How to find keywords ideas | SEO Training Course Tutorial part 2

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for this part of the research I use a free tool called ubersuggest after entering how to write a novel the tool displays 894 phrases which are way too many the next step is to filter out some words I'll enter a positive filter so that only phrases with that word will appear I will enter write a novel and click volume to display the keywords with the highest volume copy the first 20 to 30 words before moving on you it's necessary to X related keywords by drilling down into the subject for example a novel as a plot subplots dialogue genre and the theme so I can use each of these words as the basis for more research novels are also written in prose so prose is another phrase that I could use all of these form the basis of less competitive keywords that relate directly to the service that I promote the services are all about writing courses helping people to write novels use each new keyword to produce more possibilities in yuba suggests for this example I'll enter how to plot a novel and grow through the same process to come up with another 20 to 30 words you remove keywords that are obviously not relevant until you have a total list of 100 keyword phrases these represent the titles and URLs of possible posts for your new site however there's still a little more work to do and another tool to introduce the browser extension or add-on called keywords Everywhere is invaluable as a quick check on volume and competition once the add-on is installed either on Chrome or Firefox enter a phrase into Google search and it will instantly display search volume and a competitiveness keywords are rated from 0 to 1 1 being highly competitive the numbers give some indication of the phrase popularity among advertisers who bid for ads on Google for this particular keyword it's not sure that the volumes or competition are strictly accurate but they do give a reasonable indication I use two other methods of variation and I'll talk about these in a few minutes at this point these focused keywords are indicative only the tools give us some indication of their competitiveness and their volume however it's a fact that over 50% of all the searches every day in Google have never been seen before they're completely new add to this the fact that voice search is changing the way that Google is searched voice search tends to use question form in a much longer format than traditional text search also more and more older people are using the Internet all the people tend to use much longer sentences in a questioning conversational tone even when they're writing text this is why I say that the main focus keywords that we find using the method that I describe are just indicators only of course we would like to rank for these keywords because they're very good volumes but mostly of the keywords that we're looking for are enclosed in much longer search phrases that users tend to use with Google it's these longer search phrases that we need to make sure are included in the text included in our site posts because of increased competitiveness it's in our interest to choose a keyword with a reasonable volume but with relatively low competition this is becoming more and more difficult but helped by the fact that more and more searches are being used that are completely new in Google many marketers focus on keywords with high volumes and therefore high competition the logic is that if they get to page one with a high volume keyword they will make a lot of money but the sad truth is that with a competitive keyword it will take a long time to get to page warning if you get there at all so don't be too concerned if you have a post that's focused on a keyword that maybe only has between 50 to 100 searches a month first of all the tools that Google provides and not too accurate so maybe you'll get more than 50 to 100 searches a month and secondly if you have a hundred posts on your website focusing on a keyword with a hundred searches a month and they all reach the top half of page one Google search you will be making money now back to keyword verification once I have a keyword in mind a focus keyword for one of the posts using the tool key everywhere I normally verify in two ways first enclose a quick the query in inverted commas to show how many pages have that exact phrase if the result is less than a thousand is probably a good candidate then I use another tool keyword revealer to check further there's also a free plan limited to just three searches a day but this is often sufficient you simply click the button to see the assess competition the tool also lists related phrases that you might not have thought of another nice feature of the keyword everywhere tool is that it offers related suggestions which also show volumes and competition often this tool alone reveals interesting phrases with decent volume that you might not have thought of once you've chosen your domain name that includes your main keyword and you have a hundred keywords that are the targets of your posts and URLs you can proceed in the next video I'm going to run quickly through a basic WordPress installation

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