How to NEVER Get Sick Again – BELIEF and PSYCHOLOGY – #NeverSick

Posted By on August 5, 2019

– What’s up believe nation? I started the Never Sick
series because in January I got really, really sick
and I vowed to myself I never want to get sick again. I used to have the belief
system that told me that if anybody was around me,
I was going to get sick. If a coworker or my employee
was sick I would tell them, “Stay home, even if you have
a minor cough, stay home, “I don’t want to be around
you ’cause I’m going to “get sick.” And, as a result, I got sick a lot. And so I created the Never
Sick series because I wanted to gift myself and also
gift you guys the ability to improve our immune systems
and never get sick. The first video I was was on (mumbles), you guys can check that out. It was about using breathing
techniques and using the cold therapy to help you not get sick. I’ve been using that, I’ve
also been using just my own belief system and the good
news is, three months later, I still haven’t gotten sick. We’ve been through a Canadian winter, crazy one with ups and down temperature, I’ve been traveling, been
around sick children, and I haven’t gotten sick yet. Fingers crossed. And I wanted to share a new
video with you guys today about how to use your mind
to control your beliefs and control your illness and sicknesses. I haven’t fully tested it on myself yet, but I’m going to be going
through the process and I’d love to know what you guys
think; if you’re learning from it, if you’re going to
apply it, if you’ve tried it and gotten results to not
get sick by using your belief system and psychology. And as always, guys, if you
hear something that really resonates with you, please
leave it down in the comments below, put quotes around
it so other people can be inspired, as well, and when
you write it down you’re much more likely to lock it in, as well. Enjoy. (upbeat music) – Hey Gary I’m sick today
and I was just curious if you ever get sick? Maybe you really are bionic man. If you do get sick,
how do you handle that? How do you hustle when you’re sick? Really sick. – Ryan, first of all,
I hope you feel better. Big shout out Lizzie
Vaynerchuk because in the last 11 years that I’ve been
married, I’ve not been sick. And think it has a lot to
do with the fact that Lizzie tries to get me to wash
my hands and the fact that I don’t have a draft coming
in like I had in my old apartment, which I think
caught me a couple times. I mean, you’re talking to an
old school eastern European kid who actually thinks that
getting sick and being sick is actually psychology. I think the brain is
the most powerful tool. Like, I know the answer
to this is not true, but I do feel like, I’d be
lying if I didn’t think that there’s some way that I’m
stopping myself from getting sick. Like in the same way that I
used to be able to get myself sick to get out of school. And I don’t mean like,
“Oh, my tummy hurts.” I mean in this weird,
yeah I’m going somewhere, I’ve never said this out
loud, this is actually even scary to say out loud. I’m so convinced that the
brain is this powerful. I used to be able to create a temperature. And I know that every logically
person, including myself, I literally just said, “Bullshit.” But I saw it. I mean, I’m sure sometimes
I put it up to the lamp and that’s how I did it, but
there was a couple of times where I would just psyche my– Even right now, I just started
doing it and my stomach turned a little bit. I’m not kidding. Guys, the brain is a sick thing. So I guess the answer to
the final question is, you don’t hustle when you get sick. In the same way you don’t
hustle when you get sleep. You know we’ve got that quote
card that did really well, right, that card where I’m like, it’s not what you do, it’s
not how many hours you’re awake, it’s what’s in them. I’m thrilled to get six
or seven hours of sleep. I love when people think I’m
a three or four hour guy, I’ll take eight every night. Because in those other 16
I will dominate your face. I love people who sleep
four hours, but like chill. And chilling is like just
not doing something important for 40 minutes or having a
conversation on the trading room floor for 30 minutes
about the big game or what the f– happened in
the Oscar’s last night. Who gives a shit, execute. And so, by the way, who
gives a shit for me, I’m purely focused on my thing. Some people like 30 minutes
of talking about the Oscar’s ’cause it breaks up their
day, that’s their rest. You do you. But let me say this, when
you’re sick or when you’re sleeping, rest. Your body’s telling you something. And so, really, maybe I
was sick once in the last 11 years, but I was pumped. Let me just say that again
because I don’t know if everybody understood that. I literally wish I was
sick one day this year. I would really enjoy the time off. I enjoy relaxing, the kids come, usually comes home at three. It would be fun, it would be fun. But there’s something
subconsciously that’s really trying to not allow me to do that. In a world where I take 100 plus flights, that place is like– You know, remember how a
couple episodes I said that the 20 to 30 year old Gary
Vee is soft compared to me? That guy did get sick. Now I don’t and I do think
it has a lot to do with my focus on it. So I do think you can out
hustle your sickness to some degree. But when you succumb to
it, because at some level we all do, I think you need
to just relax and enjoy it. – I was teaching in a medical school. And I was teaching a concept
about genes and everyone, of course, has heard about
genes and they believe that genes control their lives. So running in my family
is diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, whatever it is and they say, oh my goodness, I’m a
recipient of such genes and this is going to be my life. And this is a belief of victimization, a victimization of heredity. “It’s running in my heredity
and now you’re going to “get these genes and I can’t control it.” There’s a new biology that
switches this whole thing around because it reveals
that genes don’t control our lives. It’s our perceptions and our
response to the environment, it’s the environment
that influences genes. Well the relevance about
that is since we can change our perceptions and we can
change our environment, then we’re not victims,
we’re actually masters. But we have to know that, we
have to really come from an understanding that we are
creating our lives because if your belief is you’re a victim, it’s belief is translated into biology, you become victim if
that’s what you believe. – Yes, sir. So you kind of prove
scientifically and biologically the proof of that? That we in fact are in
control of our genes, that our genes aren’t
controlling our lives? Can you give us a brief
sort of bird’s eye view of how you proved that truth? – Yeah, as a wonderful simple experiment, about 47 years ago I
was cloning stem cells. Now, back 47 years ago there
was only a handful of us in the whole world who even
knew what a stem cell is. A stem cell is a embryonic
cell in your body. And the reason why we have
all these embryonic cells is because cells have a
life and they die and if we can’t replace the cells then
it won’t be very long before all our cells die and then we’re gone. So a stem cell is a
multi-potential embryonic cell. Here’s the work, simple,
I get one stem cell, put it in a dish by itself
and it divides every 10 hours. So first one and then
two, four, eight, 16, and the cells keep going
, after a week I’ve got 50,000 cells in the Petri dish, but here’s the most important point, they all came from one parent. So they’re 50,000
genetically identical cells. Now here’s the experiment. I take that community and
I break them up into three different Petri dishes and
I change the environment a little bit in each dish. Now, cells are like fish,
they live in a fluid. So I create like an aquarium
