How to Draw Praying Hands Step by Step (Albrecht Durer)

Posted By on November 23, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. @TheDave831 No, I never did. I was all about baseball when I was a kid. I thought I was going to make the majors until I got humbled in college. I started drawing when I was 20 years old when I was FORCED to take an art class as an elective in college……Im glad that they forced me 🙂 Art is fun!

  2. This channel is amazing, all the tutorials so well explained omg i learn a lot with you, keep going man we really appreciate your work.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video I really wanted to learn from you because your videos are so easy to follow

  4. hello,
    i have bought painting papers but they get damaged easily because of the continues erasing, what should i do?!
    thanks for your videos they are very helpful.

  5. they were his brothers hands! becuz he worked in a mine to get Albrecht threw art school Albrecht was going to work to send his brother to school but when he realized his brothers hand were ruined from mining so instead he painted his brothers hand when he was praying

  6. @funnyguyskits This is my first Will Ferrell request. I will check back to see if it gets voted up. Sometimes I have votes on my facebook page facebook(dot)com/kazanjianm. MK 🙂

  7. Nice video! I am entering in Teen Talents art contest with this drawing! Also could you draw Lecrae or a portrait of Derrick Rose?

  8. ur a fucking god, im drunken now and i tried to paint this painting its o but not nearly as good as urs…. i wish i could do this lie u do it sry for my english i guess ull never read this haha . good work u inspire me

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  11. Im drawing this for my dads book its about natural herbal signatures in herbs and how herbs can heal a lot of conditions like cancer.

  12. I love this tutorial much more than the others because it adds the shading bit by bit and explains where to put whilst the others are like "add shading! You're done bye!"

  13. Hello sweet teacher
    This was lovely my husband is an artist in Milan and he paints like Michael Angelo
    He’s just sold 16 painting .

    I’ve become quite ok
    My husband is a great teacher of of art .
    I he says it all about the shading .
    His was a lovely video .
    Your so good 😊 .
    I love god almighty and Jesus we must never forget to pray to him every day and thank him
    Our best artist is god as he created all things .

  14. Hi, awesome thank you. Can u suggest Where & what should I buy to shade or a beginners set. I have nothing. Would like to try shading. I draw with any pencil I can find, & I'm amazed how good it comes out , following someone like u


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