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hello James green here from Internet beers Unicom and in today's video I'm going to be speaking about how you can get your products ranked on Amazon so basically what I mean by ranked is just get your product to page one of Amazon search so that when someone comes on and search for the search terms related to your product your product shows up on the first page so then you're more likely to make sales this way okay first off I was really hesitant to put this video together or to even speak about ranking your products on Amazon for the one simple reason that there's so many Amazon SEO experts out there I see it in so many people's titles on Facebook and so many people message me saying I can get your products ranked and all this stuff so that's why I was really hesitant to put this together because I am NOT and I was on SEO expert are not even a ranking expert but what I have done I got my own products right down to page 1 time and time again on Amazon so I know that what works for me and that's what I'm going to explain to you in this video I'm not going to explain exactly how Amazon's algorithm works because simply I don't know and I don't know anybody that does know so I just wanted to make that really clear before I start to this video that I don't want to come across as an Amazon SEO expert whatsoever so now I'm just going to briefly explain what works what I know to work it's how I get my products ranked it's what I do when I first get my products into Amazon FBA to ensure that they get to page 1 as quickly as possible and that is to get sales on them so there is a lot of different things out there that here of if you get them on a hundred different wish lists that Amazon will miraculously push you up to page one let me tell you I don't know for any of that work whatsoever but what I do know that works time and time again is if you get a lot of sales so bursts of sales in a short period of time and as on will push your products up because they see that your products are making a lot of sales they know that other customers are going to be interested in this product so they push it up on front of as many customers as possible and on to page one of their search so now I know your next question is how do you get this purse to sales well I use a few different methods and that's what I go through in the advanced private-label course I use deal site I use Amazon PPC Facebook ads but the biggest one the biggest driver is having your own email list an email list that you can email out when you have a promotion when you have a product on promotion so this will give you the burst sales that you need at the time you need it because the person who are purchasing it we're going to discount from buying it during this time this is the most powerful strategy I've used but again you can use a combination of them all to just get as many sales as you can in the shortest period of time and again there are ways of working out exactly how many sales you will need to push you up and you know looking at your own listing in your competition's different things like that really does matter but this is basically the most basic part of what you need you need to get a burst of sales in a really short period of time to get your product out and onto page one in the quickest time possible so before you put in all the work of getting this burst of sales in and getting your products ranked on Amazon there is a couple of things that you must check out and number one is your competition you should check out your competition see which products other products are ranking for the search term that you want your products to rank for you can easily check these out on Amazon by just typing in what search terms you want to rank for seeing the products that are currently ranking for this what are they doing how many sales they're making and this will give you an idea of what you have to do to get your products ranked where they are number two and most importantly the most important thing that you should check out before you start getting your products ranked on Amazon is your own listing if your listing isn't optimized for the search terms that you want to rank for you will never rank for these search terms so you should double check that your keywords are in your listing that your images look good while your images are important is because your aim is to get your products ranked onto page one of Amazon what will happen if you start getting your products ranked onto page 1 of Amazon but then you don't make the sales to keep you on page 1 you will bounce back and just go back through the search rankings again and end up back on page 6 if your listing looks that bad so you should ensure that your listing looks good is up to scratch and it's good enough to make you know your listing stand out stay on page 1 for a long time just so it doesn't come up and bounce straight back it's really important this one that people often miss they go out get this burst of sales but they're listing just doesn't look good enough and isn't good enough to keep them up on page one so this is something that you should definitely check out before you start spending all this effort on getting your products ranked on Amazon so now you know what it takes to get your products ranking on Amazon as you can see it's not rocket science but it does take some organizing you need to work it all in a way that your sales come together at the right time that your listing is optimized correctly and that you know exactly what your competition are doing if you know all these things and you put in the work to get it done then you can easily get your products ranked on Amazon you can do it all yourself but if you are looking for an exact system with check sheets what to check on your own listing want to check on your competitors listing how to arrange it so that you get this burst of sales all at the one time where to get this burst of sales from then you can check out the advanced private label course or leave a linked up under this video so you can click on that and check it out this is the system that I put together this is how I get my products launched this is how I get them ranking onto page one is following this exact system so you can do the same so click on the link below and check this out if you're interested

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  2. doing nothing different than the rest of sellers, deal sites, amazon ppc, fb ads, and email list. Pretty standard

  3. What about using Facebook ads or even google ads to market the items in the beginning to get ranked?

  4. great advice. I am about to launch my product. Based on my research to be able to rank on the first page I need to sell ( or give away) 600 units the first month, about 20 a day. Based on the my purchase price and fees I will lose around 12,000 dollars to try to get my product ranked on the first page. Do you think that it's worth it? Is it worth it to spend the extra money to try and get ranked, or hold the money and let the product eventually try to get to page 1?.

  5. Good sound advice as always James. May I ask, do you ever use any 3rd party service for your launches. I mean if you're launching a new brand with zero market share. I've build a email list of 330 people in 9 days using FB ads. What would you say is a minimum to have? Thanks mate


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