How To Get MORE Social Media Followers For Your Church

Posted By on October 2, 2019

– A lot of churches want more
followers on social media, but how do you actually get them? In my experience, there
are four different tactics that you can use to earn more followers on social the right way. No buying followers here, and in this video, you’ll
learn what these tactics are and why your church
has an unfair advantage that you may not even be aware of. ♪ Amen ♪ – Well, hey there, and
welcome to Pro Church Tools, the show where in 10 minutes or less, you’re gonna get a dose
of tips and tactics to help your church the message of Jesus while we navigate the
biggest communication shift in 500 years, I’m your host, Alex Mills, joined as always by the
boss man, Brady Shearer. – Alex, all of us want
more followers on social. – I need a hit of dopamine,
and I need it now. – If you’re listening or watching, go follow @Alexander.Mills on Instagram because he’s a great follow,
especially if you like coffee. – Yeah (laughs).
– For the rest of us, you probably want more followers too. The big question, how do you get them, and how do you do it the right way? Because more followers,
yes, can be a vanity metric that makes us feel good about ourselves, which is fine, but more importantly, more followers means a bigger audience, more people to be reached.
– Well, the thing about wanting more followers
on our personal account is you want more people to see your face, or in my case, your cup of coffee, but when it comes to
your church’s account, it’s kind of a noble endeavor
to want more followers ’cause that’s just a bigger audience that you get to share the
message of Jesus with. So it is kind of a noble endeavor, but you wanna do it the right way. You don’t wanna be buying
Russian bot follower accounts. You wanna do it the right way, and there are some ways
that you can do it. – For sure, four different
things that have worked for me, that have worked for us that
we want to share with you, and the first is cross promotion. – Mhm.
– And this is where your church actually
has a huge unfair advantage that you may not even know about, especially when you compare
your church to other industries, like real estate or lawyers
or the average restaurant or something like that,
in that you as a church have an audience that comes to your building every single week to listen to you.
– Yeah. – If you’re a dentist,
yeah, people come to you maybe every 12 or six months, but they’re not there to listen to you. – And they don’t even wanna be there. – They don’t even like you, bruh, but if you’re a church, you
have this great unfair advantage because when I say cross promote, I mean if you’ve got a bunch of people on your Facebook account
and you wanna start an Instagram profile, have something that will inspire people to
jump from Facebook to Instagram. But that cross promotion
can also work in person. If you have a bunch of people
checking you out in person, analog like, you can translate
to the digital world, and your church has an unfair advantage because most people,
like when I got started, I couldn’t cross promote.
– Right (laughs). – I didn’t have anything to cross promote. – Yeah. – That’s where most people begin. They’re like, “Brady, that’s a great tip “to cross promote from
Facebook to Instagram, “but nobody’s on Facebook anyway.” But your church has people
in person coming to see you. So get them from your in-person experience to your digital experience. You can do that with a simple
slide that occurs on a Sunday. – Mhm.
– But you can also do number two, the second tactic here. You need to inspire people. A lot of people will
not actually do anything unless they feel the
absolute need to do it. – Or in this case, unless
there’s a potential reward in return.
– Exactly. We see this a lot with Cyber
Monday or with Black Friday. And those days have now become weeks because they work so well
when there’s scarcity, when there’s a timeline,
when there’s something that is a huge reward, we
are willing to take action. If there’s nothing
that’s really driving us, there’s no real need to take that action, what we’ll say is, “Oh, I like
that, I’ll do that later.” Not now, so what we recommend that you do is host a contest.
– Yep. – And we actually got a DM from a person in Pro Church Nation
recently that ran a contest. I wanna read to you what they said to me. They said, “Hey, Brady, I’ve
listened to like eight hours “of your podcast, and I
tried the restaurant giveaway “on my church’s Facebook.” Where basically, you
get like a $25 gift card to like let’s say a Mexican restaurant in the city that everyone
likes, and you give that away. He says, “We’ve been pretty stagnant “as far as contest posting and engagement, “and the idea of giving away even $25 “to a Mexican restaurant and
a mug really changed things. “We’ve received 38 new likes on our page. “We’re a church of about
80 to 90,” so that’s huge. – Yeah.
– “We had 371 likes “on the post.”
– Yeah, listen to these stats. – “344 comments and 331
shares in seven days “with seven posts, 11,000 reach. “According to the 2010 census, our county “only has 24,000 people total, “and that is actually decreasing.” So they reached like half of their county with a contest post.
– And they didn’t put any money behind the post. The only financial
investment that this required was that $25 gift card
to the local restaurant, which in turn, can be a little
bit of a cross promotion as well because whoever wins the contest goes to the restaurant,
they say, “Hey, I won this “in a contest from the
church down the road,” and then, boom, now the
restaurant down the road knows about your church. – So tactic number one, cross promote. Tactic number two, contest,
get people to take action. Give them a reward,
give them some scarcity, push them in the right direction. Moving on to tactic number three, which is the snowball effect. This is the not-so-glamorous,
but most important element of growing on social media. You can do certain things,
somewhat gimmicky things like a contest, like cross promotion. Cross promotion isn’t a gimmick, but you can only do it like so often. And then, there’s no one
else to cross promote to. A contest is great, you
can get a huge spike in followers, but maybe
they’re not gonna be the highest quality of followers, and we’ve seen this, like I love contests, but sometimes, it’s a way to
get people to take action. But they didn’t really
wanna take that action, so maybe they’re not as engaged with you on another platform.
– Yep. – Still worth doing,
