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Posted By on October 12, 2019

Often, Sikhs are discriminated against for wearing a Dastaar and have to face racist remarks. With this video we want to contribute, that people in society learn about the Turban of the Sikhs and hence show more understanding for our Turban. With the ”Kanga”, the uncut hair is combed with care to avoid knots in the hair. The hair wrapped in cloth, is put to a topknot on the head. The lower cloth provides support and gives the turban the round shape. These cloths form the basis of the shape and stabilize the Dumalla. Traditionally blue and yellow turbans are tied. However, the colors can be chosen optionally. The size of Dumallas varies depending on the length of the cloth. The longer it is, the bigger the Dumalla. The large and robust ” Dumalla ” is the traditional way of the turban for men and women in the Sikh tradition . In addition, the Dumalla serves as protection for the head. With the help of a ” Salai “, the hair is put in and the layers are brought in position . One can also decorate the Turban with religious symbols. The Turban symbolizes a responsible conduct in life, moral discipline and equality. Through its unique importance, the Turban also represents the identity of a Sikh.

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  1. Excelente tutorial. Estas hermoso y yo mismo no tengo palabras para expresar la calidad del vídeo y especialmente de tu turbante. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda y colaboración. Extraordinario

  2. It be very useful if you explained to us step by step everything that's telling us what size all the clothes you are using are I love this style of Sikh turban


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