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hey everybody what's happening Nicky from the privately Muller Show podcast over at private label or show comm and in this short video I'm going to show you how to use and find the correct and best Amazon search terms for your Amazon listing so that way you can maximize traffic and sales with those search terms so you could have the best product on Amazon with the best pictures out there but if nobody can find you through search because your listing just isn't optimized very well then what good is that product ok so it's all about finding high-traffic high relevant or highly relevant keywords and putting those throughout your listing accordingly in the correct spots to help you succeed and selling on Amazon so before we jump into the tool that I'm using to do that really excited to show you that it's kind of when I do a quick walkthrough right here now you may or may not know but in your title you're gonna want to make sure you have the most relevant high traffic keywords because amazon will give that priority ok they they'll give that the most weight and the next-in-line your bullet points very very important you can also lace those with medium and high traffic keywords as well and then further down the line your description and back-end is where you're gonna want to have some medium lower traffic maybe some longtail keywords things like that that you want to rank for you can kind of lace throughout maybe some misspellings in those search terms things like that so we're gonna look into all this in just a quick second and as I mentioned it's all about relevancy so it's relevant high traffic keywords relevant keywords in general that's what Amazon likes and again as I mentioned I use a tool to give me this information this isn't when you're when you're creating your listing and you're trying to optimize your listings you don't want to guess on keywords you want to have a tool that gives you all that data very easily and quickly and gives you all the search volumes and stuff like that and the tool that I'm gonna use for that is viral launches keyword research tool that recently came out I've been using it on existing listings kind of re going through them and some of the newer listings that I have coming out using it to make sure that I'm using all the correct keywords and I'm absolutely loving it so that's the tool that I'm going to show you so we are already on the page here already dialed in so my podcast see if you guys been listening I the example of a grill brush all the time kind of like a fictitious product to talk about so that's what we're gonna search for today we're gonna search for grill brush because maybe that's the product I'm selling or you're selling and I'm gonna show you how easy it is to find a whole bunch of great keywords and we're gonna kind of rip through this and I'll show you how to prioritize them and stuff like that so we just type that in and right off the bat found me 319 results 117 unique words and combined search volume over 150,000 and there's my seed keyword right there so it gives me that information and what we're gonna do what what we're gonna do is I'm gonna show you on this tool here kind of what what they have as an option here how you can filter things to your benefit as I mentioned relevancy was really important so let's say I wanted to find keywords that I should be probably putting in my title like high traffic height relevant keywords that are gonna hit and connect for sales so what they do here is they kind of give you a priority filter so I'm gonna walk through a few of these says priority score on a scale of zero to a thousand that rates a keywords importance based on relevancy and search volume okay so it's gonna look at the relevancy and the search volume and give it a priority score so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna filter this I want the top priority keywords right here and it's just gonna kind of lay them all out for me so again my seed where does grill brush and this is saying how about BB Q brush okay or grill cleaner or BB q grill brush things like that so as you see I got some different options now in different ways to go with this so if I'm selling a grill brush maybe I also want to kind of write it out in my title as BB Q grill brush okay cuz I'm hitting some of the the main words right here the main keywords here and then also the word cleaner so maybe throughout that title or somewhere in that title I want to have the word cleaner and as I go through it's gonna show me okay grill scraper alright well maybe in that title somewhere I want to have the word scraper so maybe it is BB q grill brush scraper maybe they it's kind of the main phrase that I'm gonna go with in my title or at least something to think about so what I want to do is maybe write some of those ideas down it also has word like brushes okay that's that's a word I'd probably want to have maybe not in my title but maybe in my in my bullet points things like that so what I want to do is I want to look at all these high-priority keywords that give me a lot of traffic see some of these are giving me you know thousands and thousands of hits every single month and this is aldana from Amazon that's what I love about this program it's all really relevant data exactly from the horse's mouth and that's what you want and then also you see here – it says barbecue brush so customers don't just type in BB q they'll type in the actual word barbecue okay so I definitely would want to have that somewhere in either my title and/or my bullet points and again that's all I'm really going to be doing is kind of looking at these I see the word grilling accessories so I want to have that word grilling accessories or that phrase probably maybe at the end of my title and/or in my bullet points somewhere and as you can see just kind of going down you'll see different words like safe wire these are all fairly high traffic words again that I'd probably want to lace throughout so that's just kind of going by the priority score so that higher the priority again those are the words that you're gonna want to put in your title now let's just look at an example here already on Amazon so let's look at BB q brush and let's view that on Amazon it is going to show me then all of the top search terms are top sellers underneath BB q brush and as you can see here it says best BB q grill brush okay that's the main phrase that they're kind of rolling with they also use cleaning wire and if you kind of go down the line here got grill brush and BB q they also use barbecue the they're using best which to my knowledge Amazon doesn't like but you know take a risk take a chance I guess grill brush bristle free and you can see here they're using BB q grill cleaning so you're using a lot all the top listings are using some of these words here some of these phrases so that's definitely a good sign you're on the right track here so again weird like scraper again that's that's maybe a word that you put maybe in your in your bullet points things like that so that's what you're gonna want to do you're gonna want to start writing out potential potential ideas on a sheet of paper for your title that's typically what I do and you're gonna pull from kind of all these top words right here and these top phrases and kind of piece it together for what makes sense for your exact role brush for your exact product and then as you go down the line as you kind of go down further you're gonna find maybe some lower priority keywords that you could kind of put throughout your not just your description but other parts of your bullet points and things like that so we have the word wire as we've seen before we have the word safe and we've seen bristle free we've seen the word cleaner already scraper grill gate brush things like that so you're gonna combined here's the word best so they're pulling it from those top listings so you're gonna combine a lot of these words and