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Posted By on September 21, 2019

The West has a problem with
Muslims living in their midst. You ask Westerners in
polls, Islam is the faith that they would least like
their neighbors to belong to and they’d least like
their children to marry into. It’s not the details of the Koran that bother people,
it’s fear of terrorism. What a lot of people haven’t noticed is that Islam itself
is evolving in Europe, evolving into a more
Western, if you like, form. In Europe the number of
jihadist terrorist attacks have fallen by nine tenths
since 2015 but still any murder is one too
many and the pictures of people having their heads
cut off by Islamic State in Syria and Iraq are
seared onto people’s brains. There’s a great worry that
some of the fighters who left Europe and went to
Islamic State in Syria and Iraq might come back to Europe
and wreak havoc there. Western governments have
responded in two ways. Firstly, by trying to
catch terrorists directly and secondly, and more controversially, by trying to curb Islam itself. We see this in Donald Trump’s travel ban on travelers from some Muslim countries and in efforts by
governments in places like France to restrict
displays of Islamic piety in public by banning the burka. The first generation of
modern Muslims to move to Europe didn’t know how
long they were gonna stay and didn’t tend to get too
involved in the local culture. For religious guidance,
they depended on imams usually from the countries
that they came from. That changed with the
second generation who spoke the local languages extremely
well and had no illusions that they were ever going
anywhere else but felt slightly alienated from their parents’
foreign religious influence and also from the societies
that they were living in. A few of these people became so alienated that they turned to terrorism. The third generation of
Muslims in Europe appear to have fewer hang ups
than the previous ones. They’re culturally more
assimilated, they’re much more liberal than the earlier
generations on questions about things like homosexuality
or premarital sex. They’re creating a new kind of Islam which in many ways is more liberal. Half the Muslim students
in the United States admit to having had premarital sex,
something that in countries that many of them came from
would carry a death penalty. How can Western governments encourage the integration of Muslims? The first thing is that
they have to be very strict about the real crimes
being committed by the few. They have to be tough
on catching terrorists and tough on sending them to prison. What they should not do is attempt to meddle with the faith itself. That’s something
government’s not very good at and it’s evolving anyway
without official interference. Once you start having
things like burka bans and state sponsored
mosques and public funding for the right kind of
preacher you risk creating a backlash and further alienation. As people realize that
newcomer’s cultures are not set in stone and the way that
they interpret their religion doesn’t necessarily mean
they’re not gonna get on with their neighbors,
people become more accepting. That’s probably why, for example, London, the biggest city in Europe,
now has a Muslim mayor, Rotterdam, the biggest port in Europe also has a Muslim mayor, and why two Muslim women
were elected to the United States Congress this
year, one of them veiled. Islam has a long, and
frankly underappreciated, history in the West. Muslims have governed parts
of Europe for 13 centuries. They helped rekindle the renaissance. And if today the new slightly
more liberal form of Islam that we see flourishing in
the West continues to do so, it could serve as an example for Muslims in other parts of the world.

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  1. Islam extremism is stronger in western society than their birth countries. This documentary is not a true interpretationof what's really going on.

  2. i m a Christian .but I was very interested in Islam and I was in love with Islam. I started reading it I tried so many things to understand Islam. I read Qur'an. I have tried to practice Islam.but at the end I have found nothing in actual there is nothing in islam they just trying to show off the people that there is something but there is nothing the all philosophies are illogical waste of time fables, mythological, I decided to stop it again and I came back to mine home religion. I love to study the things,philosophy and cultures. then I started to understand other books about budha, Hinduism then I found a something like I got treasure something different then other books I became more interested in all philosophical books. I have read many books to searched about it. I loved it more and at the end I m satisfied with the knowledge, philosophy, peacefulness it's better to stay happy,peaceful and meditate except reading those dirt which creates religion racial vibes in our mind. finnaly at the end in love with buddha and Hindu philosophy and practicing now with happiness peaceful forever With this.
    Om shanti shanti shanti .

  3. Brother you are wrong
    There are no death penalty for fornication in Islam
    That is one wrong information that you have provided to the people who might turn racist or turn to islamophobia

  4. please don't try to con people there are no forms of islam like the modern or light islam in fact there are only one islam which is valid for every time and everywhere! and the reason of acceptance and integrity are not credible because the muslim can integrate easily with any community because our religion encourage us to live with the others in peace and loving each other without any problems!and finally i want to mention that the islam is innocent of the terrorism and the bad image many muslims contribute to spread because they are no true muslims!

