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Posted By on October 11, 2019

Hi, I’m David Bell for This
is a how-to tutorial, and it illustrates a navigation change in Kiwi Connexion with our
last software upgrade. So I’m going to login as Demo1 Participant. As always, I arrive
at my dashboard. Whenever I login, I’m always coming to a dashboard. You can see on the
right hand side of the screen that Demo 1 belongs to one group called Podcasts and Zines.
I want to just go there straight away, because it shows the navigation layout for all the
groups. There are quite a few groups in Kiwi Connexion, and you can start your own group,
and you can make it public or private, but always the layout will be the same. The only
thing that will change are the privacy settings. So this is a public group, and you can see
it first of all has the About page – all the things about Podcasts and Zines. It then has
the member’s pages, and you can view the list of members. If you’re not sure who to make
friends with in Kiwi Connexion, it’s a good idea to look at those public members, and
you might see someone you know, or alternatively you might see some pages they’ve created that
are interesting to you. Every group has a forum. This particular group doesn’t need
to use its forum, because it’s always just creating podcasts or zines. Likewise, every
group has its pages and collections of pages. Here, because we create podcasts and zines
we don’t have any that belong to the group. Every group has journals, and once again – same
reason; we don’t need journals for this group – journals is the same as blog of course – but
we do have occasionally the use for certain files within the group. So if you belong to
a group, you can access most of those things in most groups. Let’s say Demo 1 Participant
wants to find other groups; this is where the navigation change has occurred. Up here
in the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll always find a little dropdown menu that take
you to your personal settings, but the three horizontal bars are the main menu for finding
your way around, and that’s the thing that’s changed. It used to also run a series of tabs
across the top, but those tabs, though they remain groups, your personal ones have all
moved up to that main menu. So, supposing you wanted to check the content that you yourself
has in Kiwi Connexion, you could do it finding your profile, profile pictures that you’ve
uploaded. Your personal files and journals; remember those are entirely closed to everyone
else, until such time as you create pages and collections, or blogs – and want to share
the blogs. So all your personal navigation is now up in the main menu, and let’s just
see how we could use that. Poor old Demo 1 only belongs to one group. Let’s find some
groups for him to join. The obviously group to join as you start to peruse the list is
community news. There are two groups that are always active; Community News which puts
out the monthly newsletter, and also Sunday Night Live On Air. You just have to navigate
through to find the other groups. There it is there; Sunday Night Live On Air. Instead,
I’m going to ask to join Community News. This is as simple as; join this group. You can
see when you’re in a group, if you want to, you can leave it, and this you could also
recommend to friends that you make. So that’s how to use the main menu to join groups. Let’s
just come back up to it again. You can find friend – you can make friends, once you’ve
got them, they’re listed as My Friends. You can find people. Sometimes people do belong
to more than one institution in Kiwi Connexion, but by and large it’s just one institution
for most people, and various topics that you can follow. So that’s an overview of the menu.
The rest of the video tutorials like how to create photo displays, how to write blogs,
how to put pizzazz into your personal pages that you share with groups, and you share
with the wider public; all of those things are in the remainder of the video series that
we’re watching. So, from me; thanks very much for joining us, and I hope to see you next
time. Have fun with your Mahara ePortfolio. How to use kiwiconnexion using mahara 17.04

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