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Posted By on October 16, 2019

Recently I asked graphic designer Robert Williams,
INTJ designer, to improve our church signage. It was a complex task involving both English
and Korean languages, as well as having to think inside the box because of city council
bylaws restricting dimensions and placement. The result was particularly pleasing for both
congregations. But there was an unexpected bonus from the
designer: the cross design for the Korean component of the sign.
The nails embedded in the cross convey just that little bit more.
As an extra for branding this exceeded Rev EunShin Park’s expectations, and the English
language congregation saw potential/possibility as well. I’ve worked with Robert on other projects
that also connect with people on an intellectual and emotional level.
That’s design at its best because it just communicates without shouting, just tells
the story as it is. That’s also our emphasis on how we should
do theology. It has to be thought through, well-designed,
and communicate truths, some of which may be uncomfortable.
Yes, like a cross and nails, but in the final analysis, emptied of pain and hate, simply
asserting the love and life of God which will prevail. I’m David Bell for and the
elearning centre. Do like, share and subscribe. And thanks for watching.

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