with all the things they need to live in it, that’s
called an environment. And I change the composition
of the environment a little bit in each dish. What happens is in dish
one I get muscle cells, in dish two I end up with
a different environment, get bone cells, in dish three
yet a different environment, I end up with fat cells. Well the whole point was
this, what controls the fate of the cells? And you say, “Well genetics–” I go, “No, no, they’re
all genetically the same.” So the fate of the cell wasn’t
determined by the genetics, it was determined by the environment. And so the information in
the environment is really what’s involved with selecting our genes. So people say, “Okay, that’s really nice, “you got cells in a plastic
dish, what the heck does it “have to do with me?” And I go, here’s the fun
part, you look in the mirror, Ty you look, you see this
handsome guy looking back, you say, “That’s Ty, that’s
me, and I’m a single human “being and a single organism.” I go, a slight misperception,
for this reason, you are not a single entity,
you are made out of 50 trillion cells, the cells
are the living entity, you by actual biological
definition, you are a community. So you’re a community
of 50 trillion cells. And so the fun part is, you’re
a skin covered Petri dish with 50 trillion cells inside. And you have an environment,
a culture medium, and it’s called blood. And the chemical composition
of the blood determines the fate of the cells. That’s what happened in my plastic dish. So to a cell, does it make
a difference if it’s in the plastic dish or the skin dish? No, it’s still going to
read the environment. So I say, ah then the
blood is the culture medium and the composition of the
blood controls the genetics. And then I go, yeah now
here’s the cool part I say, but as I showed in the
Petri dish if I change the composition of the culture medium, I change the fate of the cell. So I say who or what controls
the chemical composition of my blood? So we go up to the next level, I say the brain is the chemist. The brain is what released
the chemistry in the blood. And then you go one more step and you say, “But what chemicals should
the brain release into “the blood?” And I go next level up, the mind. What do you perceive? What do you see? What are you looking for? So for a person I say,
here we are, I stand here, I open up my eyes and
I see someone I love. Well my mind perceives love
and translates that through the brain into chemistry such as dopamine, the pleasure chemical,
oxytocin, the bonding chemical, vesopressin, attractiveness,
growth hormone which enhances the growth of the cells. So when a person sees
love, experiences love, the brain releases a cocktail
of these wonderful chemicals. And think about it, when
people are in love, they glow, they’re healthy, they have so much energy. I say, “Where’d they get that from?” The culture medium, okay? But I say, look, same
person opens their eyes, instead of seeing someone they love, they see something that scares them. They say, “Do you release
the same chemicals in love?” And I go, no, no, when
I perceive the world is threatening or I’m living
in fear I release stress hormones and I release
hormones that control my immune system, inflammatory
agents, these things that get me ready for fight or flight. And I go, well here’s
the interesting part, as I said, the fate of the
cells is based on the chemistry. If I take the chemicals
released by the brain in love and put it into a plastic dish with cells, the cells grow beautifully. I said, “Okay wait, what
about the chemicals that come “out of the brain of someone in fear?” I take those chemicals, put
that in the culture dish, the cells stop growing. And they get into protection. Protection is close yourself down. So the idea is this,
when you’re in growth, you’re open to the world and you say, “Come on, bring it on.” But when fear or something comes in there, you close it down, and the
chemistry of the fear is what shuts down the cells, fear kills, basically what it’s all about. So basically says this, we
always talk about mind body and those strict
fundamental scientists go, “Mind body (muttering).” And I go, it’s not a mystery, it’s simple, the mind is an
interpretation of the world, it causes the brain to
release chemistry that matches the interpretation to
coordinate 50 trillion cells to live in that world. It’s your emotions, it’s your perceptions, it’s your beliefs. These are the sources of
the chemicals that end up controlling the genes. This is a new science,
it’s called epi-genetics. Because epi-genetics is a
revolution of all of our understanding of science
for a very simple reason. When I was a professor at
a medical school we were teaching the concept of
genetics and genetics most every everybody knows, yes
we have genes and the genes control our traits and
that we get the genes from our parents and so therefore
the traits that are running in our family
are passed down to us. And sometimes it’s a good
thing, and sometimes it’s a bad thing. (laughing) You’ve got diseases run in
your family the (mumbles), “Geeze, everybody in
my family got cancer,” and it’s like, am I going to be next? I’ve go the genes. So that’s our belief system
that we’ve been teaching, that genes control us. That makes us victims, as I
said, because we didn’t pick the genes as far as we know,
we can’t change the genes, so whatever they are, they make us. So people walk around going,
“Oh my life is not so good, “I’ve got these genes.” Epi means above. So when I say epi-genetic
control I’m literally saying control above the genes. It’s the environment that controls it. That includes not just
the real environment, but our perception of the
environment because you could live in the healthiest of environments, but if you perceive it
to be a threatening world then your cells receive the perception, they don’t read the direct world. Genetic control you’re a
victim because the genes control you. Epi-genetics is a
revolution because it says, look, if the environment of
my perception controls genes, I’m the one that can change my perception, I’m the one that can
change my environment. So all of a sudden I’m not locked in, I am free to change the
way I live in the world, which in turn comes back and
changes the genetic readout. And this is really what’s
so profoundly important, for example, a lot of people
talk about the placebo effect. And they say, “What’s the placebo effect.” “This pill is going to cure
you, it’s the greatest new “science in the world.” And I believe that and I
take the pill and I get better and they tell me
it was just a sugar pill. So then the truth is, what healed me? Well it wasn’t the sugar
pill, it was the belief in the pill. So everyone says, “Oh
yeah, placebo effect, “you have this wonderful
thought and you get better.” And I say, yeah but here’s the problem, we’ve only talked about
the placebo effect. There’s another thing
called the nocebo effect. The nocebo effect is what
is the consequence of a negative thought? And it turns out, it’s equally
powerful in controlling your biology and your
genetics as a placebo, positive thought. So we talk about, oh yeah
placebo, good thoughts create good health and good life, and then I say, “Yeah, and a bad thought,
a negative thought, “a nocebo effect can actually kill you.” It can cause a disease. If you believe you’re going
to get this cancer because everyone says you’re going
to get this cancer and then your perception is sending
cancer thoughts into your body, the chemistry
that comes from the thoughts to the brain to the body
is a chemistry that doesn’t support health, but it’ll
actually lead to your own death. So all the sudden it’s the
power of your perception, positive or negative, that
override your genetics. Well, this is most amazing
because all the sudden you look around and you say, “But
