How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner for FREE in 2017 (no credit card required)

Posted By on May 5, 2019

hey what's up everyone Tom here from tools with tom calm when I think if you're really quick tip today which is essentially how you can get around the AdWords paywalls so that you don't have to put your credit card in when you're signing up so that you can use the Adwords Keyword planner and all of AdWords other base functionality without having to put your credit card details down now this is a process that if you have done wrong there are fortunately is no turning back you will need to start again so as a result of that it's important to say things nice and slow as we're running through things and make sure we're doing it step-by-step it's the very first thing that you're going to need when you're setting this up is you're going to need an email address that has never been used on AdWords before so make sure that you've already got that set up before we get started once you've got that go through and click on start now and guys this is the most important step so Google is trying to set you up and saying these are the details that you need what is your email address what is your website you don't actually want to input anything into here up here at the top you can see it says experience with Adwords skip the guided setup if we then click on that one AdWords will redirect straightaway to a different page where it's saying hello welcome to Google AdWords all we're going to need from you is an email address so again you want to use one that you've never used on AdWords before once you've put that in you can change all of these details so that they're specific to what you need the next thing it's just going to get me to sign into my account okay it's just that I'm loading up now so what it's doing now essentially is just going through the process of now creating my account just gonna give that a moment to set out okay beautiful looks like everything's all running to plan so just give this a moment to load up here we go so you can see now we've moved straight ahead we haven't had to put down any kind of credit card details and now we're into the base AdWords homepage that you'll see if you are actually spending money on Adwords and have put a credit card down where we've got the ability to look at campaigns reports in tools and use the keyword planner as part of that as well so guys that's that's essentially it for today so if you have any questions about this please feel free to get in touch my email is Tom at tours with Tom comm other than that thanks again for watching and look forward to seeing you on the next video

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  1. One more tip – Try to use another browser such as Foxpro / Gogo / Opera while doing all this Google Ads this might help , you can keep login on that browser otherwise you will have to log in and log out that could create chaos. I haven't check yet but I was thinking so I am sharing it.

  2. hi tom, I got pretty far on the whole thing, I think im done but i DONT SEE HOW IT WORKS IF THEre's no place to put a url for my website.


  3. Hi, I have a question. I’m bidding on phrase match keywords for a YouTube video campaign on google ads. but I can’t see what the actual search terms are for the keywords. How do I find the search terms? There used to be a button to easily see but after they changed the look a lot of stuff has either moved or disappeared.

    Can you help?


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