How to Choose a Profitable Niche Using Google Keyword Planner Tool

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hey guys this is Trent founder and president of watchman advisors calm so today I'm going to be teaching you how to go about using the Google Keyword planner to help you select or identify and niche keywords so as we've been talking about in this tutorial we've been talking about what a niche is and we've basically defined a niche and a specific need okay that someone has out there that they're willing to pay for a solution for right now in fact people are paying for that solution right now as we speak they're paying that money to other people or companies right now and why not have some of that money come to you okay and so in order to do that successfully we need to identify a specific need that we're willing to help someone out with and and and they move forward with identifying you know some suppliers or how to go about presenting that solution to them so whether or not you're building up a digital product business or a tangible business like an e-commerce site for example so regardless of whatever type of business you're building up a niche selection is very very important yeah because at the very basis of your business is people and you're in the people business whether you like it or not when you're building up a business Kay you're all about going out there and helping people out and so that's one of the cool things about having a business is it's there to help people out with solving a specific need or a problem that they urgently want help with and you know if that need or solution that they want help with is not already in the general circulation of free stuff out there meaning that's not readily available okay if it's not readily available to them right now then they're usually gonna search out a solution for that okay so hopefully hopefully you get the idea of what a niche is and why that's so important yeah people pay money to get their specific needs solve okay or their specific aspiration solved or even brought closer to the attainment of am either one of them so just keep them in mind as we start to I discuss how to use the Google Keyword planner to help you identify words that give you insight into you know people's needs so you can solve them okay and so to get started you'll first need a Google AdWords account and to get an AdWords account you simply come to Google AdWords so you can see that up at the very top and soon as you go to AdWords Google calm then you can simply create a free account and then log in and once you log in then you'll see something like this up here and you simply click on tools and click on keyword planner and from there we're just gonna click on the first option right here where it says search for new keywords using a phrase website or category and you know let's say we were interested in furniture again now Furniture is pretty broad it's very general alright it's not you know people don't pay for furniture they pay for a specific furniture right so people might be willing to pay for furniture for you know a model home and a realtor or a real estate company might be buying the furniture to decorate the home you know or hiring a interior design person or company to design design that home you know people buy cheap furniture expensive furniture everything in between right all types of furniture okay so we're trying to simply type that in just for the sake of an example again show you what Google Keyword planner does but let me teach you just a little bit about Google Keyword planner okay and Google Keyword planner is free and when you access it it's simply going to give you different words or ideas that Google has been tracking for the past year and it tells you how many searches have been done for specific keywords each month for the past 12 months so you'll see that as we start to move forward here again so furniture and we'll leave everything as is okay if you were in a different country and you wanted to just find keywords in a specific location then you could change that but I'm in America and we're gonna keep it as English and to keep everything else the same okay so we're gonna click on get ideas afterwards and so at this point you'll notice that the system presents these two tabs right down here all or ad group ideas and keyword ideas okay so we're just gonna click on keyword ideas in just a moment but take a look down here and you'll see that the system groups you know furniture into different categories kay desks he has to tell the furniture right this chairs those couches veteran furniture so as discussed in terms of defining a niche is a specific need that someone is paying for that solution right now okay we're not interested in building up a business that doesn't have people who are willing to buy stuff right now who or who aren't paying for stuff right now in this industry okay so now let's say keep that in mind as you move forward here but in the furniture industry in general there's all types of categories or sub niches case subcategories and you could very well build a site entirely designed around beds okay or sessional sofas okay or any of these other subcategories gay leather sofas you could specialize in any of these areas and the reason why you would want to do that is because you're able to get started off a lot faster but most more most importantly you're able to deliver a specific solution to someone's specific needs or wants right now okay placing a great deal of emphasis on that those two words right now all right if you want to make money right now well then you got to be able to solve a person's problem right now yeah so hopefully that makes sense and as far as the profitability goes you know you'll have to look at what you can buy the product ad from your supplier if you're not creating the product yourself or manufacture it and and then find out how much you could potentially retail for okay so that'll help you out with identifying the estimated profitability of a product okay so if you were selling say you know a leather sofa and you found a supplier that you could get leather sofas from for let's say $400 and you could retell them for 700 then okay you have a $300 estimated profit margin there okay so when we're using Google Keyword planner we're just looking at words that will give us insight into whether or not people go on to the internet looking for those specific products okay so let's just take the example of you know selling leather sofa okay so we're gonna go in there and click on that category and it's going to take in this take us into a number of different keywords right here and so the idea here is to look at the average oops the average monthly searches right here okay and as it says right here on the question mark basically just to summarize this they're presenting this data based upon a 12-month trail case within the past 12 months on average people have been using this keyword right here many times per month okay on average so if I were in the business or wanting to go into the business of selling leather sofas and I found a supplier I knew I could buy them at a pretty good price and retail them at a higher price then this just gives us insight into you what types of products specifically people are looking for so red leather sofa good to know okay I would check with my supplier or just verify it with my supplier that no did they have red leather sofas cuz that's in demand you know we're looking for average monthly searches that ideally are above fifty thousand or more and that gives us an idea that there's enough people going online searching for this type of product okay yeah you know and the more specific it is you know the more I have a better idea you'll have of the specific type of product that you would want to have on your website all right so as you can see here the leather sofa doesn't you know that word right there doesn't indicate a specific type of leather sofa but it does indicate that it is a leather sofa not just a sofa in general okay so you know this could potentially be a good little niche that you could consider pursuing okay as long as like I said you had a good supplier that you were working with and the types of leather sofas people were looking for where the actual products you were selling okay so if you come down here a little bit further you can see that the demand okay the search volume is getting lower and lower and as you can you know conclude that they have the lower the monthly search volume means that the lower demand there is for that type of search term so people who are looking for black leather sofas or sofa you know the what that means is they went to and they typed in black leather sofa exactly exactly as you see it and that's been an typed into Google on average 5400 times each month all throughout America okay because actually in all locations throughout the world rather sorry okay so so again if you were I wanted to go into the the niche case so helping people out with finding specific leather sofas then this could possibly be a a niche that could turn out profitable for you okay so using Google Keyword planner simply gives you an insight into confirming whether they those people are going online to search for this stuff because if you're running an online business that means that you got to make sure that there's a demand for people going online not offline okay it doesn't really help you much if people buy leather sofas just in-person offline like going down to a furniture store yeah you want to know if people are going onto the internet looking for these things and because you're building up an internet business makes sense right so we're gonna come back here and give you a few other ideas okay so that was in leather couches and we could go into the chair business okay we could go into your chairs and look at what kind of chairs people are looking for okay you could reverse engineer this type of thinking process and you could think okay well I don't have a supplier yet okay let's just assume that you didn't have a supplier yet and you're using Google Keyword planner to help you give you an idea of what supplier to choose well this could very well be a great approach to the take and in fact it's a great approach to take that I take all the time and so you can come along here and look at well there's these terms right here my dining chairs actually is more specific than just chairs or chair right so it is above fifty thousand which is a good indication guess there's plenty of people going online searching for this stuff for a tiny chair specifically okay but as you know there's there's all types of dining chairs right as you can see down here below there's leather chairs there's dining chair leather chair kitchen chairs and it gets more specific the more we scroll down here and we could very well click on this column right here and the system will sort by highest the lowest so Diane chairs kitchen chairs okay so what did what to do if the search volume is below 50,000 well you can either search for another subcategory that you might be interested in that does have more specific keywords that have a demand of 50,000 or higher each month or you could very well build a you know a niche business around kitchen chairs and connect the dots between the profitability of the potential profitability of the retail and the wholesale price that you can find out from your supplier and and go that route knowing that there's not as much of a demand compared to you other categories that you could go in and just build that up and see how it goes you know because there's plenty of people who buy kitchen chairs every day all throughout the world and so you just want to look at all the different types of kitchen chairs and present those on your website okay you could have you know leather chairs for kitchen chairs right and build a niche business around just kitchen chairs okay and there's all types of variations of kitchen chairs that you could research okay so that's really how you go about using the Google Keyword planner to help you identify niche keywords that give you insight into the type of business that you could build up that serves a specific audience with a specific need who are in the market right now to buy something specifically within that type of business you want to build up so let's come back here and just look at some of the other ones that you could look at okay we have pointed out that there are two tabs here okay and so we went into all the added group ideas now if you go into the keyword ideas this kind of helps you jog the memory and gives you a a broader net to cast out into the ocean so to speak to gather more ideas from a search engine data from Google okay so remember we tucked in furniture if we're interested in building up that type of business then we could come down here and click on keyword ideas and it tells us well in general people who type in that exact keyword furniture there's you know a bit more than a half a million searches done per month just for that keyword alone but down here is sort the column and we have sofa furniture stores sofas butan whatever that is beds you can tell that I'm not in the furniture business but the keywords that could lend themselves towards helping me dig a bit deeper okay is a bedroom furniture okay that could be a pretty good also patio furniture okay there's all types of specific patio furniture and also bedroom furniture that I could build a business around okay so the idea is to get specific and then build your site around that potentially as long as you have a good supplier that you're working with or else you have the product yourself and it's in demand people are wanting to buy that product right now okay people are buying patio furniture and bedroom furniture from people right now as we speak all throughout the world okay it's a you know pretty simple to just think about that yeah but if if you're trying to sell something pretty obscure and so uncommon that hardly no one knows about it then that's a different completely different path you have to take okay we're talking about building up a business that now serves a specific audience who's looking for a specific Civic need and they're already paying for it right now okay that's the biggest idea to keep in mind as you go about choosing or discovering a niche that you're interested in building a business around okay so with that said I'll end this tutorial and go to and click the like button if you see this on Facebook or else leave a comment down below on our blog and let us know if you have any questions about this and we'll see in the next tutorial Thanks

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  1. Trent, excellent introduction to Google Adwords and Google adwords search. Question, the adwords output looks a bit different since you made this tutorial, any thoughts about upgrading it?

  2. I think I get what you're talking about. Basically if the keyword is around 50,000 or higher that tells me there is a Demand for my niche. I would have to work out the profitability directly with my supplier if I'm running my ecommerce business and then research out the retail prices. If i were to choose keywords in a niche below 50,000 that's okay, I just need to know there are other specific keywords indicating there are buyers for specific products I plan on selling. It's not just one keyword I'm looking at with 50K in demand, but that gives me a broad sense of the demand for that particular market such as "leather furniture". If I built my site around leather furniture I would then add more products with demand online as you taught and keep going with adding more "in demand" products. Right?


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