look at all those wonderful “happy people, and look,
they’re not just happy, “they’re also healthy.” – Yes. – And the fact is, yes,
they’re sending in chemistry that the cells will really thrive with. – In this world it is
true that people want immediate action, that’s
the world we live in, immediate gratification. So if I’m sick I want
something immediately to handle the issue. And of course we look to
the world of drugs for this understanding. But the problem with this
is that there are more effective ways of healing. Now, the problem with the
energy healing is that it really involves a consciousness, mind, and our ability to change
our belief systems. Well, this takes a
little bit more work than popping a pill. And, in fact, I’ll just
give my own particular case. I remember years when I
was getting of on this out of my conventional
medical academic background and coming into this world
and I faced a stressful situation where I got pneumonia. And I started to realizes
at some point and said, “Okay, I’m going to sit
here and grab ahold of this “with my conscious and my
spirit and get my immune “system all pumped up and work on this.” And I started to realize that
the bacteria were dividing faster than my ability
to control the bacteria. And so it came a realistic
moment, it said yes I know I can possibly control
this, but the effort that it’s going to take is going
to take a little bit more time than the drugs, so I
actually went and bought the penicillin. And the significance is, when you need it, you need it at that moment. But the issue is, had I not been stressed, had I taken care of my
life a little bit better, I would not have come
to that precipice where I was forced into taking the drugs. And so the reality is in
switching from a drug-based reality into an energy
medicine spirit-based reality, we have to go through a
learning curve and learn how to take control of our thoughts, our mind, and control the biology
that we were given. When we do that, then it’s
far better than the drug world for a very simple reason,
there are no side effects. And so, basically, it says
that if you start healing with spirit and energy,
that you get an unencumbered healing process as compared
to dealing with drugs and the dealing with the myriad
side effects that are listed on all the packages. So it says both work, but one
is far superior to the other. And yet, I wouldn’t throw
out the medication because when it’s necessary, it’s necessary. But it’s just a little warning
to you when your symptoms start going up it says pay
attention to the symptoms because the symptoms are
really informing you that you’re not living in harmony
or in health and that the body is telling you this. So rather than shutting out
the symptoms with a drug, it’s really important for us
to take on a learning role and say, “I am creating the
situation and I can un-create “the situation without the use of drugs.” – So the genes, and we’re
going to talk some science tonight, but it’s not
going to be that difficult, so bare with me on it because, again, I don’t want to leave black boxes in here, empty spaces where you
have to have devotion. I’m going to show you the connection. The genes, the DNA molecules
are found in the cell, in the individual cell, in a
structure called the nucleus. So almost all people have seen
a cell with a nucleus in it. And virtually all the
genes are in the nucleus. As it says right here in this paper, which is in a recent issue of Science, this is one of the most
prestigious journals in the world today. It says here in the first
sentence on this article, which was dealing with
the whole issue dedicated to the role of the nucleus. First sentence, “The nucleus
is the command center “of the cell.” This is conventional belief,
that the nucleus is the command center because in
the nucleus are the genes and the genes control you,
so the nucleus represents that source of control for the cell. Well the command center
of the cell would be tantamount to the brain. As I used to teach in
medical school to the medical students, the cells, and
this is an image of a cell, just a cartoon image of a
cell, the cells make us up. We have approximately
50 to 75 trillion cells that make our body. Interesting point I used
to teach them is this, there is no new function
in your entire human body that’s not already present in every cell. Every cell has a respiratory
system, a digestive system, an execratory system, an endocrine system, and integumentary
system, a nervous system, a reproductive system, an immune system. Basically what I’m trying
to tell you is this, that the cell and the human
are structural function counter parts of each other. Whatever’s in the cell is in the human, whatever’s in the human is in the cell. So when I talk about
the brain of the cell, the brain of the human as
that element that controls, the command center of the human body, when I come over here and
just read what we just read off the science journal
that said the nucleus is the command center of the cell,
this is because all the DNA is in here, then we
get the assumption that the nucleus is in the brain of the cell. Which is what you anticipate
if it’s the command center. Well, that’s an interesting
concept for this reason, I’ll ask you a simple question. And the question is this: if
I take the brain out of any living organism what is
the immediate and necessary consequence of that action? Death, absolutely, it’s going to die. So what happens if I go
to the cell and take the nucleus out of the cell? Well if the nucleus is
the brain of the cell, by definition, the cell is going to die. Here’s the reality. I remove the brain from an
organism and the organism dies, but if I got the nucleus
and remove the nucleus from the cell, the cell is
totally unaffected by it. A cell can live for two or
more months with no genes in it at all. And it’s not just sitting
there, it’s doing everything it was doing before we
took the nucleus out. It’s moving around, it’s
communicating with other cells, it’s eating, it’s growing,
it’s able to eliminate waste and build up it’s structure,
it recognizes toxins and moves away from them, recognizes food, moves toward that. Basically, what am I telling you? I take all the genes out
of the cell and I alter the behavior in no way. Meaning this, my definition
the nucleus cannot be the controlling center of
the cell because the cell still has control with no nucleus. Wait, I took all the genes
out and the cell still has behavior. The bottom line is that the
genes do not control biology. This is a mistake, this is an assumption. It was made years and years
ago, it was never proven scientifically, but it
just seemed so correct that we bought the story. And, in fact, the cosmic
joke just hit us not very long ago with the outcome
of the human genome project. Why was it a joke? And I’ll tell you this: If the mechanism worked
according to the way it’s written in the textbooks, that
the genes control biology, then there’s a requirement
that there has to be at least 120,000 genes to make a human. When the human genome projects
results were turned in, it turned out that there were
only less than 35,000 genes. Over 90,000 genes are not present. Which means this, it’s not
that the genes are absent, our belief system was wrong. The genes do not control
biology like we thought. So the human genome project
really pulls the rug out because they thought they
were going to get the blueprint of out to make a
human with all of these genes, and it turns out there
are not that many genes. Two thirds of the genes are missing! Meaning we have to now
understand a new way of looking at biology. Interestingly enough,
though, the new understanding actually started to come
out in the last 10 years. So everything I’m going to
talk to you about tonight is science within the last 10 years. And the interesting part about it is this, it takes at least 10 to 15
