How To Find The Best Keywords For Adwords And SEO

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how to find the best keywords for your Google AdWords search campaign so there's basically four levels of people searching for you there's people that are not aware at all and so Google AdWords search doesn't apply to those people there's people that have heard of something and they might be typing in very abstract terms like cars shoes flowers very broad topics it's very hard to figure out what those people actually searching for and we don't want to target those people with their Google AdWords ads because then we'd be paying for advertising when the chance of those people actually purchasing from us is very little to none the next level down is people that are aware of it and they've also got some sort of interest in it so it might be a little bit more specific term so it might be people looking for a blue Subaru 2015 model we don't quite know what they're looking for they could be looking for blue Subaru paint they could be looking for a blue Subaru photo a poster they could be looking for a whole range of things but they could also be looking to buy that blue Subaru 2015 model that we've got for sale then there's those people that want it now they've got their credit card out and they're ready to buy they're just looking for someone to give their money to these are the people who type in a more specific term again so it could be purchase blue 2015 model Subaru or something to that effect now I'm going to show you how to use the Google Keyword tool to find the best keywords for your campaign alright so let's get into it now the first thing you need to do is go and Google Google Keyword planner and it will come up in Google search results you need to log in so you need to have a Google account and login once you're logged in you'll see this screen yeah so I'm going to show you three different ways that you can gather different keywords to using the Google AdWords campaign so first thing is you just click on this button here now if you already know or guess about what your products and services are related to I'm hoping that you already know this but you can put a keyword in here so let's say for example we put a camping store one of the keywords that we might try would be camping supplies now you want to target the area whatever it is so if you're going australia-wide or if you're going us white or UK white or if you're just selecting a Estate then you might type in here maybe you were just selecting Sydney the city for example then we could add that and then we could remove that and we're just going to get the results from Sydney but for this example I'm going to use the whole of Australia you can also select what language English is set by default the rest of the stuff leave it on there it's set up pretty well so that you can jump in and just start searching and finding keywords for your AdWords campaign now when you get a little more advanced you might use the keyword filters here and you can filter out keywords by search volume so if you only want keywords that are over a certain search volume or under a certain search volume you can do that or you can do they're in between a certain search volume don't worry too much about the suggested bid or the impression share it's really not going to give a true reflection this is a it's a good tool but it's a very blunt tool you could select the competition for the most part I don't worry about that too much because I want to run with the most qualified keywords that I choose and then let the users tell me which keywords I should be I should be using I don't want to be potentially losing out on an opportunity just because I'm trying to target just the low cost per click or the low competition keywords don't worry about this other stuff too much just get ideas now what that will do is it will give you add group ideas so you could take these keywords you can click in there and you can see camping stores you know always different keywords this is the search volume so you can filter by extension volume how many people are searching firm up on Google for your particular keyword to give you an estimate which keywords gonna have the highest volume now if you check out one of the other videos which talks about keywords and how to target the right types of keywords it goes more in-depth but what you want to be looking for is keywords with more commercial intent rather than just the search volume – camping stores is a good one if it's already implied that you're looking for a store they potentially want to buy something so that's let's say take this for example because it's got cheap in the keyword it's implied that they want to spend money right if they didn't want to spend money they wouldn't be typing cheap necessarily so you can start to target people a little bit more precisely by looking at that now these are ad groups that that Google has given you that they believe are the most relevant groups of keywords so it's a good start for building out your AdWords campaign to even just click this here and it will add it to your list you can add in more as well and you can either copy it to clipboard then set up your AdWords campaign you can download it you can save it directly into your AdWords account for me I'm not going to go into how to do that on this video I'm just showing you how to find you different types of keywords here once again don't worry about the competition don't worry about the suggested feed too much because they're very inaccurate okay other sorry other ideas you can keep modify search so you can get rid of that now let's just go and let's say this is our website yeah you could get either your website or you could get other people our advertising with AdWords and you could take their website and put it in here and then click get ideas so now you can see that Google's giving us some suggestions based on this website so as I said you can either put in your website or putting your competitor's website and see what they think the website is about or that particular page is a duck if I stick in a different page of this website so say for example I take the four-wheel drive accessories page I go modify search and drop it in then you'll see that these will change there we go so that's what this page is particularly related it out so if you're building and building an AdWords campaign particularly for these type of products then now you've got your ad groups and your keywords to to add their don't just blindly add them make sure that you go through and do your due diligence on every single keyword because you don't want to be wasting money on things that are not related sometimes they throw a little curveball in there so there the first two ways of coming up with keywords for your AdWords campaign and this is the third one yeah so as you can see on your product category so what I could do is I could go down to say hobbies and logo if I click on that it'll give me a drop-down with other things that are below here if I go camping and outdoor then it's got a whole bunch of different categories that are there most of those if that was my website would be related so I can either click all and just have that as the search and then you could get ideas or I could click one of the subcategories and just focus in on those but this will once again give me another range of different keyword ideas and fewer routes and using your AdWords campaign so there you have it that's how you use the Google Keyword planner to find the best keywords for your type of business now if you like this video then leave a comment below subscribe to our channel for more updates or share it with your friends and if you'd like help with your Google AdWords campaign then go to think big online comm and get in contact

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  1. Hi, I have a question. I’m bidding on phrase match keywords, but I can’t see what the actual search terms are for the keywords. How do I find the search terms? There used to be a button to easily see but after they changed the look a lot of stuff has either moved or disappeared.

    Can you help?

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