How Old Is the Earth?

welcome to real truth real quick my name is Adam tono joined as always by Todd Wagner hello Adam hello friends all right Todd question today is this how old is the earth this is important because sometimes people say mean here oldest dirt yes and you wonder how old you are right yes I've never been invited to the Earth's birthday party so I don't really know but it is an important question because of a lot of implications that go with it okay so the age of the earth it quickly devolves into a conversation about what's your understanding of the creation process and a lot of the reasons that people want to know if we as believers can embrace an older earth is because they don't wanna look stupid amongst their friends that have a bias towards maybe some of the hard sciences or just towards scientism in general and we have been intimidated for a long time we believers have been intimidated for a long time by a Darwinistic worldview which is that natural processes can pretty much explain everything that is here which by the way that is only a hundred fifty some odd years old right okay I mean we have to remind ourselves that Darwinistic theory is a theory and a lot of times it's taught as Darwinistic fact one of the things that's going on I think is really really helpful is that we're having more and more conversations about the veracity of the different theories and that we ought to look at the theory for intelligent design and the theory for natural design in other words the more we can take a look at what the data suggest happened we'll take care of what I think is underneath the bigger argument which is how old is the earth which is are you a creationist or not and if you're creationist how do you explain what certainly looks like dirt being very very old so let me just have a few goes at a couple of things number one let me just say this it sure looks like the earth is old because a lot of the processes that we look at out there that require the formation of fossil fuels or a diamond or or erosion or the opposite of Rochin which is sedimentary buildup or the growing of stalagtites of stalagmites it looks like wow that must have taken a really long time there for everything that looks like sediments been built up or erosion has happened it must be at least as old as how we can observe certain things happen today the problem with that is we we even rule out when we do that the fact that there are some unnatural things in this natural earth that we live in so volcanic eruption okay is not an everyday event but when it does we see wow some of the things that we thought would take a long time okay to happen happen rapidly floods okay can cause rapid layering of sediment all over and it can make it look like oh that just happened over wash off and build up over years and it didn't it also we should say this atom you know the Bible is not a science book okay which I always think is a good thing okay it's a good thing because science changes every couple of years and if the Bible is truth and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever he can't just kind of shift with the latest discovery god either knows what truth is or he doesn't and science is not the enemy of faith okay we should say this right here the opposite of faith is not science or reason the opposite of faith is disbelief the opposite of reason is irrationality okay the scientific method okay and scientific hypothesis is a wonderful thing but it's not useful when you're trying to prove history okay the scientific method is used when you can say what we're gonna do is we're gonna make a statement that we believe to be true then we're going to collect data and we're going to see what we can see based on either experiments or things that we can collect then we're going to analyze that data and then we're going to make a new statement we're going to prove our hypothesis or disprove it okay so let's just talk about a few things that happen you know that are out there it sure looks like to get a 20 year old person you need to have first an egg and a sperm and you're going to need a Sai goat and then you're going to need an embryo and then you're gonna need a fetus and then you can need a baby and you're gonna need two toddler and then you gonna need a teenager okay the problem is is that the Bible makes the claim that when God created man it doesn't necessarily say that's the way he did it so God when he created Adam and Eve if there is a God right when he created I mean even nobody thinks that he created Adam in the form of zygote and grew him up and then introduced him that way he just spoke him into existence so does that mean that God is deceptive that he created a man who's twenty years of old with a parent age and therefore he's a liar that's one of the reasons I get a little discouraged sometimes when people say that if we embrace the the scientific method that we got to have an Old Earth because I think they go we'll listen the stars are we know light-years away and so if if God created the Stars just a few days before he created man then those stars didn't have a chance through natural processes to get here if light travels at the speed of light and so if God created a heavens where light was already here from stars that are millions of light years away then God is a deceptive god I don't I don't buy that any more than I think God's deceptive he creates a twenty year old man and says from here on out you're gonna have to be around for twenty years before your 20 year old man okay so the scientific method requires repeatable I guess observation and we can't go back and repeat a one-time event right which is why the scientific event again is not great to measure historical events creation would be a potentially historical event so if you want to just I mean I'll just say this if you want to label me I would probably be more comfortable being called a young earth creationist with an emphasis on creationist right okay and I don't believe in what is called naturalism or scientism as a basic worldview why because I think the evidence suggests otherwise I want to go back and remind people Darwinist theory has never been proven okay Darwin himself when he wrote it famously said Ronin appendix and said listen I got to admit like just looking at something as simple as the human eye with its rods its cones its cornea its retina and all the different components of a human eye the fact that it could have evolved over what I understand the age of the earth to be to be this kind of complex organ easy time at the eye he says does seem absurd almost to the highest degree so he just said listen I think these processes are difficult to fit and what we think the age of the earth is which is why naturalist and scientists scientists not scientists but people believe in scientifically that the methods that we use to understand the hard sciences biology physics and things like that are also useful to prove the soft sciences humanities morality and things of that effect and I would say I reject scientism as even a means to prove those kinds of things it's not the purpose of science science tests repeatable events and if you're gonna say that there's never been anything outside natural process as the intervenes I would say the Scriptures do rebuke you in your understanding of that okay so I think the earth looks older than tens of thousands of years I think probably God's dealings with humans in history is closer to the thousands of years than it is the millions of years though I don't think I've got to believe it's