definitely worth trying, but it’s not perfect but it is glamorous. This one is perfect, not so
glamorous, the snowball effect. Doing the right things over and over again until you see that snowball
rolling down the hill that as you continue to
do those right things, day-by-day, maybe even month-by-month, the improvement is gradual. It doesn’t seem so sexy or exciting, but then, you look back
over the course of a year. – Oh yeah.
– The course of two years, and this is why social is so
tough because it takes so long, and things have improved drastically. For instance, this year, on our Instagram and our YouTube page, they’ve
both grown by a 100 percent. So our YouTube subscribers
have gone from about 20K to 40K, Instagram went
from about seven and half K to 15K.
– Mhm. – No contests, no paid
ads for either at all. It’s just from doing the right
thing on those platforms. – Right.
– And we did things like cross promote and
contests to get them started, but then, we’ve just been
doing the right things, showing up every day,
delivering value for free, asking nothing in return,
and in turn from there, the snowball effect has
just grown and grown. – Yeah.
– And we look at forecasts that are coming in for 2019, 2020, it’s gonna be even bigger.
– Yeah. – And that snowball just
keeps getting bigger. You’re growin’ by like five percent, but that five percent
becomes seven percent, becomes nine percent, and
those numbers just keep growing and growing, and that’s
really the true secret to social media growth.
– Well, the snowball effect in itself is just patience, and patience when you’re doing the right thing. It’s showing up every day,
it’s posting every day, and it’s just riding it out. Like you said, maybe it’ll
take a year to look back and see the growth, the snowball effect that has actually happened. And from day-to-day,
sometimes, you don’t see that immediate growth happening, and that’s where that
contest comes into play, that cross promotion, you can
get those bumps in followers. But I see even on my personal account over the last calendar year, I’ve had like a 500 percent growth, and in the thick of it,
it didn’t seem like much. But now, I can look back and be like, oh, I was just showing up every day and posting stuff that
my followers enjoyed, and this snowball has taken
off and it’s just rolling now. And so, the same thing can and
will happen for your church if you just do the right
stuff and show up every day and be patient.
– And that’s another example of cross promotion that I
actually didn’t mention here, but is great, which is
collaborations, kind of. – Mhm.
– So this has been huge for my buddy, Sean Cannell,
which we did a collab together, and I saw an influx of people from him. You started working here.
– Yeah. – Pro Church Nation kind of
naturally migrates to you, and so, cross promotion when
it comes to collaboration, not just cross promotion internally, but externally with
other people can be huge. And then, the final thing
is paid advertising. There’s nothing like
throwing gasoline on a fire, and paid advertising is a
great way to grow very quickly. We did this with our e-mail list. We went from three thousand
to 30 thousand in a year because we had grown organically,
had some extra funds, let’s re-invest it, pour it back in to seeing extreme growth,
and there’s nothing really like paid advertising.
– Right. – You can target the exact
people that want to find you, and then, you find them
and it just costs money. So a lot of this is like what do you have? Do you have time, do you have money? I was listening to an interview
on Tim Ferriss’s podcast with LeBron and his trainer. LeBron, a professional
athlete and business person that I greatly look up to, and they kept asking
like, “LeBron, what do you “when you have a bad game? “What do you do when things
start going poorly,” or, “How did you get so good to begin with?” And they just kept going back to, “We just keep the doing right
things every single day. “Icing, eating right, and
not doing anything dumb. “And when things are looking
like they’re not going “in the right direction,
we stick to the process.” And truthfully, whether
it’s social media growth or anything in life, it’s
about following the process, even when it’s not glamorous, even when things looks
like the meet, the needle isn’t going forward, you
just do the right thing over and over again, and
eventually, that turns the tide. – There it is.
– Final point. Do not buy followers. You will or may be
tempted to buy followers. I recently discovered a
church business media account that had purchased a ton of followers, and I was like, “Wow, they
got a ton of followers, “good for them.” And then, I investigated the account, and they had like a 12
score out of a hundred when it came to their engagement. In comparison, our account has
an 87 score out of a hundred, which is a great indicator of the fact that they bought followers.
– Right. – Which is not a demonstration
of great integrity, but more importantly,
especially when it comes to that business’s goals,
it’s not gonna get you where you wanna go.
– No. – It might impress some other people. It might validate you in the
mind of somebody for a second, but your engagement is gonna be so low, you’re never gonna reach
the people to begin with. – Right.
– It’s not worth it. Do not buy followers, it’s bad. And that’ll do it for this
episode of Pro Church Tools. We’ll see ya next time.
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  1. Awesome ideas. I'm hoping that my life will change soon (still praying for favor) that I will be able to devote more time to doing our churches social media. I will be implementing this ideas.
    Brady – towards the end of the video you were talking about not buying followers (wow, guess I can't buy "Followers" OR use Papyrus font haha). Then you said you investigated an account and they had a certain score…. where can I get a score for our churches account?
    Thank-you in advance.

  2. Thanks, guys! I definitely needed to hear this today. Was getting frustrated because we all want fast growth on social. I just got to keep at it and being consistent. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. The fact that Brady used the word "sexy" in a conversation about social media metrics is exactly why I'm here XD
    Also, I just started a giveaway to an Advent countdown we're doing on Facebook. Every Like/Comment/Share is an entry, and we do the giveaway at our Christmas Service on the 16th. It's only been a couple days and our posts are booming! This 👏 stuff 👏 works 👏


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