How to Track Your Keyword Rankings on Google Search Using SEMrush (Desktop & Mobile) for Any Country

Posted By on May 20, 2019

hey how are you doing I am Ronald kuntala currently the contributor to bloggers passion welcome to bloggers passion video series in this video let us talk about how to use em r us to keep track of all your keywords you know same rush offers same brush is basically a great tool create such SEO tool it helps you spy on your comp which computers that's the same tool i have been using for a long time now over three months I guess and you know I can see a lot of positive results from SEMRush tool so let's get started the position tracking tool allows you to get daily updates and positions in Google's top hundred and paid search results you can track almost any keyword you know by just entering any of your root domain subdomain or sub folder or any you roll and you can access from the wall and you know I've already been tracking their all of my keywords from I guess 22 months so here is the here is what it offers once you enter your URL in the position tracking tool it will immediately shows you a visibility trend and it will display you all the keywords that are racking ranking in the Google top 100 search results basically the visible trend is it's an index-based click to rate that shows your website's progress in Google tops and top hundred for keywords from current tracking campaign basically what it does is you know if you have any keyword that is not showing up on Google top hundred search results it might be because you know it have it might have zero zero percent a visible disability so you know you need to make sure to build more links and increase its search visibility another great thing about position tracking tool is you can actually add up to five more for three to five your competitors website URLs no just to track who is ranking well for the keywords you are already ranking in Google top hundred situations you know you here you can see the actual data you know that is including the visibility trends for all of my competitors you know I'm bit surprised and you know I'm fortunate that you know visibility trained for blogs passion is really quite good for a for the last two months you know it's been around 30 point 99 percent and you know it's ranking quite well when I compared to my search rivals you can also add the few keywords manually you know if you want just to see how they are ranking I mean if you are trying to rank for a new keyword that you have been previously I mean recently started trying to rank for you know you can just click on this and add add those links and click on save and you know it will track if they are seen visible in the top hundred search results and also you can export all this data to your emails and that's how this same rush position tracking tool works I really say no it's one of the best tools however I have been able using and you know I am really satisfied with it with this thing you know and if you want to try give this a try now please go through the link that is mentioned in the description of this video and you will find a free trial of 14 days thanks for watching guys

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