  5. ISLAAM NOT GIVING WESTERN VALUES' BECOZ WESTERN NOT GIVING MUSLIM OILS VALUES. Without muslim BLACKGOLD no chocolate bar. No pornography industry's. No gay's lesbian drugs. No cars.
    No plane . No ship. No nothing. complete bottomless bucket. Zionist fake currency's cannot saved you from starving to death.

  6. Черножопая тварь вечно не довольна… Тупа и кроме как выебать поклятся сказочным Олохом

  7. As an american, I'm heartbroken to see the west failing, giving these islamies the option to choose was a bad decision

  8. Islam is the same as it was 600 years ago when the fake prophet managed to brainwash his people with tons of bullshit.
    Islam is just an evil ideology disguised as religion that says to kill and to submit those who are not muslims

  9. This is FAKE NEWS. MANY MANY muslims want sharia law in the US.
    This was authored by those very same muslims to make people look the other way… This is a dirty LIE.

  10. oh people worship Allah the one God who created you and follow Muhhammed the last messenger so you be happy and succeed in life and afterlife.

  11. Before every country had ther specifik cultural expresion in the public area .Now we see the change with
    The big incomming of muslims and ther dresscode from the former centeries.( dark mittleage).

  12. Islam is evolving in Europe and becoming more Westernized? That would explain the outskirts of Paris, where women are forbidden from going to cafes and are rarely seen in public and the grooming gangs made up of Muslims who prey on non-Muslim underage girls in England. sarcasm

  13. They didn't say shit about that Australian fuck shooting Muslims in a mosque. Imagine if a Muslim guy would've done the same thing. The must have banned the Muslims in New Zealand and other countries.

  14. That a multicultural multiethnic multiracial society can truly flourish is nothing but the delusion of capitalism and its liberal plutocracy. It's nothing but wishful thinking and humanist-universalist masturbation. The western dream of the unity of mankind is already failing!

  15. What propaganda is this? Islam is the ideology that denies women autonomy over their own lives! This is the Globalist push to get rid of the Nation State, civil liberties and cultures!

  16. your Vid has only one word [ ill-informed ] you're promoting something Experiments endlessly proven to be deadly wrong, simple example countries like Syria & Egypt ounce also was European and any person has the minimum required intelligence to be reasonable enough knows exactly what happen to these counties and what they suffered not just today but the long 1400 Yrs history of malignant & brutal invasions & then endless genocides, you got it all wrong Robert Guest if you know what you're doing or not you're a complete idiot along with anyone shares your deadly wrong ideas & disgrace

  17. It should be known that the complete Islamization of Xinjiang (which has recently appeared from time to time in the news) lasted for centuries, step by step. Oh the former Buddhist paradise. This is a long-term struggle.

  18. here we go again

    And again we have a religious war between us BUT WE HAVE THE SAME FUCKING GOD YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES BOTH MUSLIMS AND ChristiaN and jews

  19. Muslim majority countries think it is OK to beat women and fuck little kids. Not to mention fucking your own cousins. This is not compatible with American culture. This is why youre not wanted here, you degenerate pigs. Your god is a false god, and your prophet is a child raping homosexual.

  20. There is NOWHERE in your quran your allah personally said he love the infidels..

    There is NOWHERE in your quran your allah personally said love your neighbors as yourself.

    There is NOWHERE in your quran your allah personally said love your enemies and pray for them..

    There is NOWHERE in your quran your muhamMAD personally said he love the infidels..

    There is NOWHERE in your quran your muhamMAD personally said he love you Muslims..

  21. If europe is afraid of terrorists, they shouldn't be bothered by a religion. But, they should be bothered by terrorist groups which Europe let them stay and protest other eastern countries. Islam is and will not a problem to them. But, those groups will be a problem to whole world.

  22. muslimsdont become terrorist because they are alinated, they becom terrorist because those who die in Jihad receive 77 virgins in heaven and dont have to go to hell like all others muslims must do before going to heaven, pussy for terrorism that is islam.

  23. Your bodylanguge telling different story" looks like u never wash your a**s hole of last ten years" itching and feeling realy uncomfortable…….isn't

  24. Islam will be a huge problem in many European countries in future and those who doubt it will see for themself but then its to late.

