How to Find the Important Missing SEO Keywords From Your Content

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hello friends welcome to viral ml welcome to Episode five this is manual immunity key and I'm gonna talk about one of my favorite subjects something I think about way too much I wish I thought about other things like sailing or playing the piano but I said I think about how to give content online content delivered deserve basically attracting the right amount of traffic that the article gets read and gets shared this is something that I think is fascinating because it's a very complicated process and it's it's a very complicated game it really is a game so it's very interesting to understand how it works and to see how to play house it how to play it so I created a new tool called SEO missing words I did another video where there was another tool in the same spot this is a new tool so I swapped them the other tool still exists if you have a link to it and you like it but this is completely completely redesign I think a better tool I might bring them both into a single package eventually but right now this is what I want to talk it's a tool to find your missing keywords and I think a smarter way so before I start let me just show you and of course you can use this you can do this without using the tool right the tool is just there it's free go ahead experiment with it right there's no reason not to let me go to an article I wrote which I've done a video before about it's how to write the perfect title and I'm gonna take that title I'm gonna copy it and I'm gonna open a Google search bar but you can just drop it here and see where this article comes up okay second place not bad sometimes it even gets the first place so to be fair let's open a Inc juanita window and do the same thing right you don't wanna make sure it's not gaming you or giving you no favoritism you're on a contrary indie although this remind me later in the ingredient I get first place it kind of flips back and forth and even I'm even beating Neil Patel so that's pretty cool of course nobody that type this very long sentence of course is gonna be a match so how about we cut it in half and basically we're going we're focusing more on these expensive keywords right there's a lot of competition for this stuff there's a lot of competition in this SEO field the SEO recommendation feel is a crowded field so these are very you know a prized keywords so let's see how I do I see if I'm still coming out first I know I don't but last I checked I was still here I come out fourth right one two three four I come out fourth so not bad right and just to prove how it works if I remove the rank sign let's go with title last I checked I don't even come up at all I'm not even like I would last I was looking at I was certainly not on the first page I went to the fifth page I still wasn't there so basically these keywords get very expensive you know a lot of people have put a lot of work to be the first on very specific keywords but either way I'm very pleased how this article I make close this thing how this article comes up right this is my guinea pig at play a lot with it as you'll notice it actually has a subtitle most of my pieces don't have a subtitle I put a subtitle purposely so I could add more keywords to see if it liked it any it does like it right so it loves these keywords and this is what we're gonna talk about today so let me go to the tool and again you don't need to use a tool you could do it manually but we're gonna use a tool because it's there it's free and I recommend you use it I have told us exactly what I just did but it does it automatically so let's go back to the article and I'm gonna take a google search allows you 32 words so I'm gonna take you know both the title and the header and a subtitle I mean because we have it that many words and all you do is you paste it in step one and you can you click the get mic missing keywords button and then it's gonna go what it does it's gonna go on a search engine it's gonna drop it and it's gonna scrape the first couple pages and just use the results it's not actually clicking and traveling to those links it's just using the results there's plenty of good information there and it returns it's really cool graph so it returns words that aren't found in your keywords that's that's key right it's saying these are words that are missing in your keywords but it also ranks them it's gonna rank some by distance meaning that these words are synonymous down here to the words you have these words are not synonymous towards your heart so you want to focus on the words that are higher up not as synonymous but these may mean there are concepts that your the text you put in are is missing and here it's by frequency so this word is you're missing it right we're missing SEO but it's also seen in many many of the results that that we scraped right so this is an important work I probably should add it right same thing with you know these words they're not as frequent but they're still important right so let me make this a little bit bigger I did put SEO in it so I thought I did okay that's why I saying SEO isn't important work so I'm glad I did it because it's highlighting that this is a true this is a word that's important I probably should put it in and maybe I'll get a better ranking these are important words and I've seen as frequently but they're important things they're high up right so the first part will return all sorts of good information blog disruption engineering things you should use to you know give your content more lift now there's something that I want to talk about because it's the why