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Posted By on May 5, 2019

hi this is Tyler again this time I'll show you how to choose many good keywords for search optimization and your AdWords campaign by means of sem rush com sem rush analyzes the first twenty google search results on more than 40 million keywords the service operates the data on more than 15 million domains thousands of search engine optimizers and internet marketing managers use our service every day suppose you're in flower business you're going to work in the flower niche you would need to create a blog aside an online shop or anything of the kind and so you would need to choose the proper keywords to make it efficient let's start with the keyword flowers what you see now is the overview for the keyword flowers here is the average amount of searches per month more than 3 million cost-per-click amount for the ads in AdWords for this keyword for point $43 competition among advertisers the larger the number the more advertisers you can also see trends volumes of search statistics for this request over the last 12 months if we want to get as many phrases as possible that contain this keyword we need the phrase match report as we see currently there are more than 72,000 key words that contain this word in s am rush database for google com you can export them and sort them for example in Excel here's amount of searches per month cost-per-click amount and the amount of Google search results for each keyword this is how we find out all keywords that have the word flowers in them but if we want to get related keywords we may use related keywords report here are flowers related keywords for example our roses florets baskets gifts mother day and so on all in all there are more than 7,000 related keywords you make sport them just as well now another way to organize your AdWords campaign is simply making a copy of one of the competitors let's go back to main keyword report and click on the reports on the domains that are bidding on this keyword for example 1800flowers calm we see all the keywords for which 1800flowers commbuys ads in adwords again you can export them we can also see the ads it's only a small bit of how s am rush might be helpful for you watch our other videos to learn more

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