    Myanmar is the only country in the world who have acted against islamiation before it was late. European liberals live in delusion and awakening will come when their child is either raped or stabbed for not being a Muslim.

  25. Why West attack on Muslim Country?? Killed, Burn , rape innocent people? causing producing Immigrants.
    USA & West killed million of muslims but there is no any justice,
    I never heard about ISIS before attack on iraq by USA,
    i never heard about Al-Qaida Before attack on Afganistan by USSR, Usama Bin Ladin was a Hero of USA & West,
    This bitter truth

  26. Analysis of the 3 rd generation muslims , is incorrect., Most younger Muslims show a face, which is different than their previous Muslim generation in the UK or EU. Underneath these Muslims are more radical in their views and are just doing a better job of marketing Islam in the UK and EU.
    This 3 rd Gen is more dangerous to UK, -EU values and culture than we think. 20 years ago we did not see women wearing Hijab, Burka, only eat Halal meat, in marriage to a non Muslim -Conversion is a must to Islam – no middle ground. !!! many in the west sell their self interest in promoting more Islam at the cost of Western values and culture -WHY?

  27. What a crap. There is no evidence of liberals within islam in a meaningful way. Most of the time, people who stick to the faith are doing this as a strategy to promote a hidden agenda. The very few individual cases are not a sign of any trend. If anything, the major trend of assertion of Islam and Muslims in Europe and the West is alarming supported by this kind of unsubstantiated sweep so people do not feel fear.

  28. "It's not the details in the Quran that bother people, it's the terrorism…"
    This may be true…but if people knew the details, it would be a big, fat lie.
    The details are far uglier than Westerners know, and Western journalists and politicians are just as ignorant as average Westerners.
    This is in no small part due to Western journalists assuming that Muhammadans are as honest as Christians.
    They are not.
    Muhammadans lie continously to get you to believe they are good, religious people.
    They are not.
    Learn Scientology from its writings–not from a Scientologist.
    Likewise for Islam.

  29. Becoming more liberal? Lol yeah instead of throwing gays off roofs they just want to put them in jail.
    Problem is even if they become a little more liberal the extremist will come in once they’re the majority and take over. They’ve done it nearly everywhere Muslims are.

  30. I’m sorry, but Europe is for Christian or Catholic Europeans. When you attempt to integrate two completely different cultures, you get a crisis. Europe was never meant to be secular, if you force integration, you will kill off the European Culture and Race. The USA was made to be secular, come here, for we are capable to control ourselves sometimes.

  31. Muslims (arabs,turks,North africans) lead the criminal stats in germany, belgium,uk,netherlands,sweden,austria…even so they are less then10% of the populations in these countries.

  32. arabic union (and all imams and muslim leaders) says UN declaration of human rights would be "bullshit anti-islamism" they have even declared their own Cairo human "rights " (slavery ok, beating women ok, raping kids ok… :/ ) declaration etc. islam is biggest thread for western world, for its values and peace. islam is ideology of politics and war doctrine. "peacefull islam" is sort of a joke . thanks God our civilizations bases on christian-jewish values; empathy and compassion, Embrace inclusion and acceptance of immigrants and refugees as long as they follows laws and principes, equality and taking care about other people and especially about the weak ones. God bless <3

  33. every fucking day were here about Islam in the news. WHY are they here??.

    BTW., SEVEN attacks prevented in the UK alone.

  34. the wake of the Birmingham Quran manuscript news story of 2015, Gabriel Said Reynolds, professor of Islamic Studies and Theology, published a commentary clarifying the unique differences between extant ancient Qur'an copies. He defines the lower text of the Sana'a palimpsest as ”a rare Qur’anic palimpsest – a manuscript preserving an original Qur’an text that had been erased and written over with a new Qur’an text.” Reynolds explains that the lower script of the Sana'a palimpsest ”has so many variants that one might imagine it is a vestige of an ancient version that somehow survived Uthman’s burning of all versions of the Qur’an except his own.” He concludes this finding is problematic because the Sana'a variants ”do not match the variants reported in medieval literature for those codices kept by companions” of Muhammad. Furthermore, Reynolds affirms the ”Sanaa manuscript… is almost certainly the most ancient Qur’an manuscript [and] contains a surprising number of variants, including completely different words.” Reynolds concludes that the Sana'a manuscript is ”our most ancient manuscript of the Qur’an [and] does not agree with the standard text read around the world today.”[27] However with the radiocarbon-dating of the Birmingham Quran manuscript to before the year 645 with a 95.4% accuracy, the latter is believed to be older then the Sana'a manuscript, and is seen as the oldest Quran manuscript.[28] Moreso, the discovery of a Quran manuscript by the University of Tübingen in 2014 also proved to date from the early second half of the 7th century.[29] A more recent study of one of the most ancient Quran manuscripts by François Déroche was the Codex Parisino-petropolitanus, containing 46% of the text of the Quran,[30] dated to the early second half of the 7th century,[31] from around the same as the Sana'a manuscript.