years for science to take a fact from it’s first
inception to get it out into the public so that the
people can understand it. So anything in a textbook, for example, is at least 10 or 15 years old. So what you’re going
to hear tonight is the future textbook. You’re going to know the
science that is just being released in the last 10 years. – I have the pleasure of
course talking to audiences everywhere and telling them
about this new biology, this great biology which ultimately says, “No, you’re not controlled by your genes, “you’re controlled by
your mind,” and ultimately you’re programmed and your
subconscious mind really controls you and has been
programmed by others. And I say, “Wow, isn’t
that great to understand “all this stuff?” And the audience thought
it was all really great up until the very end and
then I get to the very end, I say, “Yep, and you’re
controlled by the programs “in the subconscious mind.” – And people say, “Great,
doctor, beliefs run out life “and we need to change
those, excuse me but how do “we change those?” And he would say, “I’m out
of time now, I’ve got to go, “it’s not my field.” – I don’t know, I’m just a biology guy, I know how it works, I
don’t know how to change it. – This one time I was sitting
in the audience listening to his presentation because I was next up. And he finishes, same thing happened. “Dr. Lipton, how do you
change those beliefs?” “Well I’ve got to go.” So he’s headed out the door,
boy, as fast as he can go. – Gosh, you know, I wish I
had a great answer for that and as I was thinking, I hear
behind me the next speaker and he says, “Well I’m going
to show you how to make “those changes that
Bruce was talking about.” And I thought, “I’ve got to watch this.” – You can almost hear the skid marks. You can hear the sound
of his shoes going– (screeches) – All these years I’m talking about this, this guy’s going to show me
how to make those changes? He asked for some people in the audience, “Anybody want to make
changes in their life?” Of course almost everybody
in the audience raises their hand. And I saw this one woman
raise her hand, put it up, and the pull it down. Put it up and pull it down. – If you know anybody that’s
afraid of public speaking, it’s a terrifying sort of thing to them. It’s not just a little thing,
it’s rated next to death, I think. “If I have to get up and
speak in public it’ll be “the worst thing that
ever happened to me.” – So everybody looked at
this woman and she turned beet red. Couldn’t say her name,
couldn’t even say her name. He had to go out into
the audience and sit down in the chair next to her and
have a private conversation to find out her name. – So this woman volunteers
to come up because I just simply said, “Look, if there’s
somebody that has something “going on in their lives
that limits them in some “serious way and they
would like to change that, “I’m happy to facilitate it here and now.” – Meanwhile, I have to tell you the truth, I’m sitting there thinking,
“This guy is pretty ballsy.” The concept that he’s
going to call somebody up in front of the room and
change their life is like, that, well– (chuckles) You’ve got to have a lot
of confidence to say that or it’s going to be a bad show. – Anyway, she was willing to come up. So I spent about 10 minutes
facilitating a PSYCH-K process with her. – And he took his arm off
her shoulder and all of a sudden she was giving a lecture. She was walking up and down
the stage talking about stories of her childhood
and all this kind of stuff. And everybody in the
audience, including me, were just like– – She just was on a rant. She was, she felt so completely
different and comfortable. Eventually she’s walking
up and down the stage telling these people where
she’s from and what she’s doing and what her plans are, all
these things about her life and I finally had to say,
“Look, my time’s not up here “and I’ve got to finish up. “You can’t be talking anymore,
can you go sit down please?” (laughs) – And I thought about that
and I saw that and it was just what the whole amazing thing
was, here’s a person’s life that changed in 10 minutes. And it was the most
profound thing I ever saw. – And it was really funny
because Bruce talked to her, because skeptical scientist
that he is and should be, he talked to her and
said, “So what happened? “What was the deal about
that? How do you feel?” She goes, “I don’t know what happened, “but I feel completely different. “I’m comfortable with everybody
in the room and I could “get up and talk some more.” So he said, “Maybe that’s just a fluke, “probably just a trick.” So next year she comes
back to the conference, we’re both there, and he
immediately goes up to her and says, “So what happened with the deal? “Are you still afraid?” She goes, “No, I went
home, I live in Florida “and I started a toast
masters group and I’m “winning awards.” – And I then started to
talk with Rob and see about stuff and said maybe we
should work together. We took a few years,
but we finally did it. – So that was the beginning
of this really wonderful relationship. A friendship and also a
professional link, as well. – And it was, been the most
rewarding of my presentations because I’m with a group
of people that come in with one way of life, I
give them the scientific foundation to give justification
for this what looks like magic, but it’s not
magic when the understand the science. And then Rob goes through
the training program and after the four days that we’re together, these people walk out,
they’re different people. And it’s like, God that is
some of the most rewarding experiences in life to see
people empower themselves to go back in the world and
recover the control over their lives and create lives
that are abundantly happy and fun and beautiful. – Let me give you an overview
of the process that I use, and this is basically
the components of it, think of it that way, to
get the job done in terms of speeding up change and
literally it can happen in just a few minutes. Establishing communication
with the subconscious is step one. I was never taught that
in graduate school. In fact, I don’t think they
mentioned the subconscious except talking about Freud. And Freud, I mean, if you listen to Freud, the subconscious is a
place nobody wants to go. I mean, talk about a deep
dark abyss of repressed sexual desire. You know the term Freudian slip? You know what that is? That’s when you say one thing,
but you mean your mother. That would be a Freudian slip. So nobody wants to go there
because they’ve made it a horrible place to go, but
the fact is it’s no more horrible than your hard drive. You go to your hard drive
all the time if you open your computer and you get
documents out of there and stuff, that’s energy. So we’re going to be
communicating with the hard drive here. You’re going to pre-test the
desired belief statement. That’s a very important
thing to find out if your subconscious believes it or not. Like, Juliana was very
kind to come up here and give her attention to
this process and I had her say something that was
pretty non-threatening like, “My name is Juliana.” But what if I had said something like, had her say something like, “I
love myself unconditionally.” Or, “I trust that I am
a wonderful person.” Or anything that she would
desire to be and to know about herself, then all
of the sudden the rubber meets the road. Now you’re finding out,
from your subconscious mind, do you agree with that
statement or do you not? You may have done tons of
therapy and been saying affirmations and meditated
for 25 years and I tell you, surprise surprise, you’ll
say something you think is true and you do believe it consciously, but your subconscious mind
never got the message. And that’s the part that
really needs to get it in order to have behavioral change last. That’s why so much change
