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Hi I’m David Bell. Welcome to episode 2 of the art and craft
of worship leading for the 21st century. I’ve been a worship leader, a preacher and
a teacher, usually all three rolled into one on the Sunday
event for some 35 years. I’ve got one very important tip to share about
how an effective church leaders public prayers. So let’s go over the basics of prayer in worship
leading and see if any clues emerge. Now here are some ways for a worship leader to
pray. Extempore, meaning you just speak in a kind
of free association of words and ideas. There’s reading written prayers, either you’ve created them or you’re reading
from a book of prayers, or you saw them on the internet for shared
use. Open prayers are where the leader gives a
few directions to the congregation, then allows the congregation to do the praying. Silent prayer is one of my favorites and I think there should always be a time
for silence in worship, but it’s rare enough except, of course, at Quaker meetings. There are litanies which involve a kind of
duelling banjos approach where the leader reads sentences and the congregation replies to each sentence
or idea with a set response that they’ve learnt by heart.. Finally, of course, liturgies: and this is where the congregation reads a variety
of responses throughout the service. To support all this are printed orders of
service -or projected -, prayer books and a host of other aids, such as banners or even flags in church, there could be candles, there could be beautiful floral displays, sometimes a meditation table, incense or other fragrance and movement: standing, sitting, kneeling at
different prayer times, and so on. The point is that there a huge range of options
for you lead in prayer. But you do have to learn to do it well. Otherwise public prayers quickly degenerate. They are sometimes boring, insincere and irrelevant. I want to suggest this one key idea. Every prayer a worship leader prays has to
have a real intent behind it. This is so across all the prayer types. Without intention, without you wanting to
help the prayer become effective, you may as well just read the advertising
info on a packet of crisps. Junk food doesn’t feed the body with good
nutrition. Junk prayer doesn’t feed the hearts and minds
of people who have come to worship for soul food. Without real intention in prayer the worship
leader merely performs a perfunctory role. With real intention in prayer hope is kindled,
the presence of God is felt, and our world changes. You can find out all about the different prayer
types in #kiwiconnexion. Use this live link to to explore a free resource
or two to help you as a worship leader. See you next week, same time, same channel,
so subscribe now. And thanks for watching.

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