How to Add Channel Keywords 2017

Posted By on May 5, 2019

hello guys welcome to another episode text away with me Jay today I'm doing a very very quick video of showing you how to add keywords or tags to your channel so what you want to do first of all is go up to the top right over here and choose creator studio now once you've actually gone into creator studio on the left hand side menu you want to expand on the channel section and then choose advanced once you're there it's actually just right here channel keywords that you need to fill in now you separate each word just using a comma but make sure you choose relevant things so for example my channel will include things like gadgets reviews and maybe benchmarks I'm also going to include the channel name because again if someone is actually searching for this this is going to help it stand out once you've put in all the text that you want to use then just scroll down to the bottom choose save and then that is literally it guys that we saved onto your channel so guys thank you for watching if you enjoyed it do give it a big thumbs up if you haven't already don't forget to hit that subscribe button until next time I will see you in the next video for now have fun take care

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