tends to be temporary and made out of lots of will power. Alright so we’ve got
pre-test the statement, get permission and commitment to change the belief using a PSYCH-K balance. Balanced processes that I
use, I call them balanced because essentially what
they do is they create a balanced identification
or perception of the left and right hemisphere of
the brain at the same time for the new belief. And by doing that using
this whole brain integration process stuff, you can reduce
the resistance to internalize a new belief very quickly, without all that effort and struggle. And the permission and commitment thing is really important. I noticed in conferences
I’ve attended for energy psychology, as an example,
many of the processes make huge assumptions that if you
have something that looks like it needs to be fixed,
it actually represents something that’s broken. I don’t know about you, but
a lot of times whatever you call broken is a messenger. That message is there to,
that pain or difficulty or whatever you call
dysfunction is there to teach you something and you killed a messenger. So I found that it’s much
wiser to find out from the subconscious is it even
a good idea to do what you’re talking about
consciously before you do it. It saves you a lot of grief
later on and you don’t have to get the proverbial
two by four returning to get your attention
because you managed to get a symptom to go away. This isn’t about treating symptoms, it’s about the cause of the symptoms. And then we’ll do a balance
which is the process for change using whole brain
integration of some kind or another, different varieties of that. We’ll post-test the belief
statement because it gives you a physical muscle
response that’s going to be different than in the beginning. So you have an objective way to measure a subjective change. You don’t just say,
“Well how do you feel?” “Fine.” “You look good.” “Alright, see you next week.” It’s not that. You know before you leave
the interaction whether that belief resides in
your subconscious or not. So there’s a way to know it for sure. And then celebrate the change, and that’s my favorite part
so we’ll be doing that. I want you to take a look
at some of these messages. What I did was I distilled
some of the key messages that over the years of
doing psychotherapy I found that many people internalize
from their childhood. You’ll never amount to anything. You’re worthless. You’re not smart enough. No matter how hard you try
it’s never good enough. Money is hard to come by and hard to keep. You don’t deserve to succeed. No one will ever love you. And Bruce’s favorite, you’re
going to get cancer because it’s genetic. (laughter) This one at the bottom, of
course, you can make generic which is, “You’re going to
get whatever disease you’re “predisposed to because it’s
going to get passed along “in your family.” I’m just putting it out
there to let you know that it doesn’t matter what disease
you put in this category of cancer, it’s the same
notion that I’m helpless and the situation is helpless,
I am just going to get what I’m getting passed along. So these may be some of
the messages that you got. And the question is, what
if you could change them? What if you could have
anything on this list. What if anything on this
list could be true for you? What I’m going to ask next
is I’m going to ask somebody else to come back up to
the stage and I’m going to facilitate a process, first of all, to discover whether the
belief that seems desirable to you is currently true
in your subconscious, and if it isn’t, then I’m
going to facilitate a process to make it so. It’ll take just a few minute to do that. And so what I’d like you
to do is just read down this list and if one of these
beliefs calls to you and just says, “Boy, I want that. “It may not be true
right now, I’m not sure, “but I’d be willing to
come up here to make sure.” Would you like? You have one? Okay. Come on up. – I deserve happiness
and success in my life. – I deserve happiness and
success, and your name is? – Karen. – Okay Karen I’m going to have
you come over here please, like about so. And I’m going to have
you put your arm out, we’re going to do a little
muscle testing together. Can I have you turn this way just a bit? Thank you. With your chin parallel to
the ground and your eyes focused down and open I’m
going to press down on your arm, I want you to
be strong if you can. You ready? Be strong. Okay. So we’re going to do
what we did initially to establish communication
because I can’t yet, I haven’t gotten a weak
signal so I don’t know what that’s like in Karen’s system. So I want you to say out
loud, “My name is Karen.” – My name is Karen. – Be strong, Karen. Say, “My name is Frank,”
be a guy named Frank. – My name is Frank. – Be strong, Frank. Okay can you feel a difference in that. Okay, I’m not pressing hard,
I don’t want to press hard, I’m not trying to make this dramatic, I’m just trying to press
hard enough that she can tell when the muscle locks in
place and when it unlocks. So we’re getting a very clear signal here. Just for fun I want
you to do in your mind, silently, repeat the word yes. Hear that over and over in your head. And be strong as I press. And repeat the word no over and over. And again be strong as a press. Feel the difference? – Yeah. – Big difference, okay. So what we’re going to do
is we’re going to make this a little juicier now. We’re going to have Karen
actually say her desired statement out loud, we’re
going to test it against what the subconscious mind
currently has residing in there as a set of beliefs and
see if she has any beliefs that support that. She may actually not
believe is consciously, it’s possible should could
already believe it subconsciously and we don’t know that until we test. So if you’ll put your arm again. I’m going to have you say
your statement out loud, which is, “I deserve happiness
and success in my life.” Look down and say it like you mean it. – Okay, I deserve happiness
and success in my life. – Now be real strong. Nice try. “Please God, make it work.” That’s about wanting it with
all your heart and soul, but not having a program to support it. And that’s what I mean, you say, “Oh geeze, I’ve tried and
I want that and I’m really “desirous and I’m all lined
up,” and your subconscious says, “Sorry. No software for that plan.” Alright so what I’m going
to do now is I’m going to demonstrate a change process,
and this is different than teaching it. So please forgive me in
terms of not being able to have the time to
explain each little detail. That’s why it’s a two day
workshop, I can’t make that into this hour or so
that we have together. But I’m going to
facilitate this with her by going through the generic
protocol I showed you and we’ll see what happens. So if you’ll put your arm
out for a minute, please. First of all we’re going
to get permission and commitment. We’ve already tested this statement, we know that you’re weak to the statement. The goal is to get her to
be strong to the statement. Right now she tests weak,
although she’s really wanting to be strong. And I can understand that. Alright so I’m going to
ask you a couple questions, you don’t have to repeat
any of this out loud, just listen. And then I’m going to
muscle test for yes and no responses and so on. It’s safe and appropriate
for Karen to balance for this goal now. So be strong Karen. Good, we get a nice strong
response indicating yes. All parts of the system
are ready, willing, and able to balance for
this goal using a new direction balance. So be strong if you can. Good. Alright, her subconscious
mind agreed to one of the several PSYCH-K patterns. You might be asking yourself, “How could she know what that is?” Well I’m not asking her conscious mind, turns out i’m asking
her subconscious mind. And the real magic of this
is lots of information is shared subconsciously that