why are we doing this well I'm doing this because I want to get my content lift that I do not want to change all my content just to get lift right that's that's important I don't want to get traffic and Riaan and then create garbage content I want my content to be tweaked slightly so that it gets the exposure it deserves that's important right you'll see like a lot of sales trick they'll they'll put garbage content with the keywords and I'll sell you a product that that's not at all what I'm doing here I want my content I want the the content I create I think has a lot of value can teach people things and I wanted to get that exposure it deserves right so just slight tweaks adding a few words here and there swapping a few words in there but I still want my my initial creativity to be you know somewhat intact the second list that returns is interesting as well is these are still words that are missing in the continent put in but there are words that are that are ranked by similarity amongst the results set so let's say it returns ten results sets its canned if it finds one word that's in all ten it's going to be high up and that means that's an important word and people love that word right they've written a lot about that word so here it says that for example the word research is high up right it's very similar Sinhala in all the results and it's seen 16 times so research is definitely a word I probably should add right to to to my subtitle or my title or put it in the content or an attack right that's how it works and this will give you that lift that's how I got that's that's how I got this title to rank so hard to rank so well right so that's the tool I think it's fascinating and I want to talk a few were before and I want to keep this video short but before I end I want to mention one important point the reason why we're not for example we're just scraping the results set it's because you have some of the smartest PhDs who built these algorithms this dis search engine all algorithms and they're telling you from the data you put in this is what we think is really close to your data right we they think it's a question and they return the result set what are using as a question we're saying you know what is my competition writing and what words they use it I'm not using and they're telling you this is what you're missing so you should look at it and even if you don't agree with it it doesn't matter because Google we're all at the mercy of Google here right so you have to say okay that's the ground truth right this these are similar whether you want to or not maybe you should change your query or change some part of your article because on the internet right Google is seeing this as similar to that and that's the ground truth double reasons why you should systematically when you're creating content go to the browser see you know and do digging up cupping a five six seven ten pages and see what the results set the algorithm is returning because you gotta find gems in there things that you may be missing things that may be a thing that you your work is so common to everything else is not worth putting online etc etcetera so that's what I want to talk to I'll briefly mention and I think you know those who are familiar with me know that I have my book monetizing machine learning it's all about applied data science is out now you can get the e-book the print book will be out in October so please you know if you like this stuff it's 16 chapters of just apply machine learning I recommend you check it out and the other thing the next week actually have two videos the next two episodes more or less planned out one is going to be about my checklist before I put any content online I have ten steps I always follow and it ensures that you know you're doing it in the correct way I have five years of experience you have learned quite a few things and I've read a lot on this topic too so I've taken some advice from other people and I think I've got a pretty good checklist that's what I want to do next week but the week afterwards or even further out I'm not sure I also want to explore another concept which is I think very very very interesting when you look at these words right so here I'm looking at the common words that are returned that are missing in in my content in a question I put but I also want to then maybe classify these in clusters and start saying maybe you shouldn't just jam all the common words like SEO and research and ranking in your in your content maybe you should be seeking more than niche words right maybe these are so common that it's just gonna dilute it and should be very hard to bubble up to the top maybe if it costs that you may find an interesting as all these are interesting looking at a very specific angle of your of your data and saying maybe I should you know focus more on these and less on these even remove some of those add more of these to then rank high because you're using these keywords that not everybody else is using so this is something I'll be you know probably playing maybe I'll use another article as a guinea kitten guinea pig this time leave the create the title one on its own a bit and try that experiment as well so I need a few weeks to try it out to see how the search engine reacts to it but there's definitely be a topic then I'm gonna cover soon and of course I'll cover off the other ways of getting traffic such as sharing links you know asking people to share these kind of things so I hope you find it interesting and remember that the the my book is out and the tool is right here it's called SEO missing words finder thank you

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