only 6,000 10,000 some people try and do this the dating of the generations what they called the Tola dot and genesis of the different generations but that assumes that every generation is listed okay which is why you hear some people say six to ten thousand years old I don't know okay I do believe that this is the record of God interacting with humans and and so I think the earth is younger than it looks I don't think that makes God deceptive we do we do see again and again that things happen that make us go oh wow famously if you want to even just Google Carlsbad Caverns ages to lag tights its lag mites they used to put signs up there saying that this thing is you know 20 billion years old or millions of years old whatever the right number is and then they watch these things form faster than they thought so they changed the date and then they watched it form faster and they finally just said this is a very old cavern so we don't really know okay we're seeing even some of the natural processes that we thought took a long time don't always take that long now here's what I think you can make a big mistake if you say naturalism or scientism which is there's never been anything outside of these processes or is a problem it's also called uniformitarianism which means as things always have been they always will be and I'm just gonna read some Bible yeah okay and so again I just want to say I think probably younger earth makes a whole lot more sense creationism I think if you look at the data alright and again it again Anthony flew a famous atheist who was a naturalist and believed really in scientism he recanted when he saw the evidence for what he thought was a rational explanation for creation and kind of a you know he would drift towards a Big Bang ideology I'm not sure i'ma gonna brace that but I would just say he goes wow it looks like we were created it looks like something started this and every cause has an effect and so all of a sudden he said I'm no longer an atheist no he didn't make a profession for biblical Christianity but he certainly rejected naturalism okay so here we go this is second Peter chapter three worth reading and then we'll close with this because the Bible last thing I'll say the Bible doesn't even deal with the philosophical atheism which I wouldn't call scientific atheism you here's the hypothesis there is no God here's the data we're gonna collect it we're gonna analyze the data and therefore we're gonna affirm hypothesis it's such an absurd idea the Bible doesn't even really deal with it it does deal with what's called practical atheism okay philosophical atheism no practical atheism sure people live as if there is no God and certainly during the Age of Enlightenment and reason we were looking for something that would give us an ability to hold on to that right and in effect what the Scriptures day suppress the truth right okay and and that that tool has by and large been Darwinism which is why it is so interesting in the schools why they don't let kids study the two theories of our existence side-by-side by law in Texas you have to most people don't even know that alright so we live in Texas and you have to teach Darwinism as a theory and you're supposed to teach alongside that intelligent design or even creationism theory and say okay kids make a decision here's something you need to factor in when you're making a decision second Peter 3 notice first of all that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking following after their own lusts and saying in other words I'm gonna do what I want to do and so I need to believe what I want to believe to do it where is the promise of his coming for ever since the father's fell asleep all continues just as it was in the beginning of creation that's uniformitarianism it's always been this way you guys say Jesus is coming that's crazy and it says this in verse 5 for when they maintain this it escapes their notice that by the Word of God in the past the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water through which the world at that time was destroyed being flooded by water but by his word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men and so what it's basically saying there is people that say things have always happened the way they've always happened hey God's intervened supernaturally before even after the world was created and he's going to intervene again in judgment this time not with judgment that comes through a flood but with judgment that comes with fire and so the question then I think that people should ask is well when's he gonna do it and here's what's amazing news is God says the reason he hasn't done it yet is because he's not slow as some count slowness but is patient toward she wishing that none should perish but all should come to return to life so what I want to do in this conversation is for a second let's leave the age of the earth and let's talk about the brokenness of those who live on it and I would would engage people first on their understanding of sin and righteousness and the judgment that follows and I would bring Jesus into the conversation I just want to say that Jesus by the way his very first miracle what did he do he turned water into wine right what is why accept great juice with a parent age so was Jesus deceptive when he did that no he the creator who could make things look older than they were right okay and I'll tell you what else he can do he can make old things new you can take my sinful broken heart and he can bring it to a place of self-awareness where this God who's the evidence for his existence is stamped all throughout creation including in the morality a separate argument for the existence of God which is the the moral argument that there is a right and wrong embedded in all of us wants me to see my wrong see his mercy made available through the sacrifice of his son on the cross that I might be redeemed and become a new creation and so I would want to move my conversation there quickly and then we can go back and look at what yama means in terms of day or day age in Genesis 1 and and look at this I would tell you don't be intimidated by the idea that the earth looks old and I would tell you that don't be intimidated by the fact that the Bible is is not a science book science and faith are not enemies they're just dealing with two different realms ok but there's a reason let's throw this in there and I hope folks are still with us there's a reason that when natural ists and people who reject creationism came after us they attacked the Bible on the basis of biology and geology and physics because if you can't support the age of the earth through the the Bible compared to hard sciences then why are you gonna trust in things you can't see and I just want to remind you the hard sciences don't demand that the earth is old and it doesn't reject Genesis the hard sciences are there to test for P double events not the judge whether or not something in history is true there we use the rules of evidence and we testify about what we know and what seems to be true and then we make a decision yeah you look at your clues and you draw your conclusion that's it which is similar to what you do in the scientific theory except you've got to be able to repeat it to use a scientific theory so the main thing is that we need to know that the the God who created us is willing to make us new again amen that's a helpful answer Todd thank you so much click on those show notes for other helpful resources thank you so much for watching and we'll talk to you again next time