  35. Whites and mohammdans usually have a problem living with non whites or non Muslims. Whites usually stary crying white genocide, western civilisation is in danger in the west etc. Mohammdans usually want to carve a separate state for themselves. When you build a state free of whites or mohammdans you get a stable state.

  36. Every Islamic practice and values are in-compatible with all other world religions and cultures.
    Muslim second , third generation Muslims in the UK EU and western countries are more radical Islamist than their previous generation – thats the case in the UK.
    These second , third generation of Muslims are pushing more Islamic values and practices like Sharia, Halal meat , Ramada etc on the English society !! We English are sorry lots – happy to have Muslims impose more Islam on us all ! Culture clash is coming and thing will explode !!

  37. A religion with fundamental instructions in its scripture on living in social constructs developed for the 7th century is not an evolving one, as those are the absolute word of Allah (the God).

  38. Islam is prophesized to rule/end USA and in doing so it too will become weak. Russia to rule europe , and china will rule India and the rest of south asia. This era will be full of turmoil. Russia and China both will join to end Islam.

    This era will be put to an end by a man with yellow turban from South Asia, he will raise an army , will defeat china and Russia. A new era of humanity will begane.

    Hint: immigration problem faced by usa and europe are the beginning , collapse of west has begun.

  39. What are you talking about??? You are assimilating Islam with terrorism while there are Christians and Atheist terrorist acts too.. SMDH

  40. My dear europeans please wake up muslim immigrants far from regular immigrants or refugee they came with deathly ideology ……. and they came for spreading there ideology and take over your country unlike other immigrants they dont assimilat or mixing there going to take over you ……….. as sri lankan my people did your mistake .now we killed in our very owned land and they want impose sharia law …………… pleace wake up dont let you country die

  41. Another leafy suburb living, lying cunt with no idea of what is happening on the streets of out country. You sir are a complete disgrace to your country. Disgraceful

  42. What a globalist fascist propaganda! Islam is not compatible with the West because it is opposite of Freedom of Speech and Individual Liberty, the Enlightenment principles that have defined freedom for the West! It is Muslims ( with a few exceptions) that denounce the West. Not the other way around.

  43. Subuniallah why she’s wearing a america flag as a hijab 🧕🏾 I’m a American and I would never wear American flag 🇺🇸 eww






  45. Theyre having premarital sex here, but theyre not assimilating and their bad apples are hostile. Westernizing? Not really, they're adapting. The ones that actually do do a good job are being burdoned by the bad apples that ruin it for them. They however dont have the power to step up to some of these, sometimes literally, thugs.
    Im a leftist and I see that… Stop being afraid of seeming racist, theyre using that stereotype against you as a form of reverse psychology. We have neighbourhoods where cops dont dare to go..

  46. An allegedly French-led European policy intended to increase European power against the United States by aligning its interests with those of the Arab countries.

    a Islamophobic theory, involving globalistentities allegedly led by French and Arab powers, to Islamise and Arabise Europe, thereby weakening its existing culture and undermining a previous alignment with the U.S. and UK

  47. Having a problem with Islam is having a problem with your self and being insecure about your own beliefs. Muslims don’t worship living things and that is what differentiates Islam from most other religious groups. This is a major difference which leads to all sorts of hate expressed through associating Islam with bad things which only exist in the mind of non-Muslims. One might say they have problems with muslims, but what they really mean is that they are not happy with their own religions which require the worship of human beings like jesus. If you accept human being made from flesh and bones as the almighty creator and owner of the entire universe, then you might have problems which have nothing to do with Islam and Muslims.

  48. if ISLAM is so, why are you converting to Islam.
    you always try to tell bad about Islam. Criticize us and then we are gonna change you.


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