phrases again throughout your listing in your title now as I mentioned I really like this opportunity score so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna filter here and find some hidden gem opportunity so it says on a scale of 0 to 1000 says it rates a keywords ranking potential based on its current priority and top performing listings so it's gonna find you some I guess you could say some hidden gems some keywords or some phrases that you could put maybe in your search terms or just somewhere in your description somewhere and they might not have a ton of search volume but not a lot of competitors are using them so you're gonna have a pretty easy time ranking for these so if you see BBQs tools so they did they missed about BBQs so I probably wanna wouldn't want to put misspellings throughout my listing because that looks horrible but maybe I'd want to put that in my back-end search terms right there okay and there's not a whole lot of search volume on this but that's maybe a few extra people every single month that are gonna hit your listing potentially Grille brish so that's just a common misspelling right there 130 roughly search volumes a month and let's actually just open this up once I'm just curious so we got the word grill brish and there's 14 results for that so what if you showed up and you're the 15th result you're on the first page for that and again you're not gonna get a ton of eyeballs every single month but it's enough to maybe collect a few additional sales that you have would have not otherwise had so that's kind of what I'm doing here with these opportunity scores I'm looking at kind of again the low-hanging fruit seeing some common misspellings things like that some different ways of spelling the word so barbecue brush we got a different way of typing it in so bar-b-q grill brush with the G so as you can see here there's just some opportunities here and again they don't have thousands and thousands of search volumes but that's okay because you're gonna use some of these keywords or some of these words kind of in your back-end search terms and things like that to monopolize off of that that little additional traffic that you get and you add enough of these up there and you might have potentially hundreds if not thousands of extra eyeballs and clicks on your listing every single month just by kind of looking at these opportunity score here and the other thing too that thought I would mention this is kind of cool so we have the suggested bid here for pay-per-click now when you're first starting selling your product in Amazon you're gonna start a pay-per-click campaign a manual search campaign Amazon is gonna give you some suggested terms based off of your listing but if you really want to take advantage of some of these low hanging fruit opportunities you could then start up some pay-per-click campaigns and target some of these low hanging fruit keywords they're going to be potentially really inexpensive per click so this is saying about 80 cents per click to target that and again there might not be a whole lot of other sellers targeting some of these words in the pay-per-click campaign so so it could be an easy opportunity for you to collect on sales so air clicks and sales and things like that so that's kind of a cool thing there for you just to scrape that now what I actually like here too is the ability then to just take this entire this entire section of phrases here then it's pulled up and just kind of make it easier to work with so I'm gonna download it to a CSV file and this just again makes it easier to work with so pull it up here and let's just say I kind of want to take a look at things and you know a nicer view here what I could do then again I can look at it in a chart form view here maybe I could copy this entire thing and I could dump a lot of these search terms just right in my pay-per-click campaign right like that so it makes it easy also to I could strip out all of the duplicate keywords out of here as well so here's all the phrases that we've seen so I could easily use a program or somewhere with an excel here I think as well you can do it you can strip on all the duplicate keywords there because once you have a word in the listing technically that's enough according to Amazon you don't need to use it again and again and again it doesn't matter at that point once it once a words used or phrases use or whatever it's it's good you don't need to keep reusing it so you could strip out all these these keywords here again in kind of use those accordingly so that in a nutshell guys is exactly what you would do so again you'd start out folks focusing in on your title writing and out going after those high priority keywords again that have a lot of search volume and high relevancy and this program right here gives you all the data that you need now I've used a lot of other programs in the past some of them I recommended on the podcast may be you know months or years ago but the problem with those was a lot of times that the data wasn't very accurate the Amazon data the search volume data wasn't very accurate a lot of times it gave you a massive amount of irrelevant search terms and what I found with viral launches keyword research tool right here is everything that I'm seeing here is really darn relevant so for you to go all the way down this like you're gonna find a lot of just highly relevant search terms nothing that's junk there's nothing here that's really like oh you wouldn't that's not even close to a girl brush or anything like that so you have the words stainless and just different ways of spelling words and just different different ideas that you can kind of pull from I see the word Weber here just a little heads up you definitely wouldn't want to put that in your actual listing your back end that's probably like a patent in or like a or a trademark word there and you definitely went out one mA to mess with that book you could technically target that through pay-per-click okay so that's something you could could do there as you can see just kind of going through okay people are typing in grow brush that way so maybe I don't just gives you some additional ideas we got gas grill so there's also charcoal so again when you're creating your listing it just gives you all this information so easily and that's what I absolutely love about it as I mentioned for new listings I'm definitely all over this but for existing listings what I've actually done is I have gone through and typed in some of my seed keywords and essentially found handfuls of new search terms to put in my back-end search term fields to kind of pick up some additional traffic in sales from so that's kind of what you can do and let's just say you want to kind of really take things to the next level what you could also try is let's say you take BB q brush you could use that as your seed keyword and kind of just figure out okay is it gonna find maybe some additional keywords that or words that the the other search missed and kinda just go down through the line as well with a fine-tooth comb just to find every possible relevant keyword that's gonna make sense and kind of just comb through it but again check this tool out super awesome and against viral launch and if you go in the link in the description below or depending upon where you're listening to this they'll have a link for it or I'll have a link for it with a coupon code exclusive discount for you guys since you are listeners and followers of the podcast there so if you guys got any questions fire away in the comments below let me know join up in our Facebook group over at private label or show com /fb would love to hear your thoughts if you're using this tool but if you really want to dominate on Amazon it's all about getting found in search and this is a tool that can anybody can use to create killer listings so that about does it guys I'll talk to you in the next one peace

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