system and not spend money and just get free backlinks with low domain authority and things like that I was once I started spending my money strategically on things that will actually bring me or turn on return on investment ROI like SEM rush just one of the best keyword tools out there once I got something like that I all I seen I seemed almost an immediate improvement like well you can't actually have immediate like exactly me the improvement because you know it takes search engine it's time to call your website and to increase your website's ranking obviously well I literally only had 12 posts on my site yes they were high quality posts but they're about 500 to 700 words on them it was an Amazon Associates I focused around electronics which is one of the oh okay businesses to be in so but seriously stop stop wait stop wasting your time stop just stop actually get something that works for you either whether it's a mentor or something but for me it was I I bought I see Emerson's keyword tool I was using Arif before – that's actually also really good but for me sem rush was the way to go there is some flaws like for example they are f scrawls bank backlink is faster but sem russia is just really good overall so that's really wanted to share that with you guys because I was just struggling for so long and I almost ended up giving up but I realized what I had to do was to spend money to make money right some people but I spend it strategically alright so you have to know what exactly to spend your money on has to be patient you have to spend your money your time strategically so stops spending your time wasting it on things that are not going to work get SEM rush there is a link right under this video and it will take you to a page take you to a page that will have an orange button that will allow you to get a 7-day free trial and SEM rush if you actually want to see improvement and you're not using any tools and you're trying to run a blog or website and you want to see views and Lizzie traffic increase and you're not doing you don't have a tool like that you are wasting your time that's all I'm gonna say that's that's alright I'm gonna stop talking now just use that link in the description below will take to page a landing page and then I will say gets seven day free trial Preston Preston it will take you straight to SEM rush and then you will be able to get a seven day free trial and yeah that's it thank you guys for listening and I hope you guys succeed in return rolls

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