you’re not aware of at all. Every time you walk into a
room, especially if you’re as close as I am to her right now, much much information at the
four billion bit processing levels being exchanged between us. So if I know what a new
direction balance is, turns out I do, I muscle
test her and her subconscious mind can actually give me
a response to that because it can access my hard drive. Very interesting about
this stuff because I did it in foreign languages just
to prove this to myself. What a trip. I think I muscle tested
in Mandarin Chinese and my subconscious mind knew what
this person was saying. All the muscle responses were
correct for the questions that she was asking. So just really interesting, in a hurry. Alright, so here we go. We’ve gotten as far as doing
the actual change process, I’m going to require a chair for this, if you’ll hold on right
here I’m going to grab one. What we’re going to do next
is we’re going to utilize some of this left/right
brain integration technology I spoke about. We’re going to setup a
system so that Karen’s mind can maximize her perception. Left and right brain at
the same time while she internalizes this new belief. This is different than
just saying affirmations and I’ll explain a little
bit about that while she’s going through the process. To determine the best way
for her to achieve this left/right brain integration
we’re going to use her physical body because
it’s an electrical system. If she crosses her ankle,
one over the other, her electrical field actually changes. I don’t know if you know
that, but when you cross your ankles or your legs, you’re
really changing the field in your entire body. Same with your wrists. Any place you can cross
the midline of your body make a different electrical circuit, just like a circuit board. So watch what happens. If you put your arm out like so, please. And cross one ankle over the other, it doesn’t matter which
one, looking down again with your eyes, I’m going to
press down and see if you can be strong. Okay switch ankles the opposite way, let’s see if it makes any
difference when I test. And be strong now. See the difference? Go back this other way. Apparently there is a
clear preference here. Be strong. She’s real strong when she
crosses her right ankle over left. Remember, this is all in
relationship to this goal. This is not a general thing. Now we’re into a belief change piece, that’s the target, and
her subconscious mind is telling is, “This is the
way I need to be configured “optimally to get this belief to be true.” So while your ankles are
in position cause the strength I want you to do the
following with your wrist, put one on top of the other
straight out in front of you, like so. I’m going to press down on
both of them and I want you to be strong I you can. Strong now. Switch them the other
way, let’s see if it makes any difference. Strong now. You tell me which one feels stronger, go back to the other way. Strong now. Okay and back the other way, be strong. Yeah this way does, doesn’t it? Like so. Getting a clearer signal,
I just had to test a couple times ’cause the difference
is fairly subtle. So what you do with your
hands now is go ahead and interlace them like this. You can rest them in your lap. Here’s what I want you to do. And then I’m going to have
a little chat with the group while you’re doing it. I’m going to have you close
your eyes in a little while and I’m going to have you
be able to silently just repeat the statement, I’ll
give it to you and then you’re just going to repeat
it gently over and over in your mind. And what I want you to do
is I want you to actually invite any resistance to the idea, any other ideas like your statement is, “I deserve happiness
and success in my life.” If you’ve got any other
voices in there that say, “No, you don’t, you never
did, you never will,” all that stuff, rather
than try to push them away or make them go away I
actually want you to invite them in. Say, “Okay, okay, come on, come on.” Because it’s an educational process. You’re going to be saying
this statement to this resistance until the
resistance just disappears. So until you feel either
a mental, emotional, or physical change keep
your eyes closed and keep saying the statement to yourself. When you feel that shift I
want you to open your eyes and we’ll do the next part of the process. Deal? And I’ll amuse everybody
out here while you do this. So I want you to close your eyes, silently begin to say the statement, “I deserve happiness
and success in my life.” And while Karen is doing that
I wanted to make a couple of comments about what’s going on. We’ve configured her body,
not according to my guess or my judgment about what she needs, but her subconscious mind
which knows how that belief is blocked, it knows exactly
what software needs to be rewritten to make it so,
and it’s in the process of doing so right now. It’s different then meditation
because most meditation is single focused and all
other ideas must go away. Notice the instruction I
gave her wasn’t to do that, it was to say the statement
and invite these other ideas in. It’s not prayer because
you’re not really asking for (mumbles) in some way, “Please help me.” It’s not that kind of
thing, you’re just affirming this belief over and over. It’s not visualization,
it’s not positive thinking, it’s simply affirming
a statement to be true, educating the parts
that are in resistance, and doing it through the
filters of whole brain integration. While in this posture, she
can’t think of the downside of this the way she used to. Left and right brain now
are working simultaneously and they’re perceiving this
goal in a brand new way that she hasn’t been able
to every time she’s thought about it in a normal sitting
posture or just in her normal life. So it’s really interrupting
the cycle of over identifying with the left or the right
hemisphere of the brain, which kept her stuck. As soon as this comes into
her whole brain integrated perception, the belief’s hers. And we’ll test it out. Okay so you keep at it
until you can feel something change and then you just
let me know and I’ll keep talking to all these people about this. So usually this process, I’d
say on average takes about two to five minutes for
most beliefs to change. Small price to pay for
something you’ve had all your life that’s been arresting
your life and keeping it from being in that ecstasy,
the picture that we saw and really promoting a
lot more of the protection to stream energy to your life. So it can shift, it does
shift and it’s not about me doing something, it’s about her. In fact, all of PSYCH-K is really about, very little about the
facilitator and a whole bunch about the innate wisdom and
divinity within each of us. It’s activating that and
moving that into a specific area of intention and
giving the tools to the subconscious mind to do
the job that it’s capable of doing with the proper
instruction for doing it. Sometimes when the change is taking place, this is another interesting
aspect of this process is that it’s not particularly visual, you don’t have to visualize anything. If you’re not a good visualizer,
you don’t have to make a picture in your head
to make things come true. If you tend to be more auditory,
you make sounds in your head, you talk to yourself in your head, you’ll go there. However the belief is wired
in that needs to be changed, that’s what she’s going to get internally. So sometimes you’ll get
pictures, sometimes you’ll get sounds, sometimes it’s just
your body, you’re feeling. You’ll feel the body change,
you’ll feel the muscles tense and then release. Happens differently for
each person and different with each belief. Okay she seems to think
somethings going on here, so we’ll check this out. So unhook your ankles and your wrists, unhook these guys, put your
fingertips together like so. Just hold them there. This is equivalent to the save command. If you think about what
she was just doing in a computer metaphor, she was
editing the documents that kept her from believing
she deserves this life that’s going to work, then
we’re saving this to the hard drive, we’re making
it a permanent document in her subconscious mind so
that it won’t just go away. It’s the same thing as you
always save your work before you turn your computer off. So it’s there when you get it next time. Same idea. So you can let go of that. Put your arm out to your side, I’m just going to test to
see where we are with the process right now. This is a sort of intermediate deal. So just listen. This process is complete
so be strong if you can. Good, we get a nice strong response. You can stand back up please. I’m going to move the chair here. We’re at a place where her
subconscious just reported to me, “I’ve had enough
of that, I’ve got it, “thank you.” So we’re going to verify and
see if that’s really true. So I’m going to press a
lot harder than I’ve been pressing just to make
sure, if this is true, that there’s no doubt it is. I want you to say out loud,
“I deserve happiness and “success in my life.” Looking down, say it like you mean it. – I deserve happiness
and success in my life. – And be strong. And if i let go just
brings like a spring board. Nice going. – Thank you. – Good for you. So hang here for just a minute. (applause) So I’m just wondering if
Karen, would you mind saying a little bit about what
was going on when you were sitting down there. – I started saying all
the things, you know, “No you don’t, everybody’s
going to be jealous of you, “you have to feel guilty.” And then all of a sudden it was like, “Wait a minute, God wants
everybody to be happy and “successful in their life.” And if God wants everybody
to happy and successful in their life, God wants you
to be happy and successful in your life. – Bingo. – And when I went through
that process, it just, you know, it was very logically based. If this, then that. – So did you tend to hear,
was that a conversation going on in your head
more than anything else? – But then as soon as I
realized that I felt like, just kind of like a lifting,
like a happiness type of thing. – “I think that I deserve happiness.” Might have something to do
with the feeling getting to come in for a change. She went from the scream
to the ecstasy pretty quickly right there. Thank you very much, enjoy the change. Okay. Thank you for volunteering. Okay so, what’d that take? Maybe five minutes while
I was trying to keep you distracted so she had some– Consider the circumstances, this is the worst possible place. On the stage with people
in an audience doing belief change work and it works anyway. Imagine if you had the
privacy of your own home and one other person to work
with and you didn’t have an audience the whole time,
how simple things are. It’s just been remarkable,
my experience in the change work. When this work came in,
and I say came in because I didn’t sit down and
analytically develop PSYCH-K, it really was one of
those born out of a moment of terrible frustration with
graduate school training and other things that I’d
tried, all of a sudden entire patterns of change were just
downloaded in my computer. I went into my house, literally,
and typed the information into a computer and said,
“Okay, that’s interesting, “I wonder what that’s about.” And then I just read off the
sheets and learned the work that way. It was very interesting,
and this was 14 years ago. So I was very skeptical,
didn’t believe in muscle testing because I had
never experienced it, didn’t believe in these
patterns until I could experience them myself. And when I saw the really
miraculous changes that were taking place in short period of time, physically, emotionally,
spiritually for people, I finally just said okay. Thank you and I’ll do it. So you find a path and you
stay with it ’cause it works. And it’s my joy to get
to share this information with you. It’s like Bruce and I bond
because he’s bumping the envelope of biology, I’m doing
the same with psychology, we’ve been looking in the
wrong place for the changes for a lot of years and it’s
time to wake up and do it completely differently. (upbeat music) People are busy getting
all these diseases and all these sicknesses these
days and I say, largely, we’re so out of whack,
out of resonant vibration, out of harmony with nature
that we’re living an artificial life in a natural environment. And to the extent that we
can come back into harmony with the natural environment,
our bodies will come back into harmony with health. Even in the health and
wellness program in PSYCH-K which addresses mostly
physiological type problems, and triggers the doctor
within, the sort of mind part of us that can trigger
the self healing response, healing comes from inside us this way. And as Bruce Lipton would
say, our health is a function of epi-genetic signals,
signals above our genes that are given to our cells to
operate in a certain way and trigger biochemical
responses that are immune enhancing instead of immune suppressing. And that’s what the health
and wellness program is all about. So to use your mind as a part
of a medical intervention, I’m not saying don’t go to a doctor, go to a doctor when it’s
appropriate to go to a doctor, of course you do, but I’m
saying that in the main stream medical community, very
seldom does the medical community see the mind as
another physician that they can call on to help in
the healing process. And I’m saying it’s so
forgotten in our culture and so critical to ancient cultures. That’s why I studied the
ancient cultures so much is to find out what they
know that we’ve forgotten about the nature of things. They treat whole people, they
don’t treat just symptoms. And we’re so symptom oriented
because we’re so left brain oriented because
we’re so reductionistically oriented and separate from
each other in everything that we’ve forgotten who we are. We are interconnected, we
are interconnected to the environment, the environment we live in. Whether you live in a city or in a forest, we’re all part of that environment. And what you think and what
you believe has a profound effect on your health, on your well-being, on your happiness, and on
other people around you. – Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed. I’d love to know, what did you think? Do you buy into it? Are you going to test it out? Are you going to try? Have you already done something around it? Have you seen results or not? I’d love to know what you think. The first thing I did after
I watched these videos when we were doing the
research is I got Alex and I tested the arm thing. And it seemed to work on
him so it was a good early, early test. So I’d love to know,
what did you guys think? Do you think this is a
bunch of BS or do you think this is actually applicable, helpful, have you tried it? I’d love to know your
thoughts, share it down in the comments below. Also, if there’s somebody
else that you think we should profile or look into or
research around the Never Sick theme, somebody who can
help you stay always healthy that you’ve learned from,
I’d love for you to share that person in the comments, as well. Maybe we’ll do a video on
them and their thoughts in the future. Thank you guys so much for
watching, I believe in you, I hope you continue to
believe in yourself and whatever your one word is,
much love, I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Evan, I haven't been sick in 16yrs! And I've worked in the gym for 14yrs. My 14yr old has had one stomach bug since she was born. A lot has to do with your thinking but it's also the food you consume, you minerals you take, the health of your gut (immune system) and your down time. Genetically, my family is not healthy, I chose to not pull the trigger. Good luck to you!

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    Since the last episode I got more into Wim Hof and is really fascinating.
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    I've seen this test done with cell phones. If you have a cell phone in your hand your arm is weaker.

    Very interesting.

    My thoughts are very positive and I protect my environment. I've had a long lasting migraine of 5 years, but I believe I'm still up and going because I keep believing, praying to God, taking herbs, vitamins, medications, drink water, eat fruits, vegetables, etc.

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    Thanks again mate. Peace

  15. Evan ,,You Definitely Know how to spark That P!ug ,,Lol ,Sometimes ,,,1u r a product of r element 2,,,I Am Not Her ,3,How does a Smart Person that is a leader get so rapped up in Anger n That Means Someone hmmmm ,r something Is renting bad space ,,Api genetics ,,Wow Yes n No )) Api Is Above ,,,environment of course ,,Placebo ,,,, omg I freaking Love Pschycology )))gotta stay thriving n Striving ,,,))) A lot Of Times I might Be perceived n guess I'm not the best Communicater ,,,But Always mean Well )) Can't understand Haters ,Nor will I Try ,,,,,,FYI this Doctor ,professor is Great he doesn't Put you to sleep & Shows Compassion ,Charisma n Courage ,,,See kids just when you thought You Knew ,,,)) Stay Shining Wickety Cool ,,Rae

  16. Break down of what the doctor is doing : 1) Make you relax your body first to open up and accept new things. 2) training u like how people do with the "Yes" in sales (to train you to getting familiar to something new…. It starts the belief process the more times u say yes in a row) 3) Forcing you to talk with yourself through your situation to get your epiphany to haooen (same concept as to talking through so someone so they can walk over a scary bridge… But he eliminates the outside person… And forces you to be that outside person so you can have a habit of talking to yourself in any difficult situation to get over any hurdle u might have)

    If works … If u watch sales training videos , police shows (where there someone trying to commit suicide that needs to take place and the person needs to be talked to you get off the ledge)

  17. Following my first comment … Yes this does work. U don't need to use the arm and leg trick but u can if u want to. He is just using it u something physical so everyone else can see it too. I've learned this since I was young by testing this on myself constantly. He is forcing you to speed up your will process, to strengthen it by pushing u from the I can't "mindset" to the I can and "i will find a way" to get what I want so that your mind "can" "ABSORB" what's in "front" of u all along.

    I chose #1 since I was a young gjrl : I can accomplish anything I choose…. ( Examole: my fears)
    And yes it can seriously take only a couple of minutes to get over it. I used this system to Test it on more specific things (my fears… I can't get more extreme than this when it comes to reprogramming yourself) :
    – fear of heights (before: even second story ones. Now: any level.story is fine with me)
    – fear of fast moving things … Like rollercoaster (can manage to get on 90% of universal studios rides
    – fear of falling : went in door sky diving (where I'm in a falling face forward position ….without the seat belt of a rollercoaster!! … Can't get better than this)
    – fear of driving (after getting into a major car accident, and was able to drive in the freeway after that)
    – fear of not being able to handle the new job I signed up for since I haven't updated my skills in almost 10 years and never used the programs they have rhere. There was one to train me how to do the job on my first day … No training modules for me to go through. Not even where to go find the program files)
    – fear of public speaking (I can do presentations in front of a crowd, in conference rooms, etc.)

  18. Environment is more important then your genes. Stem cells in a healthy environment , will be healthy, but the same cell in a tense environment will not grow.

  19. I used to fake ear aches as a kid to get out of school a lot. I later started getting bad ear infections that required surgery 3 times. When I got older I realized how powerful the mind is. I've never had ear problems since figuring that out. Your mind if very very powerful!

  20. This kind of affirmation techniques works for me in terms of accomplishing goals but not in terms of health. To me, health maintenance requires regular practice and mindset alone is not enough. In terms of health, Wim Hof method works almost instantly to me . I used to have flu in the morning almost everyday and it almost completely gone. Thanks to you for introducing him to us.


  22. Excellent video!
    Confirms the message in the Bible… 1 -As a man thinks so is he. And 2, I pray above all things that you be in HEALTH and prosper 'even as' your soul (sub-conscience) prospers.

  23. I dont get sick 2 but it suck because im always at school and its not fair to see everyone whos sick gets to go home 🙁

    Get this power out of me!!!!!!

  24. I agree. Yes a better belief can improve your immune system. I did this in the past and was never sick for 7 years. At that time, I also ate salt, sour fruits, and sour herbs when my body needs it to improve my immune system.
    When I felt my body was attacked by pathogenic bacteria or viruses, my body temperature increases. The same is true after I was in contact with a sick person. I have high body temperature but I don't feel sick. I don't cough or become weak during that period. But my body temperature can turn a large tub of cold of water warm. It lasts for two days and it goes away. I was lucky never to get sick in 7 years.
    I lost my belief when I experienced and felt betrayed. I started drinking hard and it ruined my health.

  25. 19:20 I like what hes saying but what about that headless chicken that survived for over a year. Google if you think Im lying

  26. Something to keep in mind is belief is be lie false and believe is be lie have….
    The metaphysical creates the physical …. Left + Right = Light + Love = Live

    Psychology makes me laugh really loud…. and so I ask what part of the conscience do we not understand the con or the science. People cant see whats right in front of them to see or know who they are….. Because people only focus on making money not truly helping anyone… thats just more of the same …. and why it cant be seen or ever will be until we change…. I enjoy the videos but we have a lot to learn about self no one else but self…….

    Know yourself and you will know everything else. What did Wim Hof do ? He got of the Dogma box ….Reason them do not make them a belief …. be lie false. No action ….. Ok I will give a hint Thinking and Reasoning, Knowing and Understanding ….now what cant people turn off? Thinking is that reasoning also?" Now Figure out what thinks only and what knows only ……and is a asshole because of…. not you…..empathy .

    Ill check back soon…. Dig deep into that conscience psychology ….. you wont find it there but I am going to make people think and reason so they know and understand …..

  27. Wow, this video is amazing! I need to watch it a second time when there is a moment I can take notes. Our mind is so much stronger then I ever imagined! Thank you Evan!


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