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how to become a belief collector here's what I'm gonna share with you guys I know that everything in your life comes from beliefs that you have about what's possible you know and I get the challenges that many you guys have these negative beliefs or you have these sometimes my friend Rumi calls them scripts that play in your head and you don't even you're not even aware of them you know and and I just believe that the beliefs that you have is is guiding everything you know when I was a teenager if you don't know my story I had a really challenging or what I call colorful upbringing I got you know put in a foster home when I was 11 I ended up in group homes involved in drugs eventually ended up in jail and I really had a challenging time and it was this guy Brian that sat me down one day and I still remember and he just told me like I don't believe you're this type of person the life you've been living is not who I'm seeing and there was a moment where my prior beliefs to who I was and my value and worth in the world we're totally different and just with one comment here's a guy that just off-the-cuff sat me down looked me in the eyes and shared his belief for who he thought I was and it changed everything I wouldn't be here today sharing my story and and been blessed I've had all the business success I've had if it wasn't for one person I just want to share with you guys the idea of beliefs and how to collect them right you know some of you guys have ones you're trying to succeed in business but one of your beliefs is you know it takes money to make money it does not take money to make money it takes resources to make money so if you believe that then then you'll never get going you'll never start maybe another belief is that money is the root of all evil you've probably heard that one well if that's true then why would you ever try to generate profits because money will be evil if I get any or wealthy people sacrificed their family and friends to achieve wealth I mean if you truly believe that in me maybe you do and you don't even realize that it's there then you'll never be able to grow so what I want to teach you guys is a place to go collect or ways to go collect positive beliefs right so the number one is quote books did you know that there are quote books that have that if people have gone and published and collected all the top quotes on different categories etc and put them together in a book and you can buy them on Amazon on your Kindle an audio format physical and you can sit down and consume them if you spent 30min it's a day reading these quotes and the ones that resonate see what I love about quotes is essentially takes a concept an idea a strategy and just puts it into 140 characters sometimes I mean these powerful game-changing quotes these beliefs are there for you to have and adopt and implement and use in your life all you have to do is read and then highlight the ones that you like maybe start collecting them put them in an Evernote file or write them down and just review them every once in a while maybe start using them in your conversations and try to integrate them in your life but quote books is a huge way for you to start collecting beliefs the second one is watching TED Talks like to me Ted is like not only about sharing ideas but some of the most powerful stories and approaches and an accomplishments and outcomes that have ever happened in the history of the world they go on Ted and they share their story their beliefs and you can see these quotes in these ideas and you can just kind of take them and just write them down same thing just start collecting them start adding them to your life so TED Talks is a big one it's something I do every morning I work out and I watch Ted videos I watch them with my kids it's it's a big part of just getting set for my day and I want to invite you guys to do the same thing the third one to me is get around people get around other people that have better beliefs more empowering beliefs more positive beliefs like your peers other people that are maybe one or two years ahead of you I call those kind of your peers maybe their advisors people that you admire that have accomplished things mentors people that have that have been to the end I've seen how it all works out just talk to them spend time with them you know go host the founders lunch go to an event just listen to them and start being aware listen to those beliefs cuz they have a different view on the world and it's why they've achieved what they've achieved and I want that for you so real quick I want to just argue the three things to become a belief collector one is quote books go and get a bunch of quote books buy them read them every morning spend 15 minutes at minimum 10 pages boom you start collecting some watch TED videos just go look at the most popular ones if you don't know where to start and just start cranking through those and start writing down some notes and then also get around people that are inspiring that are a bit further in in their career there jekt is that you want to kind of learn from and the other thing if you don't you didn't see what I just did here with the title of this this video is this is a belief become a quote or a belief collector actually I'm giving you a belief to go out into the world with that radar to actually see these and collect them for you by the video title so I don't know if you guys saw that I'm pretty proud of myself you know a little different layers in this video but anyways if you know somebody that needs to hear this I would ask you to share this with them but also invite you to subscribe and leave a comment I want to know which one of these three strategies are you willing and committing to doing today leave a comment below and just let me know is it one is it – is it three just label it out leave a comment below I want to challenge you as usual to live a bigger life and a bigger business and I'll see you next Monday

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  1. #2 – I've try and watch a Ted Talk once a day. #3 – "You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" – I forget who I heard this from, but it resonated with me. When it comes to people it has always been quality over quantity. #1 – I love a good quote, but haven't been seeking them out. I did a quick search and there are lots of results. There are 300 on this site. I'll read a few everyday.

  2. Great tips Dan! TED talks are great! I have a book called "Get Sh*t Done", have been reading that quite a bit as well.

  3. I had to share this TED Talk from Joe Gebbia

    4 powerful statements/beliefs I got from it:

    "Maybe the people that my childhood had taught me to label as strangers, were actually friends waiting to be discovered."

    "I always believed that turning fear into fun is the gift of creativity"

    "The right design can actually help us overcome one of our most deeply rooted biases… (stranger danger)"

    "I see a future of shared cities that bring us community and connections, instead of isolation and separation."

  4. I am a huge belief collector…I already do the first on a regular, Ted talks I've always watched but not on a regular basis and the 3rd part of this system is where I am need. But I am willing to do whatever it takes.

  5. Hi Dan, I've been collecting and recording YOUR quotes for a while now, in addition to others. You're a huge inspiration, and I appreciate the beliefs you've inspired in me. Tonya

  6. Here is one TED talk that may change some beliefs for the better:

    Another great video Dan!

  7. Dan, in case this was helpful, here is a list of top ten TED talks by popularity.

  8. What you believe in life is what drives your actions. The worst kind of beliefs are those that are limiting that simply aren’t true.


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