How to Use AdWords – Part 1 – Keyword Planner – PPC Keyword Research & Exporting

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well guys today we're going to look at the Google Keyword planner the Google Keyword planner is the tool used by advertisers to find new keywords related searches that their customers may be inputting into Google and add them to their search marketing campaigns it's a very powerful tool plenty of emerging trends and learning merging search types and just building out your keywords beyond your initial inputs so we'll begin by finding the keyword planner which is up here in the tool section of your AdWords down to keyword planner it'll take a moment or two to load up but then but what we're going to look at is how to add keywords to your keyword planner what the results mean and help you choose the keyword from these results and then have to export it to excel and then we'll go on to uploading into AdWords editor so when we arrive at this screen here continually shows close were most interested in it search for new keywords using a phrase record or category represented with treaty input options here enter a keyword put our webpage in or choose a product category this is not recommended this is okay if you want to vary for the quick scan of your M of your webpage but ultimately you're relying on your webpage content to drive the search rather than your users to Georgia search so that's where a disk field comes into play with this field what you should do is you should enter the top five or ten keywords that you think that your customer may input into Google in order to find your product or your service for this example we're going to take a mobile phone case company the first thing to consider when you're a mobile phone case company is that users search by device so obviously you know there's no point in buying and mobile phone cases through your device so obviously we'll start with this example of iPhone case then we might go iPhone 6 case and they may have a bid modifier like oh sorry a search term modifier like cheep-cheep or indeed which is modifier like by icon okay so we've entered number keywords here we can be downloaded our options options are where do you want a target based on search volume what languages you want to target and are there any keywords we don't want to include in their output like return quality overheating etc so you'll know yourself what negative keywords and you will suppose you don't want to import a few words here and then you simply hit get ideas on the next screen were presented with an aggregate graph here this is the estimated number of searches per month for all of these keywords here combined and if we hover over the graph icon here and next to a particular keyword will see that that keyword search volume over the 12-month period and it is possible just to add your keywords here and they will appear here and then you can upload into Adwords it's a very on graceful way and a very uncontrolled way of adding your keywords and would not recommend that at all and the second tab here I group ideas essentially groups these keywords together into two matically similar ad groups so this is a quick way I suppose o grouping your ideas together into our groups which ultimately will feed into your campaigns which you will upload into AdWords editor and the way you upload your stuff into AdWords editor first of all to download as a CSV and when you download the CSV you can create your campaigns create and create your groups that properly put your keyword list together and take your match types and bids then you can upload AdWords editor in order to get an out of the queue app and we simply press the download button it's really important at this point to ensure that you take this button and segment statistics by month when you check this box I am it provides a monthly breakdown of every single one of those keywords over the past 12 months so this is useful if you want to see your seasonality so we click download and then we'll presenter with the screen to save file and let it download into the bottom here we can see our our group ideas here these are the recommended groupings that Google and have put these key without put into you can change them at a later date and we'll go throughout another point and this is where as you can see we've got them monthly searches for each one now what IW I'm the break between the cells that expands the shell to the last character of that gel so that's what I'm doing there and but as you can see we have that particular keyword search volume over the month so you can see there's a drop in search volume in September versus what it was in April and again a drop in volume in November which is quite unusual actually because November is coming up to Christmas time and you would expect that this would be a peak time for those type searches but perhaps people are really organized and do it all in September so from top to bottom that's the keyword planner and we've looked at how to access the keyword kind of what it does how to input your keywords how to choose between the keyword tab at the I grew cap and what they mean how to download your keywords and how to understand the data based on search volume

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