How to Find a Profitable Niche Market & Keywords

hey this is bj men from dictator method calm this is me and I want to talk to you in this video how to find micro niche marketers markets for info product marketers now if you're interested in creating your own info product like most internet marketers are then I have a great video here for you to show you how to find those micro niches that are both profitable and good to go into so you will stand out and make money in that niche okay so let me tell you what micro niche is all about basically a micro niche is a niche within image while a lot of people try to go into these general oversized big niches I say don't go into that instead going to the smaller more unique and different type of smaller niches because if you go into these smaller what I call Micro niches it'll be much easier to stand out and thus make money on the internet so I have found a system to figure out how to find these mark these little tiny markets these micro niche markets go into it and start making info products such as ebooks audios and videos and sell them and make a good full time income online working part-time and it's very very realistic and so how do you do that the best place I like to go is place called idiots guides com idiots guides com now if you don't know by now idiots guides is the publishing company that creates info products on how to information such as how to lose weight how to make money or how to find a date all these kind of how-to information the type of information that you are interested as an info product marketer you can find what type of markets to go into by going two idiots guides com okay so let's go two idiots guys calm when you go two idiots guys calm you'll say penguin calm but don't worry about that it says idiots got guides com will be right here they're the guys who write the complete idiot's guide to all kinds of topics so they just teach you a how-to information the type of information you're probably interested in because how to information sells very well on the Internet okay type of books that don't sell is the fiction books those leave it to Steven I don't know Stephen King all these guys and they write good fiction books but a lot of times people like you and me who are probably not like the best writers of all time they tend to write nonfiction books and it's much easier writing a nonfiction book and making money from it okay so way to do this is you can go to this idiots guide website and look at the browse the catalogs browse the catalogs and the reason the great thing about this thing is that it is sky these penguin this is a great publishing company he's been here for 15 years currently so far these guys do all the research okay they do all the research how profitable the this category is how profitable this niche is and they will not write a book until they do the research and find out okay there's a high demand in this market and there's a lot of buyers here let's write a book let's publish it and write it for these folks and that's how they make the money so every single category they have is guaranteed to have a lot of demand okay a lot of buyers and that's what you want when you go into a market you don't want to just go into a market where there's no buyers you want some sort of demand and bribe just go to a tease guys calm and you'll you'll see a whole category of info products type of products that you can create as an infopreneur on how to information on what will be profitable so there's arts and humanities okay business and personal finance science and technology our family and home health and fitness language reference that sells well personal enrichment sports and recreation religion and spirituality events in history or so any of these if you're thinking about creating your own info product go from any of these categories because these categories are guaranteed to sell now you don't want to stop here you want to go deeper into it because a micro niche is a niche within okay so let's say you okay you're interested in business and personal finance okay we click on that and we'll find out what is the subcategories what are the titles and books out there that are already selling in this section so in the general business and personal finance there's business there's personal finance this career in college these are the top three subcategories that the penguin calm website has created has already researched to find out this micro niche these niche within a niche and are selling okay so you want to go deeper and deeper because the more targeted you are the better the conversion it will be in terms of selling now conversion means that if you have a website you sent a hundred people out there a two percent conversion means that two out of hundred people will buy your product but if your product is general it's too general the conversion rate will be very low but if your product is very targeted let's say a finance book for college students who are entering their freshman year for the first time after high school that will be a very high converting product compared to some kind of general of finance book you understand what I'm saying so let's say you click on career in college okay because you want to go deeper and deeper into and you want to research yourself in this website to find out is there a more specific niche within this subcategory itself and we find out currently 4 here there isn't these are the three main subcategories and that's it so Korean college you'll find 66 items found by the complete idiot's guide website okay complete idiot's guide to green careers okay green careers so maybe you're interested in green and saving the earth and and why not write a how-to book on how to find careers in that field because complete it is guys they already wrote 250 pages worth of books a page book on it because they've done the research it sells another one completing this guy to green curry years uh green careers there's another one and complete idiots guide to career advancement okay perfect job in how to do a perfect job interview this is known another niche that I recently talked to a friend of mine she was interested in creating some kind of product about how to do a job interview and this is actually this is proves that this is in demand okay so a perfect job Emory you could do a if you've been in the corporate world if you've done a lot of interview been Excel did it then you should think about creating a ebook not only an e-book a whole business on how to do a job interview in Excel and get to and land the job that you have dreamed of for the rest of your life because that one hour interview can change your life okay that's your selling point um complete idiot's guide to career advancement okay complete this guide to study skills see this website is full of information on what type of topics what type of ideas what type of markets what type of micro niches niche within an itch to go into okay to make money not only are you going to a niche that has high demand but you're also going into a niche that is a micro niche a niche within an itch so you can have a better chance standing out in a niche so if you want more tips like this I highly recommend you to use the idiots guys calm website and find out um those subcategories okay that's one tip for finding micro niches now if you want more tips on how to find these micro niches and make money a step by step outline on how to find micro niches how to create your product how to create your first website how to market your website and make money with your marketing niche website go to my website at dictator method calm where I offer you my dictator method ebook absolutely for free as a just for signing up for my newsletter you'll get my dictator method ebook absolutely for free it's not like other freebies out there where they give you fluff it's over 100 pages rich content it gives you entire outline the idea the product the website the marketing the backend how to do it in one simple step okay so go to my website at dictator method outcome and download the dictator method ebook right now do that right now and I'll talk to you soon take care