How to Make Sure You're Ranking for Keywords on Amazon with Your Private Label Products

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what's going on guys it's Brian from BG media innovation and today I'm gonna talk to you guys about how you can ensure that you're actually ranking for the keywords that you want with your Amazon private label products and we're starting right now all right guys so I'm gonna try to keep this one today as short as possible for you so that you can take this information in and go ahead and apply it now I get this question a lot from a lot of people that take my retail arbitrage course and if you're looking for the retail arbitrage course you know something to add to your FBA private-label game go ahead and check the description it's the first link in the description now I get this question from a lot of my retail arbitrage course students and I get this question from a lot of people that I network with that do private labeling as well because if you know if you're not aware of some of my review videos we do have like a network of you know reviewers that help each other out you know there are all private label errs so if you're interested in that you know feel free to shoot me an email at Brian that's Brian with a why at BG media innovation comm and maybe I can refer you to a couple my users maybe we can exchange you know reviews and so on and so forth or feel free to drop a comment down below and engage with this because it really helps the you know the video rank better on YouTube obviously the more people like it and engage with it before we get started actually too if you like this content maybe you're an FBA seller already maybe you're you know trying to get into the game you're just looking for information to better you know approach the topic or the strategy go ahead and check out the description below you can feel free to grab my retail arbitrage course it's only 10 bucks for YouTube subscribers or you can check out kevin david's FBA amazon FBA ninja course which is something I highly highly recommend there's the first module in there there's obviously the entire course first module will get you started with your product research and basically allow you to source the right product that's already on Amazon all the tips and tricks that you're gonna need to source that product that's already on Amazon that gets a lot of sales but doesn't have the highest competition and that's really the name in the game so that will help you out if you're new if you're already an FBA seller you know maybe you have your own private label product or products already like myself and I was you know pretty much along this line I've been private labeling for about a year probably a little bit over a year now and I thought that I had the PPC game down because my profits weren't my profits I don't know what that where it is but my products were all profitable and I was doing really well and my PPC was you know working and I had the right keywords at least I thought I did research on my competitors but there was even stuff in his PPC module Kevin David's PPC module LinkedIn this Crypton blow that blew my mind ain't it will blow yours too so check that out it's the only plug for this this time but moving on this is the question I get a lot now let's assume that this was your private label product you know it's a turmeric root extract you've been seeing you know if you're in a private labeling I'm sure you've been seeing these popping up all over the place if you're doing product research you've been probably seeing these they're everywhere now but if this was your product basically if you wanted to rank for certain keywords and that's the name of the game I'm obviously assuming that you know that because you're an FBA seller you want to rank for the broadest keyword on your product because that will allow you and and basically you know yield you the most traffic which in turn you see you can't talk to that in turn yields you the most you know sales and obviously profit on your product you also want to rank for you know more longer tail keywords that will bring you some traffic but aren't as competitive but the name of the game to really get a profitable product that actually makes a difference in your bank account is to rank for that you know most broad keyword on on your you know your product now some products might have one or two but you want to make sure that your ranking for it so you hear that all the time you want to rank for keywords we all know this well how do you make sure that you're ranking for those keywords and it's really really simple and you actually see I can do it right here so what you're gonna do is you're gonna copy that Asin which I just did and you're gonna take it to the Amazon search bar make sure you're in all not like this one is the XO Amazon elements this is I guess the seller on this make sure you're in all take to the search bar and paste in your Asin okay then with no spaces you're going to simply add Plus and then you're going to type in the keyword and that will allow you to realize if you're ranking for it on Amazon or not so let's just use this as you can get as an example if you wanted to rank for turmeric obviously you could check to see if you're aching for turmeric and obviously this one is now you see it ranks for turmeric if you're looking for a software that will basically tell you where your ranking I recommend keyword inspector that way you don't have to manually do it that'll be linked in the description as well it's obviously an affiliate link but I think I make like peanuts on that so everyone just google it that's fine too but you know if you want to click through my link much appreciated obviously and then basically if you wanted to check this manually how you would do it is you would go into the Amazon search bar without your ASI in and you would type in turmeric and then you have to manually scan through and see what page you are on it's pretty simple takes a while to do it for multiple keywords obviously because you could be all the way on page 20 if you're just starting if you're a little bit more ranked you should hopefully be within the top 5 pages obviously the normal goal and the main goal is to get on page 1 for that broad keyword but if you're trying to rank for you know more longtail keywords you're not have a percent sure maybe you wanted to rank for like root extract or something like that you simply paste it in and that will tell you and this one is ranking for it root extract so it's really simple guys that's basically how you do it if you're looking to you know manually figure out how you're ranking for keywords and where they are this is the process that you go through but like I said you don't have to do this manually people ask me this all the time just by a software there's so many software's out there no keyword inspector you can buy it by you don't have to buy it it's not like a monthly charge you basically buy it by what's the word I'm looking for credits kind of and you can check that out it's not expensive at all it's I use that myself if you're looking for a software that's you know free to kind of spy on your competitors that won't actually do this sonar is a great one it's one that I use too now it's not as you know good as keyword inspector obviously but I will be doing a video on sonar coming soon so you guys can check that out and I'll take you through the walkthrough process of how to actually utilize that but like I said check those description links out guys this is basically how you check to see if you're ranking for keywords I get this question all the time so I wanted to answer I wanted to bring you guys some value because if you're not that's the name of the game with private label products you have to rank for certain keywords you want to bring that organic traffic so you're listing you know we can pay for traffic all day long but you should be capitalizing on that organic traffic so that you can really really maximize your profit margins okay so I hope you guys liked this video I'd love to hear feedback from you if you liked it you know please let me know in the comments thumb up the video it really helps the channel grow comment and subscribe guys and I will see you guys tomorrow

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  1. Ok so you showed how to check where you ranked for key words, how do you actually get ranked higher, is that through campaigns and things like coupon giveaways? Is there any other methods? Thanks in advance


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