How To Find Blog Topics FAST w/Keyword Research (for medium authority sites)

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everyone dancer here from the experts in the wire SEO podcast and evolving SEO I want to show you a very fast way a method that I've been using to find topic ideas very quickly for my clients you can do this for your clients for your company for your own business but I've been refining this method in the last few months and it's very quick so this is sort of a medium to advanced level SEO screencast I'm not going to explain every single little thing that's happening here but it happens in three steps if you have questions leave me comments below I'm happy to dig into the details and answer them but I want to move quickly to those of you that have some experience doing keyword research so there's three steps here number one is we're going to find seed topics for our industry number two is we're going to dig into the longtail to find the actual blog topics and number three we're going to do a quick assessment to see if we can rank for those topics that we've identified from the longtail and then plan out the the posting for those topics so step number one I've got a couple example industries here as you can see I've done a little bit of pre research for this video let's say you're doing content ideas for a piano website this is a website that sells pianos online your first step number one is to find the seed topics and what I mean by this is just sort of like the broad related topics around the idea of piano so I have two tools that I love to do this number one is the Moz keyword Explorer and number two is bloom Baird by the folks at buzzsumo so first of all if you use the Moz keyword Explorer and you type that in here you want to filter it by based on broadly related topics with medium lexical similarity all we're doing is very quickly getting tangent topic ideas for seed topics off of the broad topic piano so as you can see the Moz tool is pulling in a bunch of related instruments and things like that in my research here I pulled out something like piano chords or learn piano and then let's say we want to find seed topics for sales first I did sales and I got some things that were okay but then I went and did I I did sales margin as a known sort of term and then I got some other cool things back from that sometimes you can play around with the filters here but then you get things like maintain margin average online retail margin retail margin table so all these things are not the actual topics we're going to post about we're just getting related topic ideas to springboard off of and dig into to find longtail and by the way this method works really well for sites that sort of at a medium authority level so I recommend this approach for site let's say in between like a thirty to sixty or so domain authority with other sites that are in similar competitive areas this method doesn't work as great for sites that are lower in thority or super super high authority there's different approaches for all of them so let's say you found some seed topics for piano and for sale software let's just do some for maturity clothing as well so maybe you want to do you know something like like like women's women's fashion and let's filter by medium again we're just getting broad topic so women's hair style that's interesting because we're getting something that you know you might have brainstormed in your own but we're really using the tool to spring us into other topics that are tangent and related so Betsey Johnson whoever that is I have no idea but she must be related to the fashion industry women's fashion women's hairdos women's face shape so this gets you thinking about all the topics around that and then to show you in bloom berry maybe we do we do hair styles and bloom berry is going to go in scrape form questions for co-occurring words and get related topics so this is really cool cute hairstyles easy hairstyles curly hair different hair styles hair cut you know some of these might be interesting to put into here and so we've got our seed topics that's step number one step number two is now we need longtail topic ideas off of this so why don't we take operating margin which i think is a good example and I've already pre searched it here in answer to public so step number two is to get long-tailed suggestions with search volume and the way to do that is use answer the public and a plugin that i've been really liking called keywords everywhere it's a free plugin for Chrome and once you install that plug-in and activate it when you do your searches and answer the public you're going to get search volume right inside of answer the public so I don't need to move these words into the Adwords Keyword tool to get volume they're all right in here and I can scan them and I can look for topic ideas based upon volume so again medium industry with a medium Authority I'm looking for topics that sort of have maybe around 100 to 200 searches a month because based on experience I know that those are going to be lower in competition and easier to rank for so one that caught my eye was operating margin example and then searching that Google I can see that there's other lower domain Authority sites ranking here domain Authority 31 28 28 and there's one down here for 28 so if my client has a domain authority of 35 and there's some other sites ranking here that have a low authority and I think my client can create a bigger better newer more complete piece of content now this is a great area where we might want to post a topic specifically about operating margin example and of course you need to Intuit what that article would actually look like what the user is looking for so this process here is step number three we're evaluating the longtail for the actual opportunity to assess if we should actually create the piece of content around that topic so once you find that you can then move it into another spreadsheet which I like which I'm showing the actual topic the volume the potential that I think that the I can rank and then what you want to do is pull in I like to bring in the example article you can show that to the person that's creating the content or you can use that as a reference if you're doing the content and then I like to bring that into SCM rush in the URL report to get an idea for how much traffic this piece of content is driving now keep in mind this might be ranking for things that you're not going to rank for so this is getting a lot of monthly traffic and so you're going to enter that here it's a you know getting let's see it's getting about so monthly visits you know a low estimate is this one's getting about nine thousand visits a month again that might not be the full amount of traffic you're going to get because you want your targeting operating margin example this thing's ranking for just operating margins so you know there's some nuances there that you need to know about it again that's why this video is a little bit more in the advanced level because you're you'll have an idea of what you actually are going to rank for with that but those are the three steps I've been refining this process I'd really wanted to share this for a little while when I go ahead and just do one more of these so let's say we want to come up with a blog article topic for the idea of hairstyles again you're going to go back to answer the public you're going to enter your your seed topic and to answer the public you're going to hit enter you're going to have your keywords everywhere plug in turned on and you're going to find the most searched forms over here these are super high so this is a good example so this is where I would actually start to scan the ones alphabetically they look for things that maybe get you know like I said 10 to 100 200 searches a month to find something that this particular authority site can compete with and so I haven't planned this ahead of time so I'm just scanning I'm just scanning ahead I'm just scanning live in real time right here to maybe find something that would make a good topic so jackieo hair cells is kind of interesting and again you need to be you know aware of and cognizant of the fact they've like what would actually make a good piece of content for your client is going to drive the right type of traffic that you want so again that's why this is a medium level video because you should have all those things in mind but this is something I would not try to go after if you notice here everything ranking is pretty high authority it's higher than you know 50 and 60 except for this one random result so you might have a tough time ranking for that if you are you know trying to pitch that to your client however in the search adjust here this is now the keywords everywhere plugin working in google now I see pictures of Jackie Kennedy hairstyles this is kind of interesting one so we're of course going to get Google Images here but maybe there's a opportunity nope there isn't so everything else ranking here is too high authorities so that's where you're going to go back to you know your long tail here and keep digging keep looking be persistent and try to find something that has hairstyles you can do with wet hair so this might be an opportunity again we're just we're digging for something that has at least a little bit of volume but more of a gap in domain Authority and you know women's fashion and hair cells frankly just might be a more competitive area so you might need to spend more time researching so no pun intended I rinse and repeat and I do this for every single you know longtail that I come up with I just keep looking and looking and looking until you find something what hairstyle is for black hair so you know we keep digging into longtail 50 searches a month but again hundred 100 hundred thirty six 46 48 so maybe a low opportunity of ranking there depending upon how good of a piece of content you can do I'm going to stop the tutorial here because I think you get the idea you know again we're just looking into the sea topics for long tails for something to post about so you might put this here you might do low possibility ranking get your SEM rush report and everything and to get an idea of you know the monthly traffic and whatnot but that's what you would do so rinse and repeat do that you know gather your seat topics with Maz keyword explorer and blueberry drop those in to answer the public with your keywords everywhere plug in search them in Google assets for your potential of ranking do that over and over and over again to get your topics that's the way that I've been getting topics very quickly for clients and so again that's the beauty of this method is how fast you can come up with these topic ideas especially in industries that you might not be as familiar with as your own so I hope this video helps again it went very quickly so if you have questions leave them in the form below I also provide hourly consulting you can find me on clarity fm under my name Dan Schorr check out the experts in the wire SEO podcast check out my site evolving SEO com I offer all kinds of variety of SEO consulting keyword research technical audits or just say hi to me online i'm on twitter dan underscore shore sh you re alright hope you enjoyed this off-the-cuff video on Wednesday evening I'll talk to you soon take care everyone thanks

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  1. Thanks for this SEO VLOG. There is a dearth of people who are good at explaining tech concepts easily and swiftly.

  2. "You have to intuit what the searcher might be looking for."
    I think reviewing what's currently ranking will give you an idea for what Google believes should rank for that query, whether it's transactional and purchase-intent, 'how to' articles, product comparisons, etc. I understand that you want to go deeper and wider on the topic but where intent is concerned, I think Google has a reason for ranking these 5-6 weak sites/pages over alternatives… and the intent they represent is a factor there. If you do something better with matching intent, you're likely going to snag the top results.
    Great video!

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    – Drop seed keyword in MOZ keyword explorer and Blumberry and find some key phrases
    – Enter those key phrases in (with keywords everywhere plugin installed) to filter and select low to medium volume keywords (may be 80 to 200 searches per month)
    – Enter the keywords in Google and assess potential of ranking (by not selecting keywords which have high DA websites on 1st the page of Google)

  4. This channel had one of the best keyword strategy I have ever found on Youtube. I could only give 1 thumbs up, if there was an option to give a thousand thumbs up I would definitely do. As the content was great

  5. Thanks Dan. I noticed you looked at DA when reviewing the keyword/content opportunities. This is definitely something I consider highly.

    Recently, I've been curious and still testing (seeing some success) with pages with high DA but low PA can be outranked if you create relevance content that has a higher PA than competitors.

    Just wondering if you have put much thought into this equation?

  6. Thanks for this. Super helpful. How do you get domain authority